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The attic/work/my friends one year sobriety lead

Added: Wednesday, February 12th 2020 at 11:13pm by MarissaG
Category: About Me

User Comments

I will be back, my neighbour is coming down the drive.

I hope you had a good visit with your neighbor.

It's gopd to see you have a nice, cozy place for yourself up-the-ladder :)

It's very comfortable. However, it's up stairs not a ladder.

If you're comfortable in the attic, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just glad your brother is still letting you stay there.

Sorry to hear your mother is refusing to shower. I hope someone can get her to begin getting back into that habit again.

I loved this vlog as I do all of them and I hope you're having a good day.

We're fine in the attic.  I was able to get her to shower yesterday. I'm going to try again today. 

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I hope you did too. Have a nice day today. 

Glad to hear you got your mom to shower and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend {#giveflowers.gif}

Happy Valentine's Day 

Thank you.

If you are okay living in the attic, that's great.  I've done that a time or two myself.

As a person ages, they tend to relax their normal routine.  Sometimes you have to be persistent.


We're fine in the attic. I will keep at it. My mother is just being stubborn. 

Hugs to you too. I hope your feeling better. 

Can't get videos to work :-(

Will try again later.

I'm sorry about that. I wish I could help. 

I hope your mom decides to go back to taking showers!  I wish I had an attic!

She's starting to cooperate. Yes, our attic is very nice. An entrance way, a bathroom, a table at which to eat, two comfy sofas and a matching chai, a queen size bed and three huge closets. It's just like a studio. All it needs is a kitchenette. 


found more on Pinterest, thought you might make some of these, could even sell them

Hope your mom starts to work with you on the showers. The attic sounds nice to me. Hope you have a good week. 

Great that you are making the best of your unusual situation.{#add_best_wishes.gif}

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