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Slow/my Weight/and More

Added: Friday, September 20th 2019 at 5:44pm by MarissaG

I started messaging a guy the day before I was supposed to meet the drama guy for coffee. Anyway, it seems like he is really going g to take his time. I'm usually texting by now. However, he hasn't mentioned it and I don't want to chase him away. 

I messaged him first. He has a master's and there was just something about him that caught my attention.  

He's six years older. I don't know, I really like him.


Next, I hate being overweight. I thought I'd join a gym, but the Y sucks. My mom's membership is free there and I have to take her with me if I want to work out.


Next, I know I'm rambling, but I felt like reaching out and this is what was on my mind.


My sister may move back to her house. I hope she doesn't because she over relies on me to do things for her. Even before she got sick, I was over there all the time to take the dogs to the vet's, take them to get their nails trimmed, to walk them and to let them out when she was going to get home late. I also had to go over there to do her laundry and a number of other things. 

What's worse is that she refused to give me gas money or any money for all the things I did for her and her dogs.

While she is here, it is not such a burden since I take the dogs to the park across the street to do their business. I'm also here for her laundry and to go with her grocery shopping and to clean her tub. She says she can't bend that way without it being dangerous.

Well, while she is here it's all a lot easier.

I hope everyone reading this has a great weekend. 

User Comments

If you have any weight to lose, it can't be much because from the pictures you took in your vest and coat, you didn't look big at all.  Just start walking.  With the weather cooling down, you should take the dogs or a dog, or just yourself, and walk.  You know you'll burn alot of calories that way.  Its the quickest and easiest way to lose weight.  Watch what you eat and with enough willpower, you can lose.  By the end of the year (and maybe even before) you could lose some significant weight.  You're very active as it is, doing for your sister and mother.

I hope the guy gets in touch with you especially if you're interested.  I'd hate to see it fizzle out for you.

You have a good week end also.

I'm dying for the weather to cool down so I can walk. It's supposed to be 87 tomorrow.  Ugh

I'm about to give up on online dating. I am really tired of it.

I wish it would cool down here, but its not happening.anytime soon.  We're still in the 90s, ugh.

I agree, with Dani. Just walk. There are walk at home tapes that are really good.

I will start walking when the weather is better. I will also look up walking videos on YouTube to do at home. 

 Her name is Leslie Sansome. She is fantastic.

Thanks, I will look her up. I would love to do exercise at home.

 I lost 17 lbs exercising with her. I started with her beginner tape

 She has so many to choose from. Most of them you dont have to get on the floor for push ups, etc. But she still works you out with stretching bands and weights on some of her DVD.s

Why can't you just say NO to helping everybody? If you didn't help your sister (assuming she moves) she'd find a way even if it meant paying somebody for that help. I think it borders being ungrateful for her to ask (or expect) YOU to do all that she's wanting and not even offering gas money or at least giving you some cash here and there. Maybe if she had to pay somebody else she'd realize how much you actually do for everybody. You have your hands full with taking care of your mom, and in my opinion (based on your blogs) you don't get enough help from your siblings. That is their mom too.  You deserve a life too.

I asked her today who was going to help her if she moves out. She said she would have to figure it out.

I suspect your sister may be qualified for some home care assistance.   Perhaps you could be her 'caregiver' and get paid for it.   The other option is... when she asks for help you could say "I'd love to help you but I'm out of gas".  Maybe she'd pitch in.

She doesn't qualify. She is not on disability.  I refuse to help if she moves out. It is such an unnecessary burden. I have enough to deal with.

You do!

The more you do for someone without complaint the more they will use you. Who would help you if you fell over and couldn't get out and about? If you say your sister or brother would, then they are quite capable of helping themselves.

You are too soft, you must start saying no. Or at least say you need money for gas or you can't help.

I refuse to help her if she moves out.

yes walks are very ggood for helping ..keep weight down ..i agree xx!!

I agree and I will start walking when the weather finally breaks.

Hope you hear back from the guy your interested in :-)

You certainly do not look overweight to me.  Walking the dogs is good exercise.

If your sister moves back to her house don't be as available to her.  You seem to do a lot for everyone yet you do not get much support back.  Is there any reason why your sister can not do her own laundry ?   l really hope you are not being taken advantage of.

I'm giving up on online dating.  It's just so frustrating. 

I'm not going to help her if she moves out. She can't make it up and down the steps.

I agree with everyone's comments here, walking is a good way to get rid of some weight, your sister needs to be more appreciative of what you do for her and I hope you hear back from that guy.  Have a lovely weekend and will keep fingers and toes crossed for your date...{#basic-laugh.gif}

I can't wait for cooler weather. I will start walking then. I'm giving up on online dating. I will not help my sister if she moves out. Btw, I started reading your post about your babies. How cute. I will finish and comment when I get a chance.

Yeah, what hillmate said...avoid being too soft.

Do you get down often with a lot of sugary stuff?

I'm going to get tough if my sister moves out. 

I get down with sugary stuff on the daily. I didn't get this big by avoiding sweets. Thanks for commenting. 

One time, early in my adult awakening, I saw an ad in the local Portland OR newspaper (now just worthy to be a fish wrapper). The "personal" ad said:

"I will talk to anyone, about anything, for you. "

Imagine the possibilties ...and the serious helps so many peeps need.

As a counselor of abused peeps it has been my job oftentimes to help peeps formulate a sentence of two that they could actually rather safely use in confronting scary things/situations (and/or scary people).


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