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Same Story Different People

Added: Tuesday, August 2nd 2022 at 9:23pm by MarissaG

It happens all the time. People constantly wonder how I will react. It is as if they say " If I do this, what will she do?


I can say that I have been insulted enough times in my life that I don’t really care. I do care very much about others and to insult Hispanics as a group is wrong.

There is the argument that I may have said or thought something offensive about all groups. All I have to say is I have seen the error of my ways. I'd like to say that I was in a spell,or that people constantly tricked me into saying things or the worst, people would act racist and if I didn't say something that meant I agreed. All of this is the truth. But hey, I'm an easy target. So just keep using the fact that I have mental illness to manipulate, insult and hurt her.

I think I'll just post from now on. If you want to comment, it is up to you.

User Comments

I am very sorry to everyone who commented on this post. I should have said I wasn't going to respond to comments. I don't know to disable users comments.

teehee...just wanted to tell ya I also hate opera and yodeling!


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