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Pizza Delivery/My Mom's Trip and More

Added: Thursday, September 19th 2019 at 8:40pm by MarissaG

There is always a catch to these online jobs, if I'm not getting outbid on writing assignments by people who are willing to write for next to nothing, then I am waiting hours for calls to come in on my tutoring job.


I get frustrated easily. So, I haven't given up on the tutoring job completely, but I did decide to take a look around to see if I could find a job that pays an hourly rate.

I found a job working Wed and Thurs from 11 to 5 during the day. The hours are perfect because my mother is at daycare three days a week from 9 to 6. 

I worked the pizza delivery job yesterday and today. They pay an hourly rate, two dollars for delivery and tips. I made $71.00 in tips that I got to take home and i get my first paycheck on Monday.

It's just a little spending money and I already spent some on a vest and a jacket for fall.


Next, my brother is planning on taking my mother to Mexico for either two or three weeks so she can visit family.

I need the break. I love my mother and will miss her, but I know that kind of break will do me good.


Next, I never went and had coffee with that guy. There was a misunderstanding in texting and he got upset.

I texted him and asked how his day was going at work and if we were still meeting at seven. He texted back and said he was driving to Cincinatti for his job. 

I then texted him again and asked if we were still meeting at seven.

Several hours went by after he had texted right back the first time and the second text was shortly after the first one and he didn't respond to my question about meeting.

So, I texted him and said something like I'll take that as a no and I wasn't sure what happened but best of luck/

Several hours later, he texted back and said Wow, I do't text and drive but b3st of luck to you too.

How was I supposed to know he didn't text and drive when he answered  the first text so quickly.


User Comments

He sounds like someone you can do without the drama of. I agree you need a break from caregiving and will be more able to do the best when your momma gets back from the break. How great about the tips and part time job!

Yes, it seems like too much drama over nothing.

I can't wait for the break. I'm so glad this job has hours that work into my schedule. 

What would you like to accomplish while Mom's visiting in Mexico?

Nothing but relaxation. 

Glad you got some tips to treat yourself. Sorry about the guy. Perhaps you should have given him more time to answer the second text. I always wait for replies from friends as sometimes my message seems to take a while to get through to them.

If you like him you could apologise and explain. You could say it's hard getting back into the dating game. Great to hear you will be getting a break. I am dog sitting from 25th Sept till 3rd Oct then cat sitting from 5th Oct until the 19th.

The tips helped out with my best and jacket.

I realize now that I should have given him more time to respond.  I also did apologize. 

Yay... on the job!  I had to come to the same conclusion about needing a regular paycheck.  It's nice, isn't it!

About the guy... I'm GLAD he doesn't text and drive!  Nobody should be texting and driving!  I often have to wait for a free moment before I can respond to people.  If it's a busy day, that can mean I don't get back to them for hours!

I am happy I have this job. It's just a little money,  but it will come in handy.

I don't text and drive either.

glad you have some free time xx

Me too. Xx

Cool beans on the job.  Extra $$ is always a blessing!

Losing the pissy guy sounds like a blessing, too.  Next!  lol

And, wow!  Mexico for three weeks?  There's a blessing for you AND Mom!  Blessings abounding in your life lately.

It was nice to be able to buy the best and jacket.

Oh, and yes my mother will enjoy visiting with her family.

I delivered pizza for a bit once upon a time. That was a really interesting job. You just never know what awaits the pizza delivery person hehe

Good to hear you're gonna have some time away from your Mom. I hope it does you some good, but I'm sure you'll miss her.

Have a nice weekend.

I used to be an apartment surveyor and people would come to the door half naked. I hope that doesn't happen again. 

I will miss her, but I desperately need a break. 

Its awesome that you were able to buy you some nice warm clothing for winter with your tips.  Having extra money is always great.  When I graduated from high school my very first job was working at Sonic and I loved my tips!  I bought more things with the tips than my actual paycheck, lol.  Enjoy!

Yes, you'll miss your mother, but just think of the relaxation you'll be getting.  Take full advantage of that!

Well, just "wow" on that guy!  Do you think you'll be talking to him again?

I was also glad to be able to buy the best and jacket. Did the pictures post. No one has commented.  I need to know if they were a hit or a miss. If they were a miss, I can exchange them.

I will enjoy my break.

I don't think I want to talk to that guy again. He seems too dramatic.

Yes, the pictures posted.  I like your choices and that's all that counts.  If YOU like the clothes, than you made the right buy.

All I had to see was the guy being too "dramatic".  There's enough drama in life without having that from a man you're interested in, right?

I do like the jackets, thanks.

You're right I deal with a lot. I don't need drama.

Glad to hear your getting a little break from Mum.  You are right it will do you good.

Really liking your new clothes.  Your jacket looks lovely and cosy.  


I can't wait for the break.

Thanks, I like them too.

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