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Added: Saturday, June 27th 2020 at 10:27pm by MarissaG

Hello, I just thought I would pop in and say hi.

I am happy to report that I lost weight and that I bought new clothes and shoes for the summer.  I guess you can call it a new wardrobe.

I bought all the clothes from Old Navy clearance with a coupon, Anne Taylor clearance with an additional 60% off the clearance price, Banana Republic Factory clearance with 70% off the clearance price and JCrew Factory clearance and I don't remember the percentage off.

It is so nice to have a new wardrobe. I barely had any clothes that were decent.

Next, I wanted to say that my brother and sister have been been taking my mother for several hours every day. I get her the whole day Saturday,  but the rest of the week she is gone for a while each day. It is so nice.

Also, I decided that I would clean out and clear out the addition to the house. It will be my new back room. I will leave the bed and storage for clothes. That still leaves room for a new sewing table. My friend's mom gave me her sewing machine. It also leaves room for a new easal and table for art. I finally was able to get oil paints and new paint brushes.

I'm leaving the upstairs the way it is except for the mirror. I'm bringing that to my new back room.

Finally,  I just want to say that Metalhearts post about the government are very interesting.

User Comments

Congratulations on the weight loss and on the new clothes! Hope you have a great summer!

Thank you. I hope you have a great summer too.

Sounds nice Marissa. I always enjoy getting new clothes for summer. Just purchased some very lightweight shirts yesterday. Gonna be really hot here in July apparently.

I'm not sure how to take your comment {#basic-laugh.gif} {#bag-on-head.gif} Hopefully interesting in a good, positive, or at least thought provoking way.

Interesting is very positive. I never know how to comment because I don't want to sound dumb, but your posts really make me think. 

That's very nice of you to say Marissa.

Shouldn't worry about sounding dumb. That you're thinking about things is what's important. My Grandmother used to say when you're trying to understand something, there are no dumb statements or questions. No matter how lost we may feel in the moment, those are learning moments. I know how you feel though. I'm the same way depending on the topic.

It is great Marissa that you lost weight, and got new clothing, and did the house over. You have been busy. Good for you. Bro. Doc

Thank you. I have been busy.

It is good. Makes the day go by faster. Bro. Doc

Hi Marissa. That is great news on your weight loss, congrats! {#apploud.gif} even better is getting a break from your siblings taking your mother for a few hours.  It gives you some you time.  Something you really need alot of.  Oh and having new clothes is thee best feeling ever!

Hi Dani, thank you. I have lost a lot of weight.  I am 4 sizes smaller. However, I was soooooooo overwhelmed that I'm still totally Chibok. 

The breakaway everyday have been so nice.

I love my new clothes. I love the fact that they are from good stores and not from the thrift stores. However, with all of the discounts, I paid thrift store prices for most things  .

I hope your doing well.

Soooooooo overweight that I am still totally chubby. 

I'm doing as well as I can under the circumstances with that pandemic still out there.  Working and being cautious wherever I go.

That's wonderful news Merrisa!  You deserve a new wardrobe!  And that back room sounds nice and cozy just for you!

Thank you. I love having new clothes. The clothes I had weren't really summer clothes and they were very old. 

I can't wait to finish the back room. I will post a video when it's done. 

Congratulations on the new wardrobe!  Way to go... getting such good prices!  And I'm so glad you're family is pitching in with your mom.  What a fun project... having a new art/sewing/bedroom. 

Thank you both the new clothes and breaks feel Heaven-sent. 

I just going to use things from around the house to create a nice backroom. I will post a video when I'm done. 


Congrats on the weight loss. I'm sure you're enjoying the new clothes you got on great deals. 

Thank you. I sure am.

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