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Added: Thursday, January 16th 2020 at 9:22pm by MarissaG

Hello Everyone.  I hope everyone is having a great January.


I just wanted to give a small update to what has been going on with me.

1. The guy I had lunch with and I fizzled. I don't know. He wanted to come over one day and I said no. Then we made plans to meet, but he wanted to pick me up and I said we could meet at the restaurant. Then that was that. Oh well, I don't really trust him.

2. I started smoking again. It sucks. I was so happy when I quit. 

3. I overdrafted my account by accident. Geez, the fee is so high. I need to be a lot more careful. I have overdraft protection so I can't charge anything if I don't have enough money in my account. HOwever, paypal always goes through. I thought I had fifty dollars in my account and I bought four things using paypal that were alll under ten bucks. I got four overdraft fees. It doesn't matter how small the sum of what your buying is. You get charged for each paypal charge. I'm definitely in a pickle now.

4. I had some trouble getting all the information for my part-time job. I have it now and sometime soon I will begin.

5. I was so happy when I took a break from being social and just lived in the basement. I spent most of my time there and while I did talk to a couple of people, for the most part I was alone. I was happy though because I sewed, made jewelry, painted and drew. I also played around with my clothes to see what kind of outfits I could come up with. And I shared all of this and all of my thoughts and feelings on my vlog.

I miss those days. I have my mother almost all the time. However, I left my sewing machine, notions, fabric, paints, and canvases in the garage. I will bring them in so I can start making clothes again.

The only problem is that my mother's roommate got manic the summer before he died and through just about everything I owned out. We're talking, shoes, clothes, craft supplies, important documents, jewelry, fabric and anything else he could get his hands on. I was left with my water colors, some paint brushes, some oil paints, some canvases and two pairs of paints, one skirt and three tops along with a few pairs of shoes.

I guess I told you about losing my stuff to say in a way that I will be limited in the creative things I do.

6. I have decided to be brave and leave all the posts I have done on both my blog and my vlog up. This was a difficult decision because I suffer from mental illness and I was way out there on so many posts. Plus it is one thing to read it in a blog and something quite different to wittess it on a vlog. 

The thing is, I am doing much better now. I think that my vlog and blog show people insanity and what people can be like with the proper help and medication.

User Comments

The days are getting longer. Spring will come round again with more light, more warmth, brighter days. 

I see you like being creative with clothing. I stumbled across a few ideas on Youtube the other day that, though they may seem odd, also seem promising....Quite inexpensive to get started in. Mainly you need some food ingredients and straw, etc.

Good luck with your new projects.

You are are an inspiration

Thank you

I used smoking cigarettes as a form of stress relief. your doing good

I think I just do it out of habit. Thank you.

Have you decided to just keep smoking?  Being under alot of stress & strain can cause you to light up and help ease worry less.  Only you can decide whats best for you. 

I miss the vlogs you used to post here showing your jewelry and talking about various things. Those were always so much fun.

Too bad it didn't work out with that guy. I'm sorry to hear that. Moving on....

No, I want to quit smoking for good.

When I start making new things, I will post more vlogs. Thanks, by the way.

I am not sorry. And, yes, next please.

You don't sound l, like a "quitter" to me.

"Stopping" smoking is better for some of us bone heads.

So, I didn't quit smoking, I stopped...made all the difference in my tiny brain.

"I was happy though because I sewed, made jewelry, painted and drew."

It's been said more times than anyone can remember "Do what you love" preferably for money.

About "mental illness"...over time surely you've noticed that there exists much behavioral pathology that is tolerated in the world. I've read some of your posts...can't say I've detected anything that is the least WHOA SHE REALLY WENT THERE.

I've been told I'm too hard on myself. Don't suppose you have as well?

Heh, I asked Google Images for [including quotes] "marissa gee". Here's the 3rd image:

Image result for "marissa gee"


I wish I could make a living doing creative things. I did have my jewelry in three shops at one time.

You must not have read some of my posts from when I first started here.

I don't think I am too hard on myself. I think I am just honest.

Nice pic of someone who definitely is not me.

You're doing good Merrissa.  When you first quit smoking, there will be days, when you do smoke, especially when under stress.  I believe that's why you're smoking now.  You'll quit again, and this time it will be for a longer period, until finally, one day you'll realize that it's been months since your last smoke.  Those months will turn into years.  I've been there.

Thank you for telling me this. I hope I quit for good soon.

Good to hear the updates on you. O' yes those overdraft fees can be outrageous. I think if you don't trust the guy then that was best for the fizzle. It's hard to not smoke when there is stress. We all have our addictions & issues to try to overcome. It's not easy & you shouldn't get down on yourself. When & if the time is right you can try again. I'm taking it you got the part time job? if so I'm very a happy for you & hope all goes well. Sorry so much of your stuff got thrown out..that stinks. Hope you're able to enjoy creating again sometime soon.

Yes, the overdraft fees are crazy. I agree. I am glad the relationship fizzled. I truly hope I quit smoking for good. It is just a small part-time job that I do from home. I don't expect to earn much. I am also sorry my stuff got thrown out. I also hope I can start creating things soon. Being creative is just part of who I am.

Change is hard & takes many tries usually (in my case of weight-years & years & years) of trying again & again. Guess it's just part of our journies in life. PT Jobs sounds like it will be nice for you...I hope you enjoy it. Yes, I can understand being creative. I am the same way. Currently decluttering my art stuff again...decided just what to do away with can be a challenege when your mind can think a of a million things to do with it lol 

Before I got so sick, I bought most of my wardrobe and work uniforms from thrift stores.  Great prices for decent clothes.  Might be the way to go to replenish your wardrobe.  Salvation Army and the Catholic churches always had the best prices.

Sounds like that fella was after something ... definitely wanted to see where you lived for some reason.  Wise decision to insist on meeting him somewhere else!

Thanks for the tip. I will go there to see if I can find anything to wear.

Yeah, that guy kind of creeped me out.

Yep very pleased you haven't let that fella know where you live.

How come you are not still in the basement, has your sister left ??

OK what is a vlog I've never heard of it.

I happen to think you are doing just fine Marissa, don't put yourself down.

I am also happy I did not let that guy know where I live. There was just something about him I didn't trust. It was probably the fact that he wanted to come over and be alone with me.

She has left, but I have my mother. There is no tv or radio in the basement. We live mostly in the attick. I just don't get much time alone anymore.

A vlog is a video blog. I post videos in which I talk about my life and show the things I made.

Thanks, I won't put myself down that much anymore.

You are a very nice lady Marrisa, and I am very happy to call you a friend.{#giveflowers.gif}

Thank you. Same here. 

{#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-smile.gif}

Keep on keeping on and you will enjoy more and more successes. I'm pleased that you are my most regular blog visitor.

I will keep on keeping on. I love your posts.

Thank you for your very kind comment Marissa. Always feel very welcome at our place.

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