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My Thanksgiving

Added: Friday, November 25th 2022 at 12:22am by MarissaG

I had a nice time at my brother's house today. My sister prepared the meal. There was turkey, stuffing, cucumber salad, biscuits, gravy, roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.  This year, my sister outdid herself. Everything was delicious.

This year, we didn't listen to holiday music. We listened to songs with nice tempos, but disturbing lyrics. The songs I remember are, sedated, girlfriend in a coma, pumped up kicks, zombies, I'll stop the world, I. A creep, the list goes on. This was our going to bars music in my twenties and thirties.

Truth be told, I never realized how depressing these songs were. I'm the one who started the playlist by asking Alexa to play sedated. I tried to change to happier music twi e but was stopped. Oh well, it is a good thing I was feeling very normal today.

And speaking of normal, today I wore heels, and a dressy blazer. It felt awesome to dress like that again. When I was home and my mother went to bed, my mind started thinking about all the things I could do like art.


User Comments

I've never heard of any of the songs you mentioned. And I don't think I would have liked to hear them played at a Thanksgiving dinner. 

I didn't mind, but I would have preferred holiday music. 

Traditionally, we have no music at Thanksgiving.

Hope you're still feeling normal. Or better than...  :)

No music? Sad

Makes for better conversations and games like "20 questions"

Music can really affect how you think and feel.   Glad you are doing well today, and enjoy dressing up... and looking forward.   Good for you!

It sure can. Good thing my mind felt really clear all day. I live dressing in heels and skirts. I wish I had more places to go.

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