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Just Wondering if Curly Hair is Making a Comeback

Added: Saturday, February 16th 2019 at 5:58pm by MarissaG

I've noticed more and more people with curly hair. Today I saw four woman who had curled their hair. It leaves me wondering if curly hair is finally back in.


Today. My curly hair.

User Comments

I love curly hair!  I even bought electric curlers, but have only used them once.  

My hair is very curly. I would be overjoyed if curly hair was in again. Maybe that would sway you to pull out those curlers

I have wavy hair which I hate.  If I wouldn't blow dry my hair it would be wavy as a flag in the wind.  When the weather is humid, my hair gets frizzy.  I like curly hair.  To me, it never went out of style.  I see it quite often.

I have extremely curly hair and I've always been too lazy to straighten it. So if curly is back, I would love it.

I would think the best way to know if it has come back or not is ask the hair salon that you use if it has or has not. If it has and it is something you want and not so expensive then go for it. But between you and me, I think a woman or young lady looks very lovely in long hair. Bro. Doc

You're right. I think I'll ask.

In my life time it seems about every 15 to 20 years or so the circle goes around and we are back to a different time period. I think we are at the point of the early to mid 90's time period again. As I am sure you know the wave of changes start in the east and move west. But one hair style that has stayed the course is long hair. Bro. Doc

I like long hair too

I noticed that you wear it long Marissa and it becomes you. Bro. Doc

Thank you, but right now it's short.

Well, how short is short? Bro. Doc

My hair is not curly, nor totally straight, its in between. I dont care if curly hair is in I'd still be straightening it. Im actually considering putting a straightener on...because on days where I'm too busy to do the straightening I throw it up in a messy bun.

I had to cut my hair short, so no more buns for me for a while. When I can control my hair it looks nice. When I can't, it looks wild.

I have curly hair too. I blow dry it to straighten my hair. If I let it go wet, it really kinks up there. 

I wear my hair up a lot as it gets in my way. 

I usually wear a messy bun that my hubby just hates. I am thinking of getting it cut and highlighted with the two different colors again though. I like short hair for the summer and my hair grows so fast. 

That's brave. I love long hair, but I admit that when it is long, I have it in a bun a lot the same as you.

I use wen and I swear my hair looks great even if I don't use products 

All I will say about hair is read 1 Co 11 and that will tell you what to do with hair Sis. Wendi. Bro. Doc

Thanks for the advice. about the wen. My hair tangles so bad, I think this is might be another reason I keep it up as it isnt as hard to comb out. lol

Thank you BrotherDocs.

Your welcome Sis. Wendi, and lol you got the shortest answer (sermon) on hair I have ever done. Bro. Doc


Curly hair is lovely - it softens the face.  l have straight hair but l use heated rollers to give my hair soft curls at times.  Nice pic :-)

Thank you. I love straight hair, but I have learned to embrace my curls.

Is curly hair back in? I sure hope so. I think women look better when their hair is curled.

I kind of like straight hair better. Is your hair curly or straight? Just wondering.

I have a natural wave to my hair. Not exactly curly but not exactly straight either. If I get caught in the rain it will form into a lot of little ringlets. It also curls when I get out of the shower. 

Curley hair has always been around.  Especially if the woman's hair is naturally curley, like mine.  I don't do anything to straighten my hair out, I love the curls!

I just wash and run my fingers through my hair while still wet, and style it.  When my hair dries, I run a comb through it, and it falls into the style naturally.  I don't do anything else to it.

Sounds nice. I have to use products if I want my hair to look decent.

I love curly hair. Getting my hair done is finding the right artist.  My hair is natural wavy.. in New Orleans it curled up because of the humidity Keep your curly hair.

Thanks, I will.

My hair has a slight curl to it, I have to use a straightener on my fringe lol, but I've had it cut short, so the curl is not to bad, "well mine is more of a frizz"...lol

Lol. I have always had long hair, but now that it's short, I find it easier to control.

Yes, I'm for short hair, much easier to handle, and much better for old chooks like me...lol

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