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Imagine Dragons - Pain and Other Things

Added: Wednesday, August 7th 2019 at 10:23am by MarissaG

Today, something clicked in my head when I was smoking. I suddenly thought to myself that I am better than this. I am. I am better than being the me that is controlled by cigarettes. I am still addicted, but I have taken ten deep breathes everytime I have wanted to smoke. I only smoked once today. 

Don't get me wrong, I do have a vape pen in case I really have to have something in my lungs.


The air con guy was here and repaired the central air. Thank goodness.


My sister and I planted a container garden on the porch. I don''t know anything about growing vegetables, but I can't help but think that my sister is waiting too long to harvest the eggplants, cuccumbers,, jalapenos and the lettuce. 

I fear we are going to have a bunch of rotted vegetables soon.


User Comments

You posted in late July about not smoking... already you are making progress!

I have been praying on it.

About the Veggie garden. I am not exactly sure where you live. But Lettuce can be planted in early May. Egg plant too late, cuccumber should be June 1st, Jalapenos way too late. Around June 1st. But if you live in an area where it is still in the 80's in late Sept or early Oct then you maybe ok. Best way to stop smoking is start the first two days and do not eat and drink 3 quarts of water, and do not drink coffee for a week. Coffee and, cigs go together. Then the third day drink OJ, then the 4th day a little meat, potatoes and veggies. and increase each day. By the end of the 7th day you should not want any cigs. The reason for so much water is to purge your system of the tar and stuff from cigs. This is how the 7th Day Adventist do it at the Stop Smoking classes.  Good it was nothing major and now you have air again. Bro. Doc

We planted everything ages ago. I am talking about harvesting what has grown.

Thank you for the advice on what to eat and drink when I try to quit. It makes sense.

I am glad to have the central air rrunning again.

Oh, It sounded like you just planted them. Sorry. IF you have a cool place like in your basement that says no warmer than 65 you should be able to keep things for a while there. Your welcome. I hope it would and will work. Good it is and was nothing that wrong with it that you needed a new one. Bro. Doc

Cigarettes are very addictive.

pressed posr way to soon.  Tell yourself everytime ypu feel you want one that you belong to God, not to the cigarettes

That's good advice.  I'll try it. 

By the way you harvest cuccumber when it is just out of the lite green stage peppers when they are just like green or light red. eggplant when it it is just past the lite purple stage. And lettuce you can pick a leave and if it tast bitter you need to leave it for a while longer. Hope this helps. Bro. Doc

Thanks for letting me know. 

I quit smoking years ago and have never regretted it as I'd started smoking at 13 years old.  When I quit, I noticed over time that my back quit hurting.

So glad your air/con is working, yAy!  Luckily no one had to suffer the heat!

I'd like to join the club of non smokers. 

I'm glad you quit. 

I'm glad the ac works too.

I got up one morning, and thought to myself, NO MORE smoking, and I haven't had a smoke in 30 odd years, Lin had a lot of trouble he was wearing the patches.    Don't as me about gardening I am totally hopeless....lol

I back slid on quitting today.  I smoked about 9 cigs. Today.

I myself am relying on Linda on the gardening. I no nothing either.  Lol


A family member is using the vape pen too to quit smoking...I hope it helps you a ton get where you want to be. 

Garden sounds lovely. I did porch container garden for years. Or I grew a garden for squirrels -depends how you look at it LOL They always come up & eat my stuff. 

Glad A/C is repaired

Unfortunately, I fell back into cigarettes. 

I know what you mean about the squirrel s.

I'm glad the ac is fixed too.

It's normal to fall right back into the habits. Heck I've had to try & try again for years to lose weight-gain back-lose weight-gain back-etc... so I totally get it. 

I once read some research studies that said to break a habit you must replace it with another habit because we only trade one habit for another. It's our choice if we replace it with a good or bad habit but we must replace it. 

That is why a lot of people who lose weight end up getting addicted to the gym life (not only chemical release that makes you love it but it's replacing their food habit with a working out habit). And an example of bad is someone I know quite cold turkey smoking only to replace that with pill popping. (not a good replacement). So it's not an easy thing just to be like Okay I'm done. Just keep trying if that is a goal you want. Failing is just part of the journey of learning what doesn't work for you. :)

I love the squirrels but not when they eat all my strawberries. However, at least they take the entire strawberry. The deer get into my tomato garden and take 1 bite out of eat tomato. (UGH!) come on I'll share but you get 1 tomato Mr. Deer not a nibble from each one. LOL

A/C at this time of year is a life saver. 

I don't even want to think about the trouble I've had losing weight. But there is a rec center right across the street. Maybe every time I crave a cigarette I can do a few laps on their walking track.

Some animal took a few bites of a tomato, but I don't think it was deer. I'm not sure if the squirrels are getting into the garden. 

I couldn't survive without ac. It was ninety today.

The rec center track sounds nice, even if not for anything, just to do to get out a little & destress. 

Yeah our squirrels, deer, & rabbits love the gardens. 

I know what you mean. Our old house I had no A/C for 5 years there. I look back now & think how did I manage lol 

You ARE better!  But also human.  Forgive yourself every time...

I hope you get to eat those  veggies!

I will forgive myself,  but it's hard because I hate not being able to control it.

I'm not sure if we are going to enjoy any veggies.  We still haven't harvested any.

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