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I feel like I am having a sleep over

Added: Friday, May 13th 2022 at 5:28pm by MarissaG

So, today I gave my stressed out sister a break and took her dog for the night. I also have someone else's puppy. It was very hot and sunny today so the car ride here was a nightmare as one is a Boston and the other is a pug. When we arrived at the house, I put the air on only to find out it was broken. Thankfully, we have ceiling fans screens in our windows and the air was blowing a tiny bit of cool air.

When all of that didn't work, I remembered that I bought a portable air-conditioning unit. Nothing fancy, it is the kind you put water and ice in to cool the air. It works great, when you are directly in front of it, but does nothing for a small room. So the dogs were hot all day.

Right now, it is a lot more comfortable temperature wise. They played in the yard and are now relaxing. I will take them for a walk later.  I'm sure they will enjoy it. I am positive tonight will go much better than today.

User Comments

Good Evenin Marissa, I understand a hot house. I do not have A/C but the attic fan will work well when needed. It is new. I have the rubber roof that collects heat in the winter, and removes it in the summer.

So it will do great.

Dogs can get warn. Pugs are great dogs but a Boston Terrier are very smart.

Hope you will get the A/C fixed before summer gets here and it is hot. Bro. doc

I've never heard of a rubber roof. I have seen attic fans.

The dogs are still here, and it is better today.

I hope the air gets fixed soon too.

Marissa, a Rubber Roof is a EPDM roof, which means heat is collected in winter and removed in summer.

When an attic fan is working with this kind of roof, it keeps the house not over 77-80 even if it is hot outside.

So it was good my Dad had this kind of roof put on long ago. And it was good I got the attic fan fixed.

I hope your A/C is fixed soom.

Mine is white the roof and works great. 

Nice you still have the dogs. Bro. Doc

Just when you need it most, thos things gotta go on the fritz.  Well, I hope you enjoy your time with the doggies anyway. 

I managed to keep them comfortable since last night.

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