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Frida had Surgery

Added: Thursday, February 2nd 2023 at 6:25pm by MarissaG

Frida had surgery today. It went fine, but we have to wait a while before we know if she has cancer. The doctor removed a very big growth, and sent part of it to be tested. When she recovers from the surgery, she'll be comfortable, and then we will see.

User Comments

I hope & pray that everything with her will b ok and she doesn't have cancer. Bo. Doc

Thank you.

Your welcome. Bro. Doc

I pray she has a good recovery and absolutely no cancer.  God Bless her.

Thank you.

Hope Frida pulls through all this.


Thank you.

Hope all went well for Frida.  Please keep us updated.

The surgery went well. Frida is resting comfortably. We find out if she has cancer soon.

Thank you.

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