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DONE! / Feaeling fulfilled and more

Added: Saturday, September 21st 2019 at 5:24pm by MarissaG

I asked that guy if he wants to exchange numbers because we are hardly ever on POF at the same time. We shall see what he says. After him, I am done. I am not going to keep trying.

I have to admit that the problem might be me. I have been on that site since January and have texted with a lot of guys that went no where. I deleted 21 conversations from my phone just from the guys I was texting on POF.

I am not going to try to figure out what I am doing wrong. I am ok being alone. I am set in my ways and like quiet solitude. So fine. I am still talking to one last guy, but unless someone who blows my socks off comes along, I am done.

Something came over me today while I was driving. It was a wave of happiness. I used to get them all the time. I feel fine and I feel fulfilled. I used to love being a caregiver, but it has been going on for so many years that I got tired of it. I don't feel tired of it right now. I am happy to help. That doesn't mean that I am going to help my sister if she moves out. I still won't. But in this moment this evening, I feel good that I have been there for my mother and the dogs and my sister.

Also, I was pulling out of Giant Eagle, and there was a guy at the light with a sign saying he was homeless and needed help. I only had a dollar to my name and was going to get something with it. I had to stop at the light. I was listenning to Christian music and thinking about how much I love God while trying so hard not to think about the homeless man that was standing right next to the car. 

It was a long light. Finally, my conscience got the better of me and I opened the window and gave the man the dollar. I can't say I love God and ignore the plea of someone who really needs help when I have something that can help.

I know my vlog is all personal stuff and I have a tendancy to ramble on, but if you read my blog, I want to thank you. Having my blog and vlog have helped me so much. Sometimes I just need to get things off my chest. I really don't have friends or family that listen to me. If they did they would get tired because I usually have a lot to get off my chest. So thank you for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it so very much.

User Comments

You're a jewel

Thank you

God's done it.  I just 'noticed' it.

Aww... we're all here for you. 

Thank you

I hope you hear from the guy, one way or the other.  Being alone is not a bad thing.  There is a far cry from being alone and being lonely, and I'm sure you aren't lonely.  You have family, the pets and your friends here.  We are there for you.  ♡

I heard from him, and we are going to meet for coffee. I definitely am not lonely.  Thanks for being here.

Ohhhh, I hope the meet goes well and I'm praying that this guy will work out.  Please let us know and good luck!

How are you doing tonight, Dani?

I'm good Marissa.  What about you?

I'm doing fine. 

When are you and the guy supposed to meet, soon?

He hasn't called to set up a time yet. I'm beginning to think he is a catfish. 

Oh no, I hope not, ugh!  There is so much catfishing that goes on as it is, I pray this isn't what's happening here.  You don't deserve this!

Update, he called and we made plans to meet for coffee on Monday at 1:30. I guess he's not a catfish after all. 

Awesome!  I'm so glad he's not a catfish.  I hope this works out for you.  Monday is so far away, lol.  Please let us know how it goes.  I'll keep my fingers crossed  :)

Thanks, I'm keeping my fingers crossed too 

You have a lot of kindness and love in you Marissa.  

As far as the guys are concerned l don't think you are doing anything wrong at all.  You will find someone one of these days but as you say you are not lonely and you have a busy life.  

We all need to get things of our chest at times and blogging is a good way to do that.  You have friends here who care about you :-)

Thanks for saying that. 

I'm not worried about finding someone. 

I'm glad I have friends here. 

{#giveflowers.gif} I always joy reading your blog I just rarely comment

Thank you. 

I enjoy your blogs. It’s good to have a place to vent and express yourself. You have a good bit of readers so you’re doing something right, girl! 😉

Thank you. I am so glad you enjoy my blogs.

A lot of people seem to say the right person comes along when you aren't expecting it (or) basically stop looking. Maybe that will happen. Either way I am glad you are good with being you. That's most important. 
Glad you blog-it is helpful for many of us to share with others without dragging family etc... into our thoughts & dramas. Hope you have a wonderful week. ((HUGS))

Well, I'm not going to hold my breath that the right man will come along.  My blog is so helpful because wonderful people like you read and comment. Have a great week too.

I agree. If it happens it happens. In either case just enjoy life. 

I once heard a talk/story.... the story was that 2 sisters came for advice to the monk/priest. The one sister was married and she went on about all the "married suffering" she had and asking him for help/advice what to do....the other sister was single and she went on about all the "single suffering" she had. He went on to say that no matter what type of relationship you are in or not in there is always some kind of suffering. :) If you give the single girl a husband she will have married suffering rather then single suffering. 

I found that story to be quite true. He goes on to say about making the best of your life & nothing will ever be perfect. 

That's a great story and so true. 

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