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Coloring for adults

Added: Saturday, January 18th 2020 at 7:51pm by MarissaG

I used to paint while my mother colored in an adult coloring book. 

We haven't done art together in about 2 years. However, now that we are together night and day, I'd like to start doing that again. 

All we ever do is watch tv. Oe listen to music.

I lost the coloring book, so I started creating a coloring page. I'm not done, but I gave it to my mother to work on. She didn't want to. I hope coloring is not yet another thing she has lost. 

Anyway, I have a busy day tomorrow.  When I wake up, I have to wash the dishes, sweep and mop all the floors and clean upstairs.  Then it's off to my sister's house. She needs me to do five loads of laundry and give the dogs a bath along with some other chores. She always finds things for me to do when I'm over there. 

I hope everyone is happy and having a great weekend. 

User Comments

I would think by now your sweet sister would be able to do things on her own. Maybe your dear Mother has lost interest in coloring. Bro. Doc

My sister's leg doesn't fit well. She can't carry laundry up and down the stairs. 

I think my mother just can't color anymore. 

I suppose your sister's stump is still shrinking and will need another leg soon. And your probably right about your Mother. Which is too bad Marissa. Have a great day. Bro. Doc

Her leg is still shrinking.  I think I am right about my mother. 

So while her leg is shrinking she will have to be fitted a few more times before it stops and she has something that will work fine. And I am sure you are right about your dear Mother. Bro. Doc

l hope your Mum does get back to colouring.  It is nice to be able to do things together.  What about jigsaw puzzles ?  You can get some with big pieces that might be easier for her.  Not sure if she could do puzzles or not.

Why are you doing your sister's laundry and other chores ?  Where is your sister when you are doing her work ?  It seems to me you have enough to deal with without taking on anymore.

I don't think my mother can color anymore. She also can't do puzzles. 

My sister's leg doesn't fit her well and it is dangerous for her to carry laundry baskets up and down the stairs. I almost fell a few times, and I am able-bodied. 

That is alot of work to do at your sisters, omg.  5 loads of laundry is just about an all day deal.  Too bad she doesn't pay you to do it. You could make a small fortune doing chores for her. I'm wondering though, if you would accept payment.  I know that kind heart of yours. You may refuse...

I hope your mom gets back into coloring with you. Is there anything else you both could do together if not coloring?

I went to her house today and did four loads. She said she has a few more loads I need to do for her.

I would accept payment, but she doesn't offer.

I don't think she can color anymore. The only things we do together is eat, talk, watch TV  and listen to music.

Well she should offer payment for all you do.  It would be the same thing if she hired someone to come into her home and clean.  You are doing hard work for nothing which could probably be better spent doing other things of your own.  You're a very kind hearted sister, Marissa and daughter too for that matter.  I admire how you do so much for the ones you love.

Thank you. 

after my mom had her stroke my sis and i both tried to find things besides tv that she could do

it was very tough and most things ended up frustrating her ~ even computer solitaire as she would eventually start moving cards up instead of down

good luck!


with that many loads the quickest way is a laundromat if she can afford it

use 5 washers and 5 dryers makes it go quicker ~ like southerncharm states that is an all day job

giving dogs a bath can be fun though

p.s. ~ cool design on the coloring page

It seems like, when she is at home, she only wants to watch TV or listen to music. 

I didn't make it to my sister's house on Sunday. I went today and only did four loads. She said she has a few more loads.

When I mentioned the laundromat, she said no.


do you both like the same music?

No, unfortunately we don't. 



My husband doesn't have a lot of things he wants to do after his stroke and other than a TV he doesn't do much. He can't draw or color, his hand shakes too much now.

I like your designs. 

That is too bad. My mother likes to watch TV and listen to music. However, she does go to adult daycare. There she socializes and does activities. 

Thank you. 

You are making very fine efforts to help your Mother. She surely appreciates all the time you are sharing with her. AT GB etc.

Thank you

You should put this in the Art Sunday Tour


It's too late to add it now. Maybe I'll add something next week. 

just let me know


You are one very busy little lady Marissa, I am not being nasty but "please don't let your sister take advantage of your kindness". {#giveflowers.gif} I just have the feeling you are to kind for your own good.

My sister really needs my help. I don't think I'm being too kind, but thanks. 

That is nice you are helping your sister out, hope things get to where she is able to do a lot of that stuff again herself. 
That is nice on coloringbook-I hope your mom gets back into it with you. 
I did a few of them but after awhile I didn't enjoy it anymore. So finished the last one up & have bought any again. I think some of the problem was it was just too detailed & time consuming. I should of got ones that didn't take so long per picture. 
hope you have a good week.

Yes, my sister really needs my help now. Her leg doesn't fit well. That makes it difficult for her to do things. 

I know what you mean about the coloring pages. They are very detailed. 

Marissa you can print off free adult coloring pictures from the net.  Also your not sounding like yourself, more robotic, I hope mentally your getting time away from home and your mother, you both need time away.

Oh, thank you. I will print some off. I am getting time away. I just don't have money to do things. 

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