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Added: Thursday, September 10th 2020 at 10:25pm by MarissaG

I had such a nice day. It started out by me logging and to blogster and reading a few posts. They were interesting. I pray for Maggie and her friends, family and neighbors. 

After that, I wached a few videos on you tube.

Then I woke my mother up and fed her, bathed her and dressed her. When she was ready, I dropped her off at my brother's house.

It's all this mundane. You may want to stop reading now.

Then I fueled up and went to the grocery store.

Those are the high points. I don't really go anywhere or hang out with people either due to Covid, but I am so happy. 

Jesus reminded me in his mysterious way that we were still hanging out. The most awesome things happen when I hang out with him.

Right now, it is mostly being at peace and loving humanity.

I feel empowered. I want to change the 🌎  world for the better.

User Comments

Well I sure wish you could change the world for the better Marissa.

It would be nice

Don't know how ANYBODY can love humanity. I see pictures of them at Walmart and think to myself that if they had to rely on ME to save them they'd be in pretty bad straights because if I was Christ I'd be dropping them all off a cliff and changing my father's blue prints. But I think it's great that you're taking care of your mother and that she has you and your brother to look after her. 

I do love humanity. 

Thanks, my mother deserves our help.

Why? {#confused.gif}{#side.gif}

Because people are born innocent and full of love.

Too bad they don't stay that way. 

When a person can feel at peace, its the best time of the moment. Enjoy it while you can.  If I could change the world, I'd want to go back to the beginning of this year, 2020, and start somewhere in there to stop the nightmare we're living in today.

We are living in a nightmare. I believe there will be an end to it.

Glad you had a nice day Marissa, we have smoke here from all the fires within 45 miles of here and the two small towns that are gone now. But outside of that I am blessed. Bro. Doc

I will pray that you stay safe.

Thank you Marissa. Right now we have about 700 miles of the State in flames. I do appreciate your praying for us. Bro. Doc

Thank you Marissa!  I'm glad you had a nice day!

I did. Jesus is the key to my happiness. 

Being at peace and loving Jesus and humanity. 

A very nice day indeed...{#basic-cool.gif}

Prayers appreciated. They seem to be working - those of us on the NW Oregon coast are now getting a few gentle showers overnight - which is sooner than expected. Hopefully enough will keep coming that the terrible fires farther east will get doused too.

It was a nice day.

Let's hope all the fires are doused by rain


So, you were high?  (Joking)

I am back from exile from the Estacada fire...

No, not high lol.

I'm glad you're your home survive?


Evac not lifted, but many are back in my neighborthood.

Can get out in 10 minutes if need-be...much less time if truly threatened.

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