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We Australians are so very sorry!!!!

Added: Friday, January 24th 2020 at 3:27am by Maria


Three U.S. firefighters died in a plane crash in south eastern Australia while delivering flame retardant to stop bushfires.

The Canadian-owned aircraft was helping fight Australia‚Äôs bushfires when it went down. 

It was carrying a shipment of fire retardant and crashed in the south eastern region of Australia. 



(CNN) The three Americans who died fighting an Australian bushfire  from the air have been identified by their employer, Oregon-based Coulson Aviation.

The three are 44-year-old Capt. Ian McBeth of Great Falls, Montana, who was piloting the downed C-130 plane; First Officer Paul Clyde Hudson, age 42, of Buckeye, Arizona; and 43-year-old Flight Engineer Rick DeMorgan Jr., who lived in Navarre, Florida, Coulson said in a statement.

"The aviation industry and emergency service sector is a small community both in Australia and around the world," Coulson said. "This will be deeply felt by all."
All three men were veterans of the US military, Coulson said.
The cause of the crash is not yet known.
A government official in Australia said the water tanker plane had been chartered by the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.
The crew had been on a firebombing mission in the state of New South Wales, where fires are still burning out of control , when the accident occurred, Coulson said earlier.
According to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons, contact was lost with the C-130 water-bombing plane shortly before 1:30 p.m. local time on Thursday.
Fires have been burning in New South Wales for months, and the US and other countries have been lending firefighting assistance and personnel.
The US said Wednesday it's sending two more 20-person crews, only days after sending air support personnel and other emergency management teams.
The US has deployed more than 200 fire staff to Australia so far, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

On behalf of very grateful and heartbroken Australians, our deepest sympathies to the families of these heroes. 
Words cannot express our sorrow and our gratitude for the sacrifice they made and they will be forever in our hearts.

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User Comments

Very sad anything someone trying so valiently to help out in bad times ends up dying in the line of duty.  America thanks you for the memorial.

That is very sad to read Maria.  Very brave men.

We are all devastated Jaddie, these heroes will never be forgotten...{#basic-cry.gif}

May the three RIP.  {#heart.gif}

Heart-breaking Dani, we are very VERY grateful for their help and heartbroken for their ultimate sacrifice...{#basic-cry.gif}

Nice to see you Maria, been a little while. Coulson Aviation. I know. Being here in Oregon, and they have a very good flying record. I wonder what happened? Sorry too hear this hqppened. I hope and pray they are getting the fires out. Bro. Doc

I am so very sorry that this happened Bro Doc, they were so brave to volunteer to help with our devastating fires and they didnt deserve to perish for their courage and decency. We've had some rains in the areas and it's helping a little but there's still huge swathes of land burning and it will take some time to put all the fires out.

We will just have to keep praying that the fires go out with the rain. The ones that started fires have they been caught yet or do they have an idea whom did it Maria? Bro. Doc

investigations are on-going Bro Doc but most of the fires all around the country were caused by extremely hot temperatures, high winds and drought stricken land. Some places have not had rain for several years, everything is bone dry and makes perfect tinder for the slightest spark.

With all that and then someone starting fires. What a shame. I hope they have most of the fires out by now? Bro. Doc

many died down with some rains but there are still heaps going and many new ones starting because the heatwaves are back again. The east coast is having very high temperatures right now and in the west the heatwave starts on Monday which will spark off more fires....{#basic-angry.gif}

Sorry to read that the heatwaves are back, and it is not getting much better. Bro. Doc

there's three months to go before autumn where the temperatures will moderate, this is one time we are all longing for winter down here.

I am sure you are. But then you have the problem if it rains a lot you could have mud slides and big problems again. Bro. Doc

mud slides is not something that is prevalent here in Australia thankfully. We need huge deluges to fill our reservoirs and drench the dried out soil in the drought stricken areas. Australia is actually the driest continent on the planet and it's scary that we are running out of fresh water.

I see. I wonder why it is the driest country? Bro. Doc

our topography mainly.  We dont have too many mountains which is a natural source of water that spreads out to the lands from seasonal rains. Our continent is mainly flat with desert areas that have very little to no tributaries from rivers and what rivers we have flow straight out to the cost and into the surrounding oceans.  We have a severe shortage of fresh water hence we are the driest continent on the planet.

What is this someone told me this morning at the Diner, that in some parts of your country you had big hail fall? Hope not. Bro. Doc

we do sometimes have hail but it's quite rare.  They come with a huge thunderstorm that starts out somewhere in the middle of the ocean (usually the southern ocean that comes from the antarctic) and they bring with them huge balls of hail and we get the odd hail storm once in a while. But it does nothing for the drought or the dryness of our country unfortunately.

I guess that just happened in the last few days I was told. Bro. Doc

the whole state of Arizona is flying flags at halfmast today. Brave firefighters, fighting fires is what they do where ever the fires are. Wonderful men.

it was a tragedy that shouldnt have happened, it is so devastating. Those poor men and their families paying the ultimate price for their courage....{#basic-cry.gif}

This was so sad to read.  They were brave men, who put their lives on the line.  May they R.I.P.  Prayers continue up for Astrailia.

Thank you Miss Ellie...it's so sad that they died so far away from home and their families....{#basic-cry.gif}

Fireman's motto:

"do the duty which lies nearest nor pause to think of self"


i salute them

Thank you Nemo, they are very brave indeed.

they are running in while everyone else is running out

May they R.I.P


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