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Flashback Friday - 25 years ago - My attempt at overcoming my fear of heights.

Added: Friday, August 7th 2015 at 4:02am by Maria

I've always been terrified of heights. I cant climb up a 10ft ladder without getting that awful "wobbly knees" feeling.

My boyfriend back then suggested I try one of two options, abseiling or sky-diving.

Needless to say, I chose the less terrifying option.

I signed up with a company called "Adventure Out" after making sure they had all the approved safety standards and an accident free record.

We all met at a rock quarry about 20 miles outside Perth.  There were cliffs with three different heights and we all started at the 30 meter cliff face for beginners.

It took a lot for me to go over the side of this one but I made it down okay, albeit with my legs shaking so hard I could hardly move.

The next one was the 60 meter cliff and this one scared me a lot but I made it as well.

The last one was 130 meters and this is the one that ''undid'' me completely.


I froze and refused to let go of any more rope that would move me down, I was so terrified.

They had to send this guy down to get me to let go of the rope and take me down to the ground...lol.

The guy at the bottom had a difficult time getting me to release the safety harness and ropes and it took ages before I could stand up, my legs were like jello.

Did I overcome my fear of heights?  NOPE!!!!!

But the scenery at this quarry and the view was quite stunning.

User Comments

NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!{#basic-ohsnap.gif}{#basic-ohsnap.gif} I am not too bad with heights, but that is where I draw the line,,, nope could not do it.

I gave it my very best shot and failed...lol.  I said the same thing too but I paid a lot of money for the experience so I was committed to at least try.

Stunning scenery, maybe......but it you're too terrified to enjoy it, who cares? Kudos for trying it though!

Once I got my jello legs working again, it was nice to view the scenery from a safe distance away from the edge...lol.

...at least you tried !

Maybe you should sing this song................??

Frank Sinatra Fly Me To The Moon - YouTube

...maybe you should sing this song??

love him, love the song...thank you Steve. {#giveflowers.gif}


I do, I know all the words back to front..{#basic-laugh.gif}

...off you go, I'll listen....................{#apprehensive.gif}

{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

what'd ya think???...{#basic-tongue-out.gif}

Image result for cotton wool in ears, picture


well you were brave to go that far..even tho.it was stunning scenery.well done.!

Thank you.  Are you following Steve around?  Just curious because you've only been here twice and both times its after he posted a comment. I know what happened with you two, its none of my business so I wont judge but you shouldnt be following him around here all the same. 

no I always like your photos Maria...the scenery and animals...it rminds me ,of when I worked in Africa

well that's fine but you dont really pop in that often and the only two times I've seen you here is directly after Steve (bobbyboxtop) posted a comment.

that was   a coincidence

My Dad had vertigo. He never let it hold him back. He'd climb a ladder to paint his house, fix his roof, wash the windows on the second story. There were times when he'd get so bad the boys would have to go out on the roof to bring him in. Happened twice I think. He just got so dizzy he couldn't tell which way was up or down. 

Wow...that's dangerous..lol.

You did better than I would have... sort of looked like the badlands in South and North Dakota...so interesting to see....

I had to get my money's worth...it was an expensive adventure...lol.

And here you are at least two times a year flying up in the skies without a care in the world!! LOL

Its the sad necessity to my love of traveling...lol.

I don't like heights either but I always try to swallow my fears and push on however, the the one thing I absolutely will not do no matter how much someone dares me to do it is stick my hand into a dark hole I know nothing about.

Yep...that is very scary, I cant go anywhere near an entrance to a dark cave or any hole or pit in the ground...lol.

Stunning except for the 3 CARS UPSIDE DOWN AND WRECKED!!!

We call those - insurance claims.

yup, that's what they were....lol.

AAACK!  Were those CARS at the bottom?  I have to admire your pluck, for at least TRYING to overcome your fears.  I'd say you gave it a valiant effort!

Thanks Maggie, and yes those were cars at the bottom of the cliff..as Davekal said, they are called insurance claims...lol.

Maria I can't even stand on a 3 steps step ladder  to change a light bulb w/o getting whoozy.  lol  Forget the rock climbing business!

I dont get the woozy feeling in my head, I get it on my legs and they feel really weird and ghastly...lol. Step ladders do it for me too!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

I guess we're wusses when it comes to heights Maria..lol

I'm wussy Numero Uno!!....lol.

I'ma wussy Numereo Dos..not far behind you!  lol

I,ve been up mountains .in cable cars...in hot sun...and on ski lifts .in snow..one stopped half way over a forest..in Austria...!I never look down.!

I have no problem when using good safety gear. But I just couldn't quite bring myself to dangle my feet from atop Half-Dome in Yosemite unbelayed. (Over 1km drop). It's the "what could go wrong" factor.

yup, I can relate....if I have to be up high I need to not have my feet dangling...it's the most awful feeling.

I have a fear of heights too, don't think there is anyway you could have talked me into doing either of those things. Kudos to you for being willing to give it a try. Great pics!

Thanks Viccs, it was scary but the day was a lot of fun as well. {#basic-laugh.gif}

I dont like airplanes.  

me neither believe it or not.  I am waiting for one of those "beam me up Scotty" machines but I dont think I will get to be transported in one in this lifetime.{#basic-laugh.gif}

This is a funny situation only as it reminds me of an incident where I went on a trip...actually left it schedule rather than do a rock climb, because honestly I was scared.  What I did on the trip, however, was likely worse.  I think I will save the story for a Flashback Friday...hehehe.

oh geeez!!...Okay, I guess we'll have to wait....lol.

Needless to say, I am terrified of heights....and it doesn't take a 10 foot ladder...I don't even want to stand on a chair.

I know the feeling...lol.

Looks like fun to me,lol

To bad about your fear of heights, today i wouldnt do something like that but way back when i would.

The whole day was great fun, even though I went through those few terrifying moments, the people were amazing and funny and kind and wonderful. I have to live with this phobia for the rest of my life, there's no way I will even think about sky-diving...lol.

We have a small sky diving place here, they will not get my business, i am not going to jump out of a plane.

You couldnt pay me to jump out of a plane either...lol.

Even Trump doesnt have enough money to pay me to do it, i have seen the oops moments in sky diving.

Same here...all the money in the world wont entice me to jump or overcome the fear.

wonderful scenery at the very least.good on ya for trying.

try anything once I always say...

This is why I have an advice phobia.

phobias suck!!{#basic-laugh.gif}

Just like well meaning advice.

{#apploud.gif} I say good for you even if you didn't make the 130 meter one.  I'm not afraid of heights but I'm afraid of anything that looks dangerous.  I would want to even try going down those cliffs. Thanks for the FF blog.  It was great!

Thanks Wanita, it was an adventure and even though I didnt succeed I'm glad I did it anyway. {#basic-laugh.gif}


You did good Maria. Just the fact that you got out there and faced your fear was a huge accomplishment. What an awesome location for meeting that challenge too. My problem was having no fears of anything... until my oldest brother dangled me over the railing at Niagara Falls. Yeah, that scared me.

Great photos.

Oh my goodness, what a mean older brother...lol. But he did you a favor actually because fear is a healthy and necessary thing because it is what triggers off your survival instincts. If you have no fear at all, there are many things you will not survive.{#basic-laugh.gif}{#basic-laugh.gif}

Actually, he was the funniest and most loving brother anyone could ever want... it just took me a couple more years to catch up with his sense of humor. I was about 5yrs old.

you were only 5 when he dangled you over the railing at Niagara falls?????? I would have given him a good thrashing if I was Mom...lol.

HA!! I didn't rat him out. But, when I think about it, what if I had kicked and he had lost his grip...

Dont think about it....lol.

O' wow! You did great. Good on ya for doing it. I know many people who wouldn't even attemp it without a fear let alone having a fear. I can under why you legs would shake after that. You should be proud you did as much as you did. {#apploud.gif}{#heart.gif}{#thumbs_up.gif}

thank you, looking back on it now, it makes me giggle...lol.  I cant believe I was such a baby, it's a little bit embarrassing now....lol.

Fears are tough things to get over. Most don't ever try so I think it was very brave of you. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Thank you...{#giveflowers.gif}

You gave it your best Maria and that is what counts.

yep, I'm not ashamed of failing, just proud of the fact that I gave it a go...{#basic-laugh.gif}

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