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Do You Believe?

Added: Monday, October 7th 2019 at 11:39pm by Maria

Something Dani (Southerncharm) said in my tribute post to Mamakat got me thinking about this.

She said Mamakat and Bobbyboxtop are probably having a drink together and a good time up there where ever they are.

I've never known whether to believe in the afterlife or not, sometimes things happen that I swear was because of "someone up there looking after me" and I always think of either my parents or my husband.

Do you believe in the after life?


I would love to believe without any doubt, this is what happens.....

User Comments

I would like to believe, without question, in the after life, but have to admit it could just be my desire not to miss anything.  My mother always said i never wanted to go to bed, because I was afraid something exciting or interesting would happen at night and I would miss it.

I would like very much to believe there is an after life because what I have a really serious problem with is, the notion that once I'm dead that's it. There's nothing else after. I dread that more than anything.

Personally, I don't really know, I think hope is all we have...I have heard it said, with i think justification, that faith is believing without proof.  i am not sure what the difference is between hope and faith.

I guess faith is having no doubts at all while hope is hoping for it to be true. I do have a lot of hope, just lacking a little bit of the faith...lol.

but i don't think faith is the same thing as certainly.  it is "a belief in things unseen". The people who claim to be absolutely certain or expressing what they think is faith, but all too often is legalism.

it's all a "state of mind"....{#basic-laugh.gif}

l believe there is a heaven.  

If only we could see the splendour of the land
To which our loved ones are called from you and me
We’d understand

If only we could hear the welcome they receive
From old familiar voices all so dear
We would not grieve

If only we could know the reason why they went
We’d smile and wipe away the tears that flow
And wait content.

It comes down to faith doesnt it JB? I would love to believe but I guess I am one of those that needs 100 percent positive proof rather than just faith. There are times when I do believe, when I see beautiful things I believe there is a heaven and then when I see horrific things, I believe this is all there is.

There is no 100 percent proof and as you have said it all comes down to faith.  l have faith and l believe.  

I do believe in an afterlife. Faith... you have nothing to lose. 

I guess.....

There is always Pascal's Wager.

A nice song by John Gorka called "Let Them In" carries the same sentiment that Southerncharm was expressing.

I shall look it up, thank you....{#basic-smile.gif}

I do believe our souls separate from our bodies at death and they live on and do indeed meet up with our dearly departed.  When my mother died,  I had seen something happen in the hospital room at the immediate time her last breath was taken.  So yes, I believe.

It's wonderful to have faith and be so sure, I struggle with it a lot. On the one hand I find it hard to believe that once your body has died, your soul disappears. I dont think a soul just dies, it's every living person's spirit that surely cant die.  On the other hand, the need for 100 percent proof is what stops me from being sure.

I feel the same Maria.  We (me) are taught from very young (I'm Catholic) that life...the soul does live on after we leave this Earth.  We grow up thinking and believing this.  But like you, I would love to know if its indeed true.  After a person dies, we assume the soul has left the body and is free again, unmarred by disease, all body parts intact, the mind as sharp as it used to be...but HOW can we know this for fact?  No one will ever come back from the dead and tell us.  But excluding all this, the wondering-if and the is-it-possibles....I DO believe in life after death.

I will just settle for hoping because I really would love to see all my loved ones who have passed again. And to cross the rainbow bridge and meet up with all my fur babies again would be so awesome!!. I was brought up a Catholic too and also a very superstitious culture in the Philippines of ghosts coming back from the dead to visit people, every Filipino that I know believes in ghosts because they believe in life after death.

I believe in ghosts as well, the supernatural.  When people say they feel the presence of a loved one or "saw" a ghost of a departed family member, I instantly believe them.

I want to see all my furbabies too.  To see our dearly departed again at death would be one very overwhelming experience.

I've never seen a ghost but if I did I think I would need a change of underwear....lol.  Does this mean I believe in ghosts?  I dont know.....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

LOL Maria.  I'd probably be frozen, unable to move, just staring and either faint or get the hail out of there!! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

Some day according to Scripture when the Saviour returns 1Co 15:50-to end, we will be with Him here on earth. Rev 20-22 talks about this. So there is a here after only for those that have accepted Him as their personal Saviour. Bro. Doc

and what happens to those who are non-believers, atheists or even agnostics? Is there an after-life for them?

In the end there will be a Great White Judgment where everyone is judged, then those that have accepted Him, will live here on a new recreated heaven and earth, and the rest that are not saved will be burnt up. Right now if one reads the Scriptures correctly no one is any places but the grave. Bro. Doc

I just think Scriptures are subject to people's interpretations and whose is right and whose is wrong.  At the end of the day it just boils right down to one's own FAITH.

Maria, if we just read Scripture as it is written we will not put our own spin on it. Bro. Doc

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