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China May 2017 - Panda Research and Breeding Center - Chengdu

Added: Tuesday, July 4th 2017 at 8:49am by Maria

Pandas are a very much loved iconic symbol of China. They once were on the brink of extinction and were placed on the endangered species list for quite a long time.

The government decided they were not going to allow this magnificent animal to go extinct, it would have been such a shame.

So they established research and breeding centers in a few cities and now thankfully the dedication of researchers and breeding centers has paid off. They are now no longer on the endangered species list.

One of the reasons for traveling to China was always to get up close and personal with this beautiful bear.

So here I am and of course I had to take a million photos.

This particular Research center is less than an hour's drive from Chengdu and it is a good idea to arrive first thing in the morning just to be ahead of the very long queue to get tickets to enter.

Once inside, you've got at least 2 hours of serious walking and it's not all flat terrain so there's lots of rest stops along the way for those who are unfit.

But it's a very beautiful place so it's all worth it.

Inside the gates you are greeted by this very friendly looking chap...

and all his buddies...

There's an information center where you get to learn a lot about pandas and what this facility does.

love this, had to take a shot...

and this one too...

down these steps is the beginning of the long walk around this amazing facility....

looking back up those steps....

the place is surrounded with beautiful gardens...

and a big beautiful lake that still had the early morning mist over it...

and a very beautiful looking garden restaurant...

finally we came to the first panda enclosure and it was so exciting to see my first panda, taking an early morning dip.

Pandas are solitary animals so they have very large enclosures so they can stay away from each other if they choose to.

these little guys are less than a year old so they still play together. They separate them once they start hurting each other....

breakfast is always a treat for these little guys...

dont worry about the condition of their fur, they were just wet from their early morning dips in the pool, you can see the pool in the background.

You probably heard this guy in that video clip...

peacocks have a very distinct call.

after breakfast, there's always time for a snooze...

or tree climbing...

they can go pretty high up...

I didnt take photos in the inside enclosures because you cant use flash in there.

I did manage to film some of the inside enclosures where they bring the pandas in if the weather gets too hot outside. They have airconditioned and beautifully decorated indoor apartments and they get a lot of enrichment items to keep them occupied and amused.

They also breed red pandas here, they are also on the endangered species list. They are so incredibly cute!!

this one is taking a nap on a log...

while this one is enjoying pumpkin for breakfast...

Here's a little pond with fountains...

discreetly placed public toilets...

a Panda Cafe...

and plaques with words of wisdom....In English too!!!

The golden panda garden....

which they were re-turfing with fresh grass...

What an awesome experience this was, I am so glad I got to visit here.

Of course I had to buy my souvenirs...

My favorite is this beautiful gift box....

containining a miniature Chinese screen with pictures of pandas...

on both sides of the screen...

fridge magnets...

and a cute little Chinese tea set...

(to be continued....Next stop is to where my sponsor bear Caesar lives.)

User Comments

Awesome post. A couple years ago I was offered a chance to research these animals. The ends being saving and protecting them. I did not gave the money to go...but oh how I would have loved it..

I'm surprised you think so. Not 3 hours before you made this comment, you were at moptop's blog where she was ranting about my horribly offensive behavior giving her kudos and now you are here....I dont get it DJ.

My "Amen sister" was not about you. it was about being really tired of having my country treated as a joke, a "boogie man" per se. Actually, i have read blogs that pile so much hate and venom onto my country and our people, that it is insulting. It's wrong. I don't like that. We are not perfect by a long shot, but we try to make a life and live it fully. Millions of us work hard and have serious concerns about different areas. We have our share of problems always have had. But, we can get a bit defensive about being put down. You came to our country not long ago and I was happy to see that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. So I also was a bit surprised to see what appeared to be "USA bashing." I don't "get it" either. I enjoy your posts and hope that we remain friends. I am blocked from Steve's so I had to sign out to read it. Mexico is not a part of the United States. But, I think it's up to the two of you to joke around all you want. I have seen much much worse. I hope your day is good. And if you prefer to unfriend me so be it. But I will miss you.

First of all there was absolutely nothing disparaging or insulting to your country in the conversation I had with bobbyboxtop. All I did was thank him for his happy 4th of July wishes. I made a simple mistake of not saying "on behalf of my American relatives" instead of just "on behalf of America". How that would cause somebody to have such a hizzy fit as to post a "rant" blog making it sound ten times worse that what it was is just incomprehensible to me. Secondly, how was I supposed to know your "Amen sister" comment was not about me when her entire blog except for a few lines in the last paragraph was completely about me. I'm not a mind reader DJ, what I saw was you agreeing with her rant. Was that before or after signing out and reading my conversation bobbyboxtop's blog?  Did you see me say anything disparaging at all about your country on that blog? So I made a joke about Mexico being "close enough".....it was a joke, bobbyboxtop and I were kidding around with each other as we usually do.  And then to have the temerity to not only insult my intelligence but her reader's as well....she gives us all a geography lesson as if none of us know where exactly Mexico is situated and that Mexico is not part of the United States.  Dont you feel insulted by that?

I've seen titles of blogs attacking you DJ, I steer clear of them, I dont even read them. How would you feel if I went into those blogs and put in my two cents worth?

There are millions of people bashing the US right now because of trump, that is just a fact.  A huge portion of your own citizens are doing it. It doesnt matter what anyone says, it's just what is happening right now and people have a right to express their opinions and if it's something you or I dont want to hear, or are sick of hearing...we just gotta suck it Buttercup.

I have no intentions of unfriending you, you and I have already had honest discussions with each other and we know where we stand. I always make sure people know how I feel, that way nobody can ever say I go behind their backs.


I don't go behind anyones back...ever. I explained to you why I said what I did, it was my thought at the time. No matter what I say you seem to have a problem.

So I will end it here.

no, you explained to me your point of view and I explained to you mine. That's all this is DJ. The end!!

Apparently the comment about your post I made was neither appreciated or wanted. Won't happen again.

Thank you DJ, I appreciate that.

This was a fun blog.  Loved it!  The pandas are well pampered and cared for.  The facility is spectacular, wow!

They sure know how to take care of their pandas!!....so good to see. It's a fantastic place Dani. I am so glad I got the opportunity to visit. {#basic-laugh.gif}

China really has done a good job of preserving these animals.  Oftentimes in the west we don't seem to care that much, unfortunately.

China also has a very ugly side when it comes to animal's rights. It aint pretty!!!

Well, again, it occurs to me that might be partly a function of their population....too many people so animals are not seen as important.  (???)

it's worse than that, it's a horrific lack of empathy for animals. It's like they simply have no concept or realization that animals actually feel pain and suffering just like humans do. They do things to animals without any feelings of sympathy or regret, it's mind-boggling.  But then there are people like that all over the world too, it's just a lot more prevalent in China because animals are just a source of food to them and they eat just about any living creature on the planet.

so then saving the panda?  Was that because of the international interest in pandas?

I dont really know but pandas are a large "cash cow" for them, of that there is no doubt. I do believe it is about prestige and saving face which is very very important to the Chinese. I also believe that they absolutely love the pandas and adore them just as much as a lot of us do. It's a collaboration of a whole heap of reasons, I'm just glad of the outcome.

I guess people sometimes have preferred animals, and the chinese are attached to the panda in ways they aren't maybe to dogs and cats etc.  Just guessing at the explanation for why a nation that has a lack of concern about some animals are so concerned about that one....although I am very very glad they are. :)

Believe it or not, one of the things that I really noticed while in both Chengdu and Beijing cities is the amount of people walking their dogs...and the dogs looked really pampered and their owners were not shy to exhibit their love for their pets. It really shocked me to see this because I too was of the perception that Chinese people were not like that.  Just goes to show, we really cant judge a whole race of people based on what a percentage of them do culturally or otherwise.  At the end of the day, every person is an individual and different. I am not in any way defending the lack of animal empathy of the Chinese people in general, I am just saying that there are millions of them who do have a love for animals.

Well, I have known people in the United States who don't like animals and who will, when they can get away with it, do really horrible things to animals so I certainly agree that a whole nation can't be judged by a few...or even by many.

I suspect, however, that there is less of an "animal-lover" movement in a country with relatively few financial resources than in a more well-to-do country on average.  That may be why things would be changing in China...they are becoming healthier ecomically.

My old college career is making me wonder if any studies have been done on this.  I was a major in sociology that kind of thing is what we talked about...LOL

Oh the one enjoying the pumpkin made me think of a Raccoon.

I see why, the striped tail...

Yeah, I think I am used to only the face look on a panda, so the tail threw me.  BTW, I see notification of your private msg but can't get into that section right now for some reason.  I will try later.

Charlie thought the same thing, looked like a raccoon to him too...lol.  I cant remember what I said to you in that pm, had something to do with a blog you were posting I think. I hope our inboxes arent all glitchy again, that would suck!!

Charlie and I both saw the same thing ...hehe. That makes me feel a little bit better that I wasn't the only one.

Got your msg, the mailbox is back today.

oh good, took long enough!!  Blogster sure has gotten a lot more glitchy since I got back.

Yeah, although I think it is getting better again....I hope.

I don't know which I think are cuter--pandas or koalas.

I do know male peacocks have beautiful tail feathers but are SO loud and SO dirty!!:O)

tough call between pandas and koala...I cant choose...{#basic-laugh.gif}

I didnt know peacocks were dirty...{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

They poop all over the place!!

oh okay, I didnt think of that....lol.

It is just absolutely fabulous. You are so lucky to be able to see all those wonderful pandas. Wonderful place. Love that they have Kung-fu Panda.

Great souvernis you brought home

It sure was, and so beautiful too.  I love Kung-fu Panda and I sure love my souvenirs...{#basic-laugh.gif}

how cool! The red ones kinda remind me of our raccoons here. 

Vickie Collins said the same thing...it reminded her of raccoons too....lol.

You should be a travel writer!

Hey yesterday I saw this new solar power farm in China that's shaped like a panda - how awesome is that! They'd never do that here - mind you the government aren't into renewable energy here either!

Pandas are cute but I am really shocked something as docile ever evolved let alone survived this lone! 

Right-wing conservative governments arent into renewable energy, they want to take care of their corporate buddies who made their money from fossil fuel. It's nothing to do with whether they believe in climate change or not, it's everything to do with capitalism and what's in it for them...to heck with the environment.

China is gearing to lead the rest of the world in renewable energy, something anti-communists will never acknowledge.

Pandas have been brought back from the brink of extinction, just goes to show what is achievable if people put their minds and energy into it. They're adorable and it would have been an absolute travesty if they were allowed to die out. {#basic-laugh.gif}

I wish our federal government would pull it's finger out, although a few of the states are going rogue on renewables - did you see that thing where SA is going to places the biggest order of batteries ever with TESLA for solar power? Go Adelaide!!!

Pandas are cute, but you can see why they are endangered, they just like rolling around and playing I can't imagine they'd be very good in a fight with a tiger! 

Until Australia gets rid of the Conservative parties, the climate change deniers and corporation lovers, we will have this ongoing fight for the future of our environment. Pandas are a good indication of the general state of the ecological environment in China. The fact that they were brought to the brink of extinction brought awareness of the destruction of forests and the encroachment of humans into territories that need to be preserved.

You know, that's a really really good point, I hadn't considered that - abut the ecology of China. The other thing is that they are trying and that the west really dosen't have much good to say bout China. 

It's going to take a while to rid us of the conservative plague, hopefully the next election will be a good start, I'm so over Turnbull-s and his shadow Abbott. 

me too, I hated Abbott with a passion but when he said "shit happens" when an Aussie digger got killed in Afghanistan...well, I just went nuts!!!  trump is affecting me the same way now and it's just got to end!!! 

Yeah I know, I really wanted him to get put on the front line over that! What a pig! Trump is gross, how anyone could back that slime ball is beyond me!

I guess it might be a tiny bit of consolation but Abbott is not as bad as trump....but they're pretty neck and neck when it comes to being putrid arseholes...lol.

True, I do hope that Turnbull hangs in there until the election he's so unpopular that they'd lose by a big margin and maybe the Left can do something decent when they get in. 

I used to like Turnbull once upon a time but that was before he got indoctrinated into the conservative right-wing agenda...and you know what they're like!!!

Me too! I thought he'd be great after that loser Abbott - but meh he's worse in some ways and slightly better in others. 

I just want the right-wing conservatives out of government for good!!  They are bad for everyone except the super rich!!

It'll happen but not soon enough! 

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