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Capitalism is Great - Communism Sucks!!

Added: Friday, November 27th 2020 at 2:09am by Maria


Time and again I have been accused of being a COMMIE simply because I believe that people who need help should be able to get help from their government. 

That's the reason people pay taxes, to fund government programs so that the people can have roads and schools and police and fire departments. Welfare programmes to help the desperately needy, the sick, the elderly and the disenfranchised.

Therefore everybody who takes advantage or uses any of these programs is technically a COMMUNIST, is that the logic that would have you believe I am a Commie just because I believe this is how society is and this is what is needed to run a country?

If you use any of these government funded programs, does that make you a communist too?

America, supposedly the richest nation on earth where all the politicians can take long breaks and enjoy Thanksgiving feasts and a bountiful Christmas while the ordinary Americans are standing in very long queues just to get a meal.


The HEROES Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives, calls for another set of $1,200 payments.

This time, however, the payments would be more generous, with up to $6,000 per family, including $2,400 per married couple and $1,200 per dependent for up to three children.



Shown Here:
Introduced in House (05/12/2020)

Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act or the HEROES Act

This bill responds to the COVID-19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses.

Among other things, the bill

  • provides FY2020 emergency supplemental appropriations to federal agencies;
  • provides payments and other assistance to state, local, tribal, and territorial governments;
  • provides additional direct payments of up to $1,200 per individual;
  • expands paid sick days, family and medical leave, unemployment compensation, nutrition and food assistance programs, housing assistance, and payments to farmers;
  • modifies and expands the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides loans and grants to small businesses and nonprofit organizations;
  • establishes a fund to award grants for employers to provide pandemic premium pay for essential workers;
  • expands several tax credits and deductions;
  • provides funding and establishes requirements for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing;
  • eliminates cost-sharing for COVID-19 treatments;
  • extends and expands the moratorium on certain evictions and foreclosures; and
  • requires employers to develop and implement infectious disease exposure control plans.

The bill also modifies or expands a wide range of other programs and policies, including those regarding

  • Medicare and Medicaid,
  • health insurance,
  • broadband service,
  • medical product supplies,
  • immigration,
  • student loans and financial aid,
  • the federal workforce,
  • prisons,
  • veterans benefits,
  • consumer protection requirements,
  • the U.S. Postal Service,
  • federal elections,
  • aviation and railroad workers, and
  • pension and retirement plans.


Apparently Mitch McConnell decided this was not going to happen and they have all gone home for the holidays to enjoy their turkey while lots of people are having to wait for hours at various food banks around the country to get a meal.

So call me a commie, tell me I am evil because I think this situation sucks!!  The people of the richest country in the world should not have to be going through this. The government needs to help these people out....just like they do in commie countries!!!!

It doesnt mean the country is going to become a communist regime, it means the government is taking care of those in desperate need.  You know, like they did with the tax cut they gave the very needy millionaires and billionaires that the President is so proud of!!

There is something wrong here.


For those who might want to remind me AGAIN that I am not American so I need to mind my own business, I will remind you that I have thousands of American relatives living in the United States right now, many who served in your Defence Forces and fought for your country and who are going through hardship that should not be happening simply because their jobs or their businesses have been affected by a pandemic that was very badly managed from the beginning. 

It was considered a hoax at first, then it was going to disappear and now 250,000 deaths and over 6 million infected, there are still people who dont believe it is serious.

I feel so disheartened when I watch the news from here in Australia and see those people in hospitals all over America, the healthcare workers overwhelmed with their work load, some still do not have adequate PPE to keep them safe, it breaks my heart.


It breaks my heart to see the very long lines at the food banks, it breaks my heart to read that people are getting evicted from their homes.

And it breaks my heart when I see politicians showing their Thanksgiving Turkey feasts at their own homes all over facebook while so many of their fellow Americans are going hungry.


It just breaks my heart!!





User Comments

First of all, the fact that you are not from the United States has nothing, NOTHING to do with your right to have an opinion.  Nor does it preclude those of us in this nation of having the luxury of ignoring you.  The fact is, the things you are saying here and have said elsewhere are right.

While it is true that most Americans have a better standard of living than many 3rd world nations, we should not be comparing ourselves to third world nations.  We should be aspiring to be in the league with 1st world nations like Great Britan, Australia and Canada and similar nations.  When we fail to take care of the needy but give huge tax breaks to the multi-millionaires and the billinaires we lost the right to to look down on 3rd world nations that behave that way.

Our touting of "American exceptionalism" is bankrupt when we deny many people equal rights and refuse to fund programs that help those at the bottom of the economic ladder while feeding the bellies of the people at the top.

{#apploud.gif} {#thumbs-up.gif}

I agree Fangio....scene is spot on!!

unfortunately my opining of this situation will go in one ear and out the other to many. But it feels good to get it out of my system....{#basic-laugh.gif}

Of course, we all know that you and I have ideas that would help all of We the People...and that those that don't want everybody to benefit will take issue.  {#basic-cool.gif}

par for the course I guess.

I think we humans often err when we take some of the short-cuts we tend to use in our language.  it is dangerous. To wit:

You describe what a Democratic Republic (USA) could and should do, (actually what any/every government ought to do) for its people/citizens in times of economic and etc. world/national crisis.

That does seem to equate to socialism and to communism.  BUT,  REAL/ACTUAL socialism and communism in common use are negative/evil ...in that they are governments desired to be run and operated by control freaks who desire to power-trip a population ...so they can be seen as gods of the people and/or worshipped as superhumans. Indeed, they are systems of government which lend themselves to extreme abuse of power over their underlings.

Now, "love" & "lovingkindness" (under which you desire of all people/governments)  is VERY hard to legislate and to successfully operate within ANY government, BUT it is only at its best within a true and rather perfected Democratic Republic, like what we have (inperfectly!) in the USA. 

--But, our founders gave we USA-ers a great start back in 1776.

Unfortunately, our Founder's ideas were not perfect have since been manipulated and fudged (and etc. evils) for all these years since ...by un lovers .

The result is we-the-peeps are now governed by a lot of men and women (unlovers) who pathologically/selfishly desire to uber-control all of we-the-peeps. 

FACT is, they are NOT gods, AND, they are NOT capable of pulling off what their selfish & unrealistic thinking drives them to install-at-any-cost; but always, in a couple of years (ref Venezueala) the country tanks!!!

POINT:  we have to be critical thinkers and carefully define our terms and our values, or, we will keep USA/America on the cusp of utter failure (except for the thinkings of the bad socialists/communists who have the reins of the failure, are in denial of their failures, and desperately attempting to "get it right" ...which they'll NEVER be able to do)  {{ but always, in a couple of years (ref Venezueala) the country tanks!!!}}

Thanks for this, I feel so much better now!!

(yes, that was sarcasm, but I'm sure you knew where I would be coming from....{#basic-laugh.gif} )

Well, OK...

I do appreciate your visits and your effort....{#basic-smile.gif}

... I try...

Thank you, as much as you and I are miles apart in our political divide, I appreciate that you are willing visit and hear me out.

Frankly I don't think we are 'far apart' on the commie vs 'loving the peeps' issue.

Sorry for the confusions.

I got off on a tangent...

Oh I read and understood what you wrote and the commie vs loving the peeps was not so much the issue for me.  My issue (and I really wasnt gonna get into it but here it is anyhow...) is the constant talking points rhetoric I hear about Venezuela and how America could become another Venezuela if the government does all those "sociliastic" things. To me it is nothing more than fear mongering and the as far as I'm concerned there is nobody that truly believes America could ever become another Venezuela...I just refuse to believe it.  The Venezuela analogy is something that the right-wingers have been using to scare people into thinking socialism by it's very definition is evil and wrong.  It gives people the wrong idea and it suckers them into believing that the socialist programs your government runs is bad or wrong.  It doesnt make sense to me especially when people dont ever seem to have a problem with corporate welfare or tax cuts for the rich.  You are a country (sad to say) where every day the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  It is so plain to see, to me it is the epitome of the evil side of capitalism.

Yep we disagree on all that, Maria. 

Just our personal opinions. 

I got mine someplace, & you got yours som other place,  ...just opinions/values.

Yes, they do affect how we think and live, but, whaddya gonna do?  We didn't all grow up in the same scenarios.

I'm happy to agree to disagree. Have a lovely weekend!!

There are kids--many--in the USA who went hungry on Thanksgiving Day!

Local people are up in arms because the local government had a small surplus and gave it to good banks this week instead of 'back to the taxpayers'!!

I cant understand that, why would people begrudge others of getting a meal from the food banks?  I swear sometimes I just dont get some humans!!

Maria, I understand your concerns and I understand what you are trying to convey on this post. What I am not getting though is this.

It was passed no one is to be evicted due to not being able to pay their rent or mortage. I dont know so far of anyone in my area who has been put out.

What I dont understand is how the government in the first stimulus gave more money to the unemployed than what they brought home on a paycheck. Now let me tell you about some of these people. They did not want to go back to work, I can understand why. Some of them played golf, raced their race cars, fixed their houses outside as they had more than enough time to do it now without working.

I dont actually know of anyone in this area who is starving or hungry. The kids are fed that are not going to school and the deliveries are made to their homes. Food is passed out in boxes brought right to the cars and handed to the people, no lines here. 

There are plenty of high paying jobs in many of the areas, for people who want to work. I sometimes wonder if the media wants to paint this doom and gloom picture. I can say, that I live in a suburb of DC and it is working well here.

I’m glad to know there are areas where people have not yet been evicted Wendi, and I hope it doesn’t happen in your area.  But if the pandemic is not brought under control soon and people cant go back to work, it is inevitable.

Your assumptions regarding  those people not wanting to go back to work doesn’t make sense to me.   For starters the stimulus check of $1200 to last them 32 weeks so far is hardly an incentive to stay home rather than going  back to work.  That equates to $37.50 a week which is what, $7.00 a day?   I don’t think anyone can live on $7.00 a day so your understanding of this is bewildering to me.  

As for some playing golf, some racing their race cars, fixing their houses etc. I wish the media would show photos and videos of those people instead of the images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis of people in very long queues outside food banks.   Perhaps those people doing those things are just trying to make it through their idle days, doing something to distract them from the seriousness of  their situation?  It doesn’t mean they are what we here in Australia would refer to as “bludgers”.  There is a pandemic that has caused businesses that employ these people to shut down. What are they supposed to do?  And to be honest I have not seen or read any reports of those people anywhere.  I wish I could see them, perhaps I wouldnt be feeling so heart broken.

I am glad you are living in an area where no one is starving or hungry. Thankful also that food is being delivered to their homes because many of those kids it has been reported, get to eat because they attend school.  The fact that food is passed out in boxes brought right to the cars indicates to me that people do need help from food banks and would indeed be hungry or starving if not for this assistance they are receiving.  The fact that there are no lines or queues is a blessing in that people are less exposed to being infected by the virus. Thank God for those who volunteer to deliver these boxes of food, putting themselves at risk. Those people are heroes and angels!!

Notice too that the countries listed above that have issued stimulus cheques had no need for food banks because people were given enough to sustain them until they could go back to work.  It puts less strain on the welfare agencies, made it safer  because people were not having to volunteer to distribute the rations and people could keep a safe distance from others to avoid being infected.  

As for the high paying jobs in many areas for people who want to work, if that is indeed the case I am quite sure people will be grabbing them rather than sit at home waiting for the next stimulus check that is still forthcoming (currently at Mitch McConnell's whim) that will only give them $37.00 a week.

The doom and gloom the media is focusing on is unfortunately many American’s reality and rightfully should not be hidden or swept under the carpet. Again I am glad that things are a little better where you live and glad that you are doing okay.  But many are not.

Thanks for your input and your point of view, I know you knew I wouldnt agree with you but I appreciate your contribution to this conversation.

Remember when this virus first became an issue??? So many went on unemployment . There were so many claims that the Guard had to help fill out paperwork to get the claims files??? The stimulus came out and did give out 1200.00 BUT the claims didnt just get a check they actually got another extra 600 dollars a month. I know for a fact as I know a couple of people who did get the money and was happy they didnt have to work. It wasnt due to them being laid off from Lack of work, it was due to the virus shutting everything down.

Am glad that we can discuss this like normal people. Merry Christmas Maria.


I dont know anything about the 600 dollars a month Wendi, so on top of the $1200 a month, people were receiving unemployment of $600 a month? That's only $150.00 a week. How does one live on 150.00 a week when they have rent, food, utilities, medical, prescriptions, gas, etc? I think people were happy they didnt have to go to work because they feared getting infected with the virus, not because they didnt have to work anymore and could laze about doing nothing. You need to give Americans a little more credit, your country is known for how hard-working the people are. The pandemic fear is enough to keep most people from venturing out even though there are still those who dont believe how serious it is.

Most of us are normal people Wendi, who can agree to disagree or discuss our thoughts without being ridiculed in blog posts simply for disagreeing. Hopefully now those days are over for me and for the others who were constantly subjected to those ridiculous attacks. 

Lets all hope for a Merry Christmas and a happy New year, hopefully a better year cant come soon enough...{#basic-smile.gif}

From what I understood they were receiving their regular check Plus the extra 600, That was supposed to of been in the first stimulus bill. Then I think for the next stimulus which no one has received. I think they did drop it to 300.I think though the time frame ran out anyway on the extra money. 

oh I see...you are saying their employers are continuing to pay their salaries even though they are not coming to work and on top of their salaries they are getting 600 a month unemployment plus the 1200 stimulus cheque?  I really cant see how companies can continue to pay their employees salaries when they are not coming to work but if that is what they are doing (by law?) then it's not too bad a deal. It might bankrupt the company though, if they are paying out salaries but not earning income from being shut down.  I havent really looked that deeply into it because I didnt know that.

Yuck. It's a deep issue, to put it mildly.

The planet, our planet, needs at least one phenomenal leader. Who shall it be?

I have absolutely no idea MisterCox, as happy as I am about the outcome of the US presidential elections, I'm afraid I've become very cynical when it comes to any politician getting it right. I try to remain hopeful of course.

Because they could have used that money to invite more to THEIR Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Maria, if I live to be a thousand I will NEVER understand people!!

(Glad you knew I meant food instead of good banks!!)


if I live to be a thousand I will never understand people either...lol.


Being a duly elected representative of others is a tall order. I live in Richmond, California. There's about 100,000 of us here in Richmond? Anyhow, the city councilmembers are elected by district. 6 districts. 1 representative for about every 16,000 people. When it comes to trying to be ethical, how on earth does one person keep in mind the best interests of SIXTEEN THOUSAND PEOPLE all at once? Sheesh!

You gonna run in '24?

I was just responding to your question!!!

"The planet, our planet, needs at least one phenomenal leader. Who shall it be?"

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