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Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Vancouver - Ferry to Victoria

Added: Monday, September 9th 2019 at 4:31am by Maria

Day 14


The Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains form the backdrop to your day at leisure in Vancouver. You might want to do some shopping down on Robson Street, relax in Vancouver’s playground Stanley Park or stroll through the markets of Granville Island. If you prefer to explore the outdoors, take a gondola ride to the summit of Grouse Mountain.

You can also go on an optional full-day tour to Victoria, the charming provincial capital that is proud of her maritime heritage. See the beautiful 19th century landmarks and enjoy its lively atmosphere. Before taking the ferry back to Vancouver, you will visit Butchart Gardens, one of the world’s great floral displays set in a reclaimed stone quarry. Overnight in Vancouver. Canadian breakfast included.


I chose to do the optional full day tour to Victoria which wasnt cheap but it was worth it. Fortunately I was able to get a discount of $63.00 because there was more than 18 passengers in our coach doing the tour.

It was about 45 minutes drive to the ferry terminal and the trip on the ferry to Victoria was 1-1/2 hours (204 kilometers).


It didnt start out to be a very nice day, it became overcast and there was very cold gusty winds blowing.

clouds rolling in.....

Seaside apartments on the way to the ferry terminal..

The ferry terminal

this was our ferry....The Spirit of Vancouver Island.

Loading the vehicles onto the ferry...

all the vehicles were loaded onto the bottom deck...

these ferries are HUGE!!!!!

the vehicle decks extend from one end of the ferry to the other and are 4 compartments across.

From here you disembark the coach/car and use the elevators to go up to the passenger decks.

We were on the 6th floor.


The passenger decks were all pretty much the same, just rows and rows of seats and also cubicles where you can plug in your laptops or charge your devices, or use the on-board computer terminals.

or you are free to walk around inside or outside the ferry...

there were vending machines for snacks and drinks....

or they actually have a cafe where you can order sandwiches, coffees, drinks, candy, chocolates and all sorts of snacks.

there's even a play area to keep the kids entertained for the 90 minutes on board.

For an extra $15.00 you can walk into a quiet lounge at the front end of the ferry where you can take a nap on the very comfortable reclining chairs, where you can have as many cups of coffee as you like and what ever snacks are on offer, you just go up and help yourself.

Myself and 2 other ladies decided this was a good deal, the lounge was indeed very quiet with only another half a dozen passengers in there. 

The coffee was excellent and the snacks (cakes, sandwiches, even hot mini quiches, fruits, candy, doughnuts, etc) were fresh and satisfying.

all these seats actually recline and there are charging stations on every seat for your devices.

there are also coffee tables with seats for groups scattered around the lounge..

I took all these photos in that lounge and there was probably 3 or 4 other people in there besides myself and the two ladies I was with.

for $15.00 you would think more people would take advantage to sit in comfort away from all the noise and kids and people chattering.  Also the cost of drinks and snacks out there in the main passenger areas are not cheap.

In this lounge, you can go back as often as you want for top-ups of coffee or food for the duration of the trip. I think it is good value!!

You also have access to the outside of the ferry from here...

I did go out there for a few minutes but it was so windy and cold, I just about froze!!


(to be continued....)


User Comments

The ferry was almost like being on a luxury liner only not quite.  Alot of extras to pass an hour and a half in comfort for sure.

I was looking at some google images of these ferries and they actually have stores on deck #4.  Souvenirs and books and I even saw one with a heap of handbags. Makes 90 minutes bearable for sure...lol.

These pictures were lovely Maria. I got a kick out of your "top-ups of coffee". Here it is top off the coffee. Bro. Doc

it's the Aussie slang I guess Bro Doc, here we say top-up (meaning to replenish or to add to) and over there you say top off....lol.

I believe the word top-up comes from the English in the beginning because this is where the English Language comes from. I wonder how they would say it in the Philippines where your from? Interesting how we get sayings. Bro. Doc

I'm not sure about the Philippines but because it's so Americanised, I suspect they would be saying top off as well. {#basic-laugh.gif}

You mean you never asked them to do something to the coffee? lol. I guess you would be right. Bro. Doc

I really dont remember...lol.  Next time I go to the Philippines I will make a note of how we say it over there, it will be interesting because I will be saying "top-up" and they will look at me and probably say "huh???"....lol.

Sometimes we here on the West Coast say  filler her up. And they know to fill the cup up. I am sure where you are like here, you go to certain parts of the countries and you have different experessions. Here in the South you do. Funny how words change meanings where your at, at the time you say it. Bro. Doc

Believe it or not most of the cars on that ferry are Vancouver Island residents who are traveling back and forth. Many are making that trip two or more times a week. The price of the ferry is $57 one way plus $17 per passenger. That ferry is expensive! Tourists may lay out the extra $15 for a lounge seat but residents wind up paying enough. 

I agree many of those passengers are regular commuters, I just wonder what percentage are actually tourists because there were a whole heap of coaches in the car deck parked alongside ours. So many of those people would have been tourists from those coaches and yet the handful that was in that lounge was surprising.  I also looked up the Ferry costs and you're absolutely right...holy smokes, they are expensive!!!!!!

That was one of the reasons we didn't go to Victoria on our vacation (just one of them). We would have been looking at nearly $200 just to go over and back. For one day it isn't worth it. In the summer there are a lot of tourists but there are a lot of people who live over there and the ferry fares kill them. I know people who find it cheaper to rent apartments in the Vancouver area then commute back and forth.

I agree,the 15.00 is a reasonble price... I could probably eat that much in food in an hour and a half..LOL

It is considering it is so much quieter in that lounge and the chairs recline so you can actually take a nap and of course there's the food and beverage you can have to your heart's content for the duration of the trip. $15.00 is a bargain!!

Great pics Maria.  You certainly do get around.  Lucky you.

Thanks JB..{#basic-laugh.gif}

Really does look a beautiful place.

we're not there yet....{#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif}

No I've just seen that wow.

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