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Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Three Valley Lake Chateau and Three Valley Gap Ghost Town

Added: Tuesday, August 13th 2019 at 12:54am by Maria

Continuing our coach trip from Canmore to Kamloops on the shores of Three Valley lake is this beautiful chateau.

And this Ghost Town.

The Three Valley Gap Ghost Town is situated 12 miles (19 kilometers) to the west of Revelstoke on the Trans Canada Highway.

Three Valley Gap Ghost Town is a recreated heritage town including a saloon, jail, old school house and general store.

The Saloon

and of course that perfect place to find your souvenirs while enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee and a snack.

there's other hotels and motels nearby...

The road to Kamloops on the Trans Canada Highway is definitely a lovely scenic drive with lots of interesting spots to stop and explore.

Next stop Craigellachie...

User Comments

Love, absolutely love the building with the red roof.

it's not cheap, I just checked the rates....lol.

I wouldn't have thought it was...but I still like looking..lol

Doesn't look like a cheep place, but boy it that pink roof look really look lovely.

it is not a cheap place for a holiday Sandra but it was lovely to stop for a visit...{#basic-laugh.gif}

very beautiful by the lake...glad they preserved it all...was it warm there...[thanks..interesting!]

not warm, quite chilly when the sun wasnt shining.

Beautiful pictures Maria, the lake is so pretty. Enjoyed seeing the ghost town. The chateau sure was different looking. Bro. Doc

I really enjoyed this leg of my journey to Kamloops, saw some very pretty and amazing places...

Lots of beautiful places. But you still need to see Oregon Maria. Bro. Doc

I'll get there one day Bro Doc. I promised Marty so I have to keep my promise....{#basic-laugh.gif}

Never been to Canada but I luv it just the same. Weird, huh?

not really, it is a very beautiful country so what's not to love!!...

very cool. The ghost town looks neat to visit. 

it's great to see how people lived a century ago!!

Yes it sure is. Sometimes I look at times in the past how people lived & i'm glad O' I'm so happy I'm living today not back in their time. 

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