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Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Ottawa to Quebec

Added: Tuesday, July 16th 2019 at 5:55am by Maria


Day 4

Ottawa to Quebec City

This morning we travel along the scenic Ottawa River to the French-speaking province of Quebec. We skirt the magnificent Laurentians and follow the Chemin du Roy past Quebecois villages and historic shrines. Today’s journey ends in Quebec’s cultural heartland, Quebec City. We tour within the walls of the old city and view the ornate city gates, Lower Town, the Citadel and Battlefields Park. Overnight in Quebec City. Continental breakfast included.



We checked out of our Ottawa Hotel fairly early in the morning after breakfast and headed out to our next destination Quebec City.

The weather, see for yourself...

the river had risen so much overnight due to the rains...

the water had even come up to this carpark and is slowing receding back.

As we headed out of town, the rain eased more and more and finally stopped.

a fuel stop and a chance to get some hot coffee and snacks from the coffee shop.

then back on the road towards Chez Dany's where we stop off for lunch.

weather was looking brighter in the distance...

next stop Cabane A Sucre Chez Dany (translated in English to Sugar Shack Chez Dany)

Very interesting place showcasing Canadian maple syrup!!

This is the restaurant part...

Behind the restaurant is another building where we got a little talk about how Canadian maple syrup is produced and bottled.

This lady with a very French accent gave a ten minute talk on the production of maple syrup...

While all around are the implements used to produce the end product that we buy in bottles.

this one available in their gift shop.

then it was time to go into the restaurant for our lunch...

The restaurant was very big catering to many coach tour groups stopping here for lunch.

there's a bar...

and lots of interesting pieces of furniture and decorations and wooden carvings...

there's even a full size moose in the corner...

interesting things on the walls...

and a souvenir/gift shop...

Our table, waiting for everyone to sit down.....

our group....

This is an "all you can eat" meal, they will serve as long as you keep asking for more.  It starts off with soup with crunchy pork crackling on top and as much bread as you want.

There's meats for the carnivores....

smoked maple syrup glazed ham, individual meat pie, omelet loaf, roast and fried potatoes.

and fish for the pescatarians....

fried fillets of fish with salad

and for dessert (among other things) delicious fluffy pancakes with maple syrup of course!!

There's also entertainment that is a lot of fun...


After lunch and a visit to the gift shop where I bought these souvenirs....

it was time to leave but not before we all had a taste of maple syrup lollipops outside.

All I could say was OMG!!!!!!!



(to be continued...)

User Comments

22.50 that is very high priced. Here that would cost 9.10 for all you can eat. The guy in the picture in black shirt with a glas raised must of the clown of the group. It all looked nice, except the price of the food. Bro. Doc

I did a few of those "all you can eat" meals in the states back in 2016 and I have to tell you none of them cost less than 20 bucks US so I dont know where you are eating for 9 - 10 for all you can eat or what sort of food you are getting for that price but it's a very good deal for sure!!    The one with the glass raised is not the guy in the black shirt, it is me behind him raising my glass.....lol.

In Oregon Home Town Buffet, also known a Ryans, Country Buffet. Own by the same corp. You get all kinds of salads, fish, shrimp, meatloaf, mashed patoes, chicken, baked, fried, hamburgers, pizza, rice, chow mein, 3 different kinds of soupm cornboard like in turkey and then regular corn bread, muffins, cookies, cake, pudding pie, ice cream. Extra for coffee, soda pop, tea, ice tea, milk, water is free. 9.10 for Senior 60 and up. 10.00 for the regular crowd for lunch. for Dinner it is 12.50 for senior and 13 for regulars. And evenings from 4:30 to closing the menu is different. So there are 30 different 30 different food items and 15 different salad items and 10 different deserts. So it can be done with very good food. If I would ever pay over 13 for all you can eat food, I will not eat it. Bro. Doc

oh my, it's dinner time and you just made me hungry reading all those foods you itemised...lol.   Sounds like a very good deal as I said. I wish I had come across one of those restaurants when I was there because I always prefer buffets where you can choose your dishes and the portion sizes. I find most dishes I order in restaurants are just too much on the plate for the amount I eat therefore it's an awful waste because I can never finish the plate. So the "help yourself" buffet meals are so much better.  I dont mind paying more if there's value in the variety and the quality of the food, the service and the premises in general.

I have a friend in the southern Oregon that owns a Buffet place and he tells me that when you make lots of the same food it is cheaper. Because when you buy in bulk lots of places give discounts. So one can afford to see the food for 9 to 10 dollars because your still making a profit. And those that charge lots more for lunch are over charging people. In the buffet places here, you do the serving and geting your own drinks. The only time you speak to a wait person is when your paying the bill when you first come in. Lots of places you can order smaller portions. If your a Senior then you can order a Senior portion, which is smaller. Or even if you want a certain food on the menu, lots of places will allow you to downsize what you order. I hope you had dinner and something good. Bro. Doc

yes we have places like that here in Australia too but I have to say they are not as cheap unfortunately. I think the reason is that our minimum wage here in Australia is a lot more than in the US, produce is much dearer because of very strict regulations in terms of quality and hygiene, regulations to protect producers and consumers that inadvertantly affect the cost of consumables but it is what we are used to and are happy to pay for, we expect the best quality for our hard earned dollars.

It's bitterly cold here in Australia at the moment so I am making and having a lot of very hearty and comforting soup!!!....{#yummy.gif}

I do not know what mimum wage is there. But in some States it is 15 dollars an hour. Federal is not that much. Good soup is always good. I love making a cream corn soup. That is good. Add some potatoes too it and a vegetable seasoning and it is very good. Add oyster crackers and you have it made. Bro. Doc

As of 1st July, 2019 the minimum wage is $19.49 an hour, or $740.80 per week. Casual employees get at least a 25 per cent loading.  Casual employees make up the bulk of workers in the hospitality industry.

I dont know what oyster crackers are but I am going to look it up right now, sounds interesting!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

No wonder things are so high. Because the Mim. wage is high. If we would lower things back down the cost of living would go back down also. Pictured below are oyster crackers. Bro. Doc

ahh yes, sort of like croutons that I use in my soups. I wonder why they are called "oyster"  crackers.

Thos maple lollipops look delicious!!  I love maple syrup.

They were absolutely and exquisitely delicious Dani, I had to walk away before I started tripping on my sugar high...lol.

I think as soon as she rolled them out, I would be rolling it into my mouth, lol!

it's very difficult to stop once you've had one or two.....{#yummy.gif} {#yummy.gif}

I can certainly understand the need to literally walk away from something like that, ack! {#basic-mouth-shut.gif}

I used to love those "all you can eat' places. But now I don't dare face the temptation to eat huge quantities...LOL

the reason I prefer buffets is to avoid wastage because I can help myself to what I want and the portion I want.  All too often when I order a meal, the portion is always way too large and I cant finish what's on my plate and therefore a waste of food and money.  When I was in the states back in 2016, I ended up not going to restaurants much because I was wasting so much food, the portion sizes were flabbergasting!!   I went to the supermarket and bought stuff to have in my hotel room instead.  I bought cheese and cold cuts, fruits, yoghurts, dinner rolls or croissants and even salad stuff like tomatoes and lettuce and cucumber.  Worked out so much cheaper and I could keep them in the fridge and just have as much as I needed or wanted.

My problem is that if it is an "all you can eat"....I will yield to the temptation to go back again and again...and eat too much.

I do that when its a seafood buffet, I forgo all the other dishes and just fill up on prawns and lobster and crab and scallops and squid and even marinated octupus which is just sooooooooooo delicious!!...{#yummy.gif} {#yummy.gif}


When I lived in Jakarta a few of my colleagues and I used to have "All you can eat buffet" lunch on Sundays at any one of the 5 star hotels in the city which was very affordable (typical of Asia) and I remember my favorite was the Four Seasons Hotel, they had a long table along the entire wall that was nothing but fresh seafood, it was beyond joyful...lol.

wow....octopus is something i don't know that i would want to eat...probably one of those things I have a cultural prejudice about.

I stopped wanting to eat marinated octopus when I found out how intelligent they are.  I know, I know, but there is something about them that makes it creepy to eat a creature that not only has animal instincts but is actually capable of solving problems or working things out.

wow, I had never heard that before.

they are one of the smartest animals on the planet. Smarter than dolphins and apes, they know how to work things out logically.  They work out very quickly how to unscrew a bottle cap to get what's inside.  They work out how to get in and out of places or things. Yep, they are super smart!!

After your last comment, I looked them up.  Sounds pretty smart, and I never knew. I guess I ain't tooo old to learn after all...LOL

I liked the statue of the man. I still can't get any videos on any posts. There is only  a blank white square. But I still get you words and photos.

I really dont understand why you are having problems with my videos, is it only my videos or all videos on youtube???   I used firefox to upload my videos, not google chrome.  If you have firefox and use it to access youtube, you might be able to watch my videos.  I dont know if it will fix the problem.  If it is only my videos that you cant watch, I wouldnt bother trying to fix the problem but if it's all videos on youtube, you might have to delete your current web browser and download it again. It will mean writing down every single password before you do so that when you have the new Chrome downloaded, you can access your most frequent websites like blogster etc.  The other option is to clear your browsing history completely including all your cookies but make sure you make a note of all your passwords before you do.

It happens on all videos, not just yours.

oh that sucks!!  I couldnt stand not being able to watch videos/movies or shows on my computer.  You said you used to be able to, what happened?

here are a few more options you can try if you're familiar with any...

Step 1: Allow Flash on the site. Look for an error that says "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player" or a message about downloading Flash. ... Step 2: Turn on JavaScript. ... Step 3: Check your extensions, plugins, cache & cookies. ... Step 4: Update Chrome. ... Step 5: Reset Chrome settings. ... Step 6: Reset your Internet connection.

All the water & constructions cones I was beginning to think you were in Pennsylvania LOL 
Maple Syrup YUM!!!! I brought back some Maple Lollipops and sent them to my sis/friend in South Korea from Canada. It's a lovely place to visit & we almost moved there when we first got married. 

I loved Canada but I dont think I would want to live there in winter!!

Yep... that's what caused us to say NEVER MIND! We can't stand PA snow as it is let alone more of it. I would need a summer home in Canada only...like people from here go to Flordia for the winter... I would go to Canada for the summer lol 

I fell in love with Canada when I was going through Canmore, Banff and Whistler, that's when I said I want to live there but then I remembered that even these gob-smackingly beautiful places can have the harshest winters and I thought "no way!!!"....lol.  I would have to go south for the winter like birds do!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

I hear ya. I guess every place has it's issues with weather. It's just finding a place you are willing to put up with it & still enjoy it. 

This is why I like Perth because it doesnt get into the extremes of heat or cold.  It rarely goes below zero in winter and even though the summers are getting hotter, it's still moderate compared to many other places.

Sounds lovely. We get way into the minus degrees in the winter, so much you get warnings not to be out for more then a few min. without damage to skin, lungs etc... on certain days. I could go without winters like that. Perth seems like a nice place. 

I love it but then I am biased...lol. We do get very hot summers but not as hot as it's been in your part of the world this summer.  We have heat waves but only last 2 to 3 days. We never get snow in winter but in the coldest time of the year, you might have to scrape ice off your car windshield first thing in the morning. Otherwise it's quite a very moderate climate place, kinda like the Mediterranean.

Still sounds way better weather than here. I knew I should of moved in my 20's lol 

Boy I just with we could get some of that water here on our farms, and that food, well what can I say, except I hate cooking {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#rofl.gif} {#saythat.gif} .

we've had a fair bit of rain here in the west but sadly many farmers are still needing water in most places in Australia.  As for the food, it was good especially for those who hate cooking...{#basic-laugh.gif}

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