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Bucket List Trip 2019 - Canada - Kamloops - Ramada Inn

Added: Sunday, August 18th 2019 at 1:43am by Maria

It was only an overnight stay in Kamloops before continuing to Whistler the next day so I was really happy to find one floor above my room, a coin operated laundry room with a couple of washing machines and a couple of tumble dryers.

I had over a week's worth of laundry that I desperately wanted to do but have not had a chance so this was really exciting.

(Try going through your suitcase with a week's worth of clothes needing to be laundered, you would be excited too!!)

The machines only needed $2.00 worth of coins so $4.00 (laundry and dryer) was a whole lot cheaper than what hotels normally charge.

You can buy the detergent and fabric softener from the reception desk in the lobby.

So after a nice Indian curry dinner, I went back to my room, collected my laundry and went upstairs to get them done.


The hotel itself was not bad, definitely not a 5 star resort but it was more than satisfactory.

I was given a very spacious room complete with a separate lounge and all the amenities you could need, I was happy!!


This hotel has two lobbies, one in the front building and this one in the rear building where I stayed.  One floor up to my room and one up to the laundry room.

The bed was very comfortable and the pillows were luxurious.

There was a separate lounge area complete with coffee table...

luggage rack just inside the door...

a chest of drawers doubling as a TV cabinet with a telephone and a coffee machine.

There was a microwave oven plus the coffee and tea supplies..

and a bar fridge underneath...

a spacious closet with ample hanging space, ironing board and iron, a spare pillow, and a kettle if you dont want to use the coffee maker.

A nice clean bathroom....

with the usual supply of toiletries...

and nice white hand/face towels...

a hair dryer....

super clean toilet...never did work out what that white contraption is under the toilet paper.

this is one shower head I have never seen before......

nice clean bath tub....

and beautiful white fluffy towels....

It was a very pleasant overnight stay in Kamloops, having nice clean freshly laundered clothes was a HUGE bonus!!

(to be continued....)

User Comments

now this is what I have considered a very nice hotel room.  I don't know if it is 2-3 or 4 stars and never worry about that...LOL

Give me a place to sleep and a television in the room and a place to sit...and I am a happy camper...

unless you're a millionaire, I think 5 star hotels are a waste of money. All you do is sleep in the room and the rest of the time you would be out and about sight-seeing so I would rather have spending money in my pocket than to pay outrageous prices for a 5 star accommodation...{#basic-laugh.gif}

me too...

lovely hotel maria...ramada is a popular chain hotel...glad you had laundry facilities

now you can ....relax !!...enjoy your bfast !! raining heavily...here xx!1happy new day   :){#basic-laugh.gif} ...is it summer in canada...

I did this trip back in May and it was spring at the time...{#basic-laugh.gif}

l really liked your hotel room.  Everywhere looked so clean and the bed looked very comfortable.

When you go out for something to eat do you go with anyone or do you go on your own?  l guess you get to meet a lot of people who are traveling with you.

On this trip across Canada I was with a small tour group (14 of us) so I was never going out alone or eating alone.  Sometimes it was just a couple of us and other times it was the whole group.  We all got along really well so it was fun...

Sounds like great fun.  l guess you will stay in touch with some of the people you met.

I'm in touch with them on facebook...{#basic-laugh.gif}

In the bathroom you said you didn't know what that white long thing was next too the toilet. That is a heater. That is to warm the bathroom on a cool day. Nice pictures. Bro. Doc

I must admit I didnt really take the time to investigate it thoroughly so I'm glad you told me what it is...lol.  It's very unusual to have a heater like that in bathrooms here in Australia so I was not familiar with it, and also being down close to the floor.  Here in Australia we have heating lights that warm up the bathrooms as opposed to that sort of heater.

Image result for bathroom heating lights

While what you have would cost more, because if they go into the ceiling it would cost more to install. Having it near the floor or in the wall is much cheaper and doesn't take any extra special wiring. I don't know which would be warmer, what you have or what we have. Bro. Doc

Having only ever used the heating lamps, I cant honestly say which one would be more efficient or cost effective Bro Doc.

I think heat lamps don't last as long as baseboard heaters or wall heaters. So I would say your's would cost more. Bro. Doc

well that's not fair!!  if they dont last as long, they should cost less.....{#basic-laugh.gif}

It is because of the elements on the inside that makes them not last so long. But they are cheaper to install for the person doing the installment. Bro. Doc

Have to say I think that hotel room looks just great, love the hair dryer, and the shower rose.

never seen a shower rose like it before, wouldnt mind one in my bathroom!!...{#basic-laugh.gif}

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