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Australia Is On Fire!!

Added: Wednesday, November 13th 2019 at 5:25am by Maria

These are all the fires ranging in Australia today. 

Considered the driest country on earth, the bushfires have become the norm in the summer months but never has it been to this extent.

Just to put in perspective how devastating the Eastern Australian bushfires are-

When the Brazilian amazon rainforest went up in flames it burnt 125,000 hectares. Australia so far has lost 970,000 hectares.

Its only going to get worse.

the heroes fighting the fires, brave men and women who are working to the point of absolute exhaustion.

Some of them just rest where they can...

the unimaginable despair they go through...

The animals that suffer...

the homes....

the farms....

the National Parks and nature reserves....

At this stage no one knows how long it will take to put out these fires.

We pray for the brave firemen, the people who have lost lives, their relatives and friends, those who have lost homes and pets and everything they possess.

User Comments

Maria, I am so sorry to see this. I hope where your at you will be ok. Will be praying that the fires are put out quickly and things will get back too normal as fast as they can. Bro. Doc

I am far enough away from the fires Bro Doc. thank you.  I dont think they will be put out very quickly as we are in the middle of a heatwave right now. Today here in Perth I am sweltering in 100+F heat. The next few days will be the same...{#black_sad.gif}

Your welcome Maria. Since it is Summer there I believe I guess you would have those temps. Hope and pray they get out soon. Bro. Doc

This is horrendous!  I've never seen fires anywhere this bad.  Are you anywhere near this Maria?  I pray not!

Safe where I am Dani, thank you.  But we are in the middle of a heat wave right now and the hills just outside Perth are burning...{#black_sad.gif}

Maria, stay safe my friend. I'm praying for everyone there!

Thank you Dani...{#heart.gif}


The devastation is so depressing. Those firefighters will have some serious health issues in the years to come. My heart goes out to all involved. {#basic-frown.gif}

I'm feeling the heat today, it's over 100F here in Perth right now which isnt helping the bush fires in our hills areas..{#black_sad.gif}

...ugh, heat like that just zaps the energy outta ya. 

Oh my ........... prayers sent their way.

Thanks Wendi...

Wow, it is almost all the way around the coasts.  Horrible...Is this mostly the outback or all over...including some towns I see at least.  Very sad.

not really the outback, these fires are on the coastal areas and they are highly populated. It's sad and scary. 

yes, it is...I was hoping it was in the outback where there aren't that many people. Hopefully, your government will get ahead of this...and do what they can to save lives.

our government is headed by a right-wing trump butt kissing climate denier and blames the people who voted for the greens for this disaster. How sad is that!!  He is also declining offers of help from foreign governments (ALLIES) because he things Australia's "got this"...the bloody idiot - his government will play hardball when it comes to helping out the Aussie battlers to rebuild their shattered lives because he only cares about his rich buddies, the big banks and the rotten, nasty fossil fuel corporations!!!  Sound familiar???   

Well, that was what I was wondering but decided not to go there....but you said it.  :)  Your poor nation...that is another count against their getting proper assistance.

I dont understand why they keep getting voted in!!  I think it's got to do with immigration, unfortunately there are a lot of Australians who (like trump) dont want immigrants of a certain color if you know what I mean. 

I know exactly what you mean.  Australia and the United States are precisely the countries that shouldn't be that bad for immigrants...we are the two least populated countires in the world.

Oh my! I heard about this on the news this morning. 😢

it's bad!!...{#black_sad.gif}

I worry about my relations out there as I am never sure how near they are to these fires. It's a shame they haven't more of those planes that drop water, especially since they know these fires occur each year. My heart goes out to the fire fighters.

it is worse in the east coast, so hopefully your relatives are in the west?  We do have quite a few of those water bombing planes but they're never enough when you consider the extent of the fires all around the country. I feel for those fire-fighters and the people who have lost so much. And my heart just breaks at the horrific deaths of the wildlife, I cant imagine the terror!!

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