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Last Night's Lightning Storm

Added: Friday, July 17th 2009 at 5:41am by Margar3t
Related Tags: photography, nature, life, weather, cloud

More hand held lightning shots, this time taken at night.

This one turned out quite nice.

Sitting on the porch, holding the little elph camera and trying to snap photos at the lightning strikes. (not to bad a little blurry)

Ah, excellent!

A lot of the lightning was up above the clouds.

In this one if you look closely you can see the strike behind the tree in the right foreground.

Another similar shot to the one above. Lightning behind the tree on the right.

And saving the BEST for last... this one is amazingly cool.

Funny my husband said... "do you want to try to take lightning shots?" I told him how I had been reading about it and how they take "night" lightning shots with a timed shutter on a tripod... bla bla bla, but figured what the heck. Let's give it a try hand held. Who would have guessed how cool they would come out? Thanks honey for the great idea.

User Comments

Nice work, you did a great job! {#awesome.gif}

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. It was great watching the storm, we need the rain too. After the lightning show it rained a bit. Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a great day.

thanks for the great shots!  we had a real kicker here last night too...but i couldnt even attempt any pictures the rain was so hard.

Thanks Bev, we usually get some lead in lightning before any storm, sometime no storm at all close by but a great lightning show. With this lighting, we got a hard but short downpour. There is a storm brewing tonight but it is way too windy out there to be messing around taking photos. Thanks for checking out the storm and for your comment. Have a great night.

Very good!!   I have never seen lightning zip across the sky like that here.  The best place to view lightening here is on the interstate where mountains and trees are not obscuring the view.

Thanks so much Kat-Al. It was a cool shot. A guy at work told me to email it to the local news and with in a few minutes they emailed me back and asked me how to pronounce my name... They put it on the early news.:) I stopped by to visit my mom on the way home to show off, we saw it on the news. LOL too fun! Most of the great lightning shots here are taken from a nearby mountain and show lightning and the city lights below. They are just beautiful, put my photo to shame. :) It was a cool strike though.

It is storming again tonight, not sure if we will try to catch any lightning since it is very windy outside. Also some rain has begun to fall. We have some gorgeous lighting storms and many are way up in the mountains so there are no where near by. Fun and safe to watch. Thanks so much for stoppin by and for your comment. Have a great night.

See!!  You are becoming famous already!  I'll bet that was fun to do.   You really should check out Birds & Blooms magazine and Photography mags and enter all these contests!

It was... moms are so easily "proud" LOL. I did look at it once and there was something... a join??? can't remember what is was. I will check it out again, they just might like the dove babies. Thanks for the reminder. Have a good one.

The beautiful blue eyed dove and babies were my first thought.  You have great hawk pictures too.  You don't have to join anything.  It is just a magazine.  Go to www.birdsandblooms.com.  I just ordered through PCH and got a better rate. 

I did look around at it, could not find a way to send in a photo with out the "join" thing. I will look again, perhaps I was too tired to see it. I am sure there is a button there big as day that I am missing. LOL

Awesome! You really captured the power! And you're right, the best was the last one. Anvil crawlers are always VERY cool to see captured on film! {#apploud.gif}{#thumbs-up.gif}{#thumbs_up.gif}

Thanks so much. I had no idea what it was called, besides cool. :) It ended up on the local news see the reply to Kat-Al for my way too long reply. LOL. So glad I could share the cool strike with you. I am thinking of printing it out, seeing how it looks and adding it to my photo wall.... if I ever get it done.:) Thanks for your visit and wonderful comment. Have a great night.

How AWESOME that your photo made the news! Too cool! It really did capture the power within. I just loved it and you should be proud of your skills with your camera. I bet it would be a great addition to your photo wall and would bring many compliments. KUDOS! {#basic-smile.gif}

Thanks so much. We still need to go througn photos to find the ones we want to put up on the wall. We can always switch them out later. There will be one 20x30 photo in the center. (got the enlargement at walgreens 20 bucks) then the idea is to put 8x10s on either side of it. I can print out the 8x10s at home. When we get it done I will post a photo of it.

I can't wait to see it!

Oh man, these are cool!

Thanks so much and thanks for checking out my blog. Have a great night.

Great stuff. Have a wonderful weekend

Thank you so very much for the complement and wonderful weekend wish. Same to you! So glad I could share the storm with you. Nature is just amazing.


LOL, Great graphic! Thanks so much for your "you rock" complement. So glad you could stop by and enjoy the storm with me. Have a most wonderful weekend!

Awesome shots, glad they made the news. Good for you.

I appreciate clouds, especially during the day, brings the temp down ahhh.


Thanks, ana. Glad you enjoyed them. The news thing was fun. (just local and early news) but fun just the same. It is suppose to be just boiling this weekend here. Clouds would be good. Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Have a great weekend.

I love lightening photos.

There is something romantic and exciting, as well as terrifying amd mystical, about lightening. Especially at night.

Great photos!


I agree, I have always been amazed by the beauty of lightning. Thanks for the complement on the photos. I am kind of proud of them.:) Most lightning photos are done with an open shutter. These are hand held (press the shutter as the strike lights) Guess it shows I still have decent reaction time. LOL. The last one turned out wonderfully. I had a sixth sense it was going to strike and pressed the shutter just as it did. Nice strike, the lightning was nice to me that evening. This is my second attempt at lightning, the first one was hand held during the day. There was a dark sky to the east but the sun was still up in the west. One cool shot there, the rest are average, or below. But what a blast it is to try to capture them.

There are some really amazing lightning shots out there. I have been looking at them and WOW, is all I can say. Seems like a real art to me. Nature is just awesomely amazing and powerful. Thanks so much for checking them out and for your comment. Have a great night.

Nature is God's Masterpiece.

I agree. Never ceases to amaze me. I am forever amazed.

Wow really neat!


Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. They were fun to take. We even got a little rain out of that storm. Thanks for your visit and comment. Have a wonderful day.

Great shots!! That was an awesome storm.... Wow!!


It was an awesome lightning storm, so fun to watch. So glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment and for stopping by. Have a great day.

David will be jealous...he has a hard time with getting pictures of lightening.

LOL, finally David will be jealous of me. There are some amazing lightning storms here, lots and lots of strikes. Very cool to watch and lots of time to try to catch one. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment and for stopping by. Glad I could share the photos with you. Have a wonderful day!

really amazing snaps ...keep up the good work

Thanks so much. So glad you ejoyed them. THank you for your visit and comment. Have a great day

Are you selling shoes here?

you have a great work!

Thanks, these were taken with the 990 point and shoot

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