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Deformed Cactus Flower

Added: Monday, May 11th 2009 at 5:33pm by Margar3t

 I came across this odd prickly pear flower the other day. Weird and deformed but interesting and beautiful in its own way.

The usual prickly pear flower.... guess every flower can't be just the same as every other flower. Just goes to show we all have our place. :)


Edit: animalfarmbyorwell brought to my attention that the deformed flower may have been eaten and not deformed at all... this is correct as you can see in this enlarged photo.

Eaten not deformed... see the bite marks in the top flower. Thanks animalfarmbyorwell.

User Comments

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Yes, I agree. They both have their own look. Thanks for stopping in and for taking the time to leave a comment. Have a wonderful day.

The deformed one looks like something has been eating it.  Sometimes insects, like ants, get to the buds and cause malformations.

You are correct animalfarmbyorwell, I went back to the photo and enlarged it and it is eaten... not deformed after all. I am glad you me know about it. Usually when they are tasty treats, only one side is eaten. I wonder if whatever ate it... I am guessing a rabbit, left the back petals because there are thorns back there. I updated the post with the enlarged photo.

Thanks for stopping by and for your greatvcomment. Have a wonderful night.


The squirrels have demolished some of my succulents.  They are completely eaten up.  We are still in the dry season here so they are probably looking for some moisture.

It could be squirrels, we see gillions of rabbits, but not many squirrels. That is why I guessed rabbits... if we could only do a "CSI" test on the teeth of squirrels and rabbits we could figure it out. LOL.

I see Round-tailed Ground Squirrels, now and then and Rock Squirrels and the Harris' Antelope Squirrels, I did a post on a while back, but probably not the best view of the little guy:) So far I have not seen them eating as much as I see the rabbits chomping on. These cacti are just out by the road, in the wild, there are lots and lots of them so a little eating is no big deal. The upper flowers will produce fruit. I will get some shots of the fruit and post them here. I am also thinking about trying to make jam out of them again, my last try was syrup. (not enough pectin) :)

Thanks for coming back and for your comment. Have a great night and I hope the squirrels leave alone your plants.

Very interesting when you look closely at something.  The details that would otherwise go unnoticed become so fascinating to examine.  And, in this case, there are hints to a story that goes with the flower...that is definitely interesting.

I agree donna. Thanks for stopping by, for your comment and looking closely at things. Have a great day!

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