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Random Thought Game: My Worst Bad Idea This Week

Added: Friday, January 27th 2012 at 6:18pm by mamakat
Related Tags: headaches, pain, gardening

I have to admit, I've had plenty of bad ideas in my life...some of which I acted on, much to my regret and dismay. 

My first marriage, for sure.  What can I say???  Youth, stupidity, and hormones...plus "The proverbial Shotgun!"  (Not literally a shotgun involved, but you get the picture.)  Several who have posted and commented on this series have mentioned a "Bad marriage when they were young." 

I've had a few bad job moves in my life, that turned out not to work out well. Plenty of other bad decisions in my life as well, in various areas.

But I guess I got carried away yesterday with a pretty bad idea.  Well...the idea wasn't bad, but I got carried away and hurt myself.

As some of you know, I'm working on recovering from a very long stretch of being too thin, not eating because I had no appetite, and putting myself in a state of malnourishment.  For about a month, I've been force feeding myself, trying to take vitamins, etc., every day and attempting to get built back up.

The past couple of weeks I have been feeling a little better.  We've had a pretty nice winter this year, here in west central Florida.  The garden bug has been biting me for awhile.  (And it's almost past time to get the cool season stuff in the ground)  Yesterday, I went out about noontime with several seed packets, and wanted to get some Brussel's Sprouts, broccoli, and a few other things started. 

Even though we had tilled up the new garden area back in July, the dirty sand we jokingly refer to as 'soil' had compacted back down, and was pretty hard.  So I brought out a shovel, hoe and rake.  At my little 91-92lbs, I can jump on that shovel all day long and barely make a dent in our lovely 'soil.'  So then I started slinging the hoe to chop it up and loosen it.  I was just doing a 9X3' planting bed, but it was a lot of hard physical work...at least for me in my current physical state.  I did three amended planting holes each for the broccoli and Brussel's sprouts on each end.  Then a row of beets in between the rows of each.  Then in the middle of the two areas, two 3' rows of carrots and two 3' rows of green onions.  The planting trenches were also filled in with amended soil.  All the areas were treated with peroxide before planting.  (Wehave so many fungi and viruses in the dirt, the peroxide helps eliminate some of those problems.)  So, as you can imagine, it was quite a bit of work. 

Then...I got hubby to come out and help.  Son and a friend had dug a big trench last summer, about 2'deep, 3'wide, and 10' long to plant squash.  We had filled it in with a mix of homemade compost and hay, plus some store bought dirt and compost.  But it wasn't quite full, it was below grade.  Our big beautiful squash plants developed a soil borne fungus just as the fruit was beginning to develop, because the area held water too much.   Son and I had bagged up a bunch of dirt last summer in black trash bags and left them laying out in the sun to solarize them.  I had hubby carry the bags of soil and dump them into the trench to build it a bit above grade.  Then I chopped and raked that out to smooth it out.  

Last night my shoulders and neck were a little sore. I took a nice long soak in a hot tub, and put on Voltarin Gel, a topical pain reliever. This morning I hurt in more places, a lot more places.  I'll give you the short list...the areas that don't hurt:  One area of my right forearm isn't bothering me too much.  My left foot feels okay.  UHHHHHH that's about it.   Everything else throbs and aches.  I can barely walk or move. 

Today I've alternated between vegging out in front of the computer...sorry I haven't made many comments...my body and brain wouldn't cooperate....and laying down because I couldn't hold my head up any more.

Was this the stupidest idea in my life?   NOOOOOO!  But definitely the stupidest thing I've done to myself in awhile.



User Comments

Laughing ans OHHHing in sympathy at the same time. I am so sorry you hurt! Not fair at all.

I know the feeling...I've done the same when it was other people...lol

Man, do I hurt.  I deal with mild to moderate pain most of the time...but this is terrible.  I mean EVERYTHING hurts.  Places I didn't even know I have are hurting.  My fault.  I should have known better than to do that much in one day, in my current physical state.  I've been sitting like a bump on a log for close to a year.  But I had a bit of energy, was really motivated with the garden bug biting me so much recently...I got carried away.

I can't hardly move at all.  As long as I sit or lay perfectly still nothing really hurts that much.  If I go out of my room to go in the kitchen, bathroom, whatever, that's when I really feel it.  Guess I'm not going dancing this weekend! Good I like these.

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I've done that doing yard work too. Ouch. In a couple days you'll be fine :-) maybe not ready to do it again though.

It's not that bad as long as I sit or lay completely still...lol

Hoping in a couple of days to get my tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, summer squash and a few other things started in pots, so they'll be ready to transpant into the garden first part of March.  Altho, in my current state of near-paralysis...don't know when for sure it will happen.

I hate being sore. Sore sucks.

I am beyond sore.  I can't hardly move at all.  As long as I sit or lay perfectly still nothing really hurts that much.  If I go out of my room to go in the kitchen, bathroom, whatever, that's when I really feel it.  Guess I'm not going dancing this weekend! 

Ohhhh Voltarin Gel. Haven't heard of that. Is it better than Bengay?

I also didn't know about peroxide and gardening. Oh the things I learn on blogster everyday!

[grinning] It's no fun when everything...EVERYTHING hurts. hugs! May you get a lot of rest this weekend.

Voltarin Gel is waaaaay better than Ben-Gay, and has no smell either.  It's a prescription medication, fairly new on the market, so expensive.  LW put me on to it last year.  But a tube lasts a really long time, is good for muscle and joint aches.  I've had a tube for nearly a year...we've all used it, and I still have a whole bunch left. 

I've been doing a lot of research on the topic of peroxide in the garden.  It can prevent, or stop in its tracks, many viral, fungal and bacterial diseases in plants.  Pretty amazing stuff.  I buy the 35% stuff at the beauty shop supply place for around $13 per gallon. It dilutes down to make many, many gallons.  If you want to know more, pm me and I'll send you a bunch of links on the topic.

YUP, pretty much everything is throbbing and aching.   I should have known better than to try to do so much in one day.

Haven't heard of Peroxide for the garden...Will have to try that!

Hope you get feeling better soon, cause my garden will need some work also. Once it warms up a little! {#basic-wink.gif}


Do an internet search for 'peroxide in the garden'...you'll find all kinds of interesting information.

I have an ebook called "The One Minute Cure."  It is about using food grade hydrogen peroxide for many health issues...everything from cancer and AIDs to the common cold and nearly everything in between.  Very, very interesting stuff.  Let me know if you'd like more info on this topic.

Ouchie owwie......sounds like a case, it hurts to blink.....hope you get relief soon!!

Can't really say it hurts to blink.  But it does hurt to move much or walk at all.  Thanks!  I think I'm heading to bed soon, not that sleepy, but can't hold my head up much longer.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better...

You need to start out slowly at first with yard work or it will kill you.  Do a little each day until you get used to it.   I end up with aches and pains even with doing that, but it does help not to overdo the first time out. 

Soak in a tub of Epsom Salt.  It works wonders.  Get under an electric blanket if you have one.  The heat all over the body helps a lot too.

Hope you feel better tomorrow!

I really did know better than to try to do so much the first time, after months of physical inactivity.  But once I got started, I was having fun, so pushed those thoughts off to the side.  That's why I posted it as a "Worst Idea" story.

Don't have an electric blanket, but do have an electric mattress pad.  Can't stand to use it though...unless the temp outside is well below freezing.  Even when the weather is chilly, and our house is inadequately heated....I get still get hot flashes in the middle of the night, and usually wake up with them a couple of times.

I hope I feel better tomorrow, too...this is the pits.

I read this and thought of you and your garden....

Yup, it was running across one of this guy's articles that got me interested in peroxide in the garden. 

You may recall all the problems in my first garden...a lot of different things.  We did plant a few things late last summer in the new area, and some of the plants did okay, even after being totally neglected for a long time, but all had been treated with peroxide. 

Back in August, son and I planted 72 corn seeds.  I soaked them for a few hours in a strong solution of peroxide, then we poured some peroxide in the planting holes before covering them up.  That was on a Saturday morning.  I went out on Thursday and they were up and 3-4 inches tall.  I went out the next day, and the donkeys had gotten in and ate every one of them.  Apparently, the stuff doesn't repel donkeys....lol  But I thought that was pretty amazing....in only five days.

Have you tried his breathing it in through your mouth?

No.  But late last summer son had a cold bug.   Then I caught it.  I snorted some peroxide a couple times in the first day, and my symptoms went away.  Also, poured it in my ears.   Some of the well-known alternative doctors recommend pouring peroxide in the ears to knock out a cold.  Son refused to do it, and was really sick for a couple of weeks.

I wish I had know that 2 weeks ago. I had such a bad cold after the pneumonia.

I never thought about mentioning it to you, but I guess you weren't really around during that time because you were so sick.  I know it worked for me--knocked it out in a couple of doses.  Son was real sick for about two weeks with it. 

I will remember it for next time. Thanks!

Ouch, you poor thing!! Do painkillers like paracetamol or Ibuprofen work on these sorts of aches and pains?  Maybe next time you are out there toiling away you will remember how much it hurt and hopefully not get too carried away.  I guess the saying ''no pain, no gain'' is not appropriate in this instance, huh?

I guess I'm not familiar with paracetamol.  I can take a couple aspirin once in awhile, but ibuprofen messes up my stomach in just a dose or two.  The sensitive stomach thing causes problems with all kinds of medications for me. 

I hope I have a little more sense next time around.  But I've been known to do some pretty stupid things when I get motivated to work in the garden.

Thanks for the stars!

by the way, the five stars is not for the fact that you are in pain, it's for the effort you made and next time.....TAKE IT EASY!!!!!...{#friend.gif}

About 5 years ago my husband and I went back to my old home town in Alabama.  The last day we were there on Sat we had a family reunion.  After lunch some of the younger ones got up a softball game and urged us to play with them.  We reluctantly joined in and were surprised that we were not so out of shape.  We batted, ran bases, played outfield, chased balls.  It was great. We left right after the game.  Taking turns we drove straight back home an 11 hour trip.  Neither of us felt very well so we took quick showers and jumped into bed.  I woke up about 10 hours later and I could not move.  Neither could my husband.  My face was even sore.  I couldn't lift my arms.  We couldn't feed ourselves or each other.  I have never been so sore all over in my entire life.  I would have called an ambulance to take us to a nursing home but that would have involved picking up a phone.  I sympatize with you!

That's pretty much how I've felt today.  The couple times a friend called and I answered, my responses were pretty much monosyllabic, and after a few minutes I told them I couldn't even hold the phone up any longer and had to go.

It's a little after 10:30...I've been forcing myself to stay awake for the past couple of hours.  I don't think I can continue to do so.  Shutting it down shortly.

Good night, my friend.  "Talk" tomorrow.

Good night and I hope you feel much better tomorrow!

Thank you.  I'm crawling in momentarily....


I think I crawled in a few minutes after 11 last night.  Slept til nearly 8 am...almost unheard of for me.  Still a little sore and achey, but much, much less so than yesterday.  I think if I take it easy today, I should be fine by tomorrow...at least back to my usual arthritis pain that's always there and I've learned to live with.  By Wednesday it's supposed to be back up in the mid-hi 70's again...good 'working outside weather'....past due for getting my tomatoes started in pots...so want to do them as well as eggplants, peppers, squash, etc., try to get an early start on a bunch of that stuff. I think I have enough seeds to plant a 5 acre garden, but with only about a 50X30-some' area to work with....

I sure hope with all the work you put in, you will get a lot of produce this year.  You sure deserve it!

I sure hope so, too.  After last year's disaster...   I had a few things still alive this fall in the new area, altho they looked totally pathetic.  I hadn't even walked out there in over a month, til a day or two before Thanksgiving, and was amazed to see a red bell pepper ready to pick, one tomato plant with 5-6 decent looking fruits almost ready to pick, and a couple of broccoli plants doing just fine.  So I'm holding out hope that this year will be much better.  I certainly learned a lot of things NOT to do with last year's garden.  And I think if I keep on a regular spray program with peroxide it may eliminate a lot of the disease problems we had before. 

I read the link on peroxide that Nota posted.  It was really interesting.  Not sure I would want to inhale it into my lungs but I will have to try it on some of my tomatoes this year.

Son had a bad cold last summer.  Then I caught it.  The first day I snorted peroxide up my nose a couple of times, and poured it in my ears.  By the second day my symptoms were gone.  Son refused to try it and was real sick for a couple of weeks.  I've got some nasal spray bottles from a scrip hubby used to get a few years ago.  I think I'm going to empty one out and put peroxide in it, and use it regularly. 

A couple years ago, I bought an ebook called "The One Minute Cure."  This book promotes peroxide as being the cure-all for almost everything from cancer and AIDS to the common cold, and everything in between.  But for most applications, you have to use the food grade stuff which is pretty expensive.  We were using it for awhile, and felt it was making a difference in how we felt over all.  But when the money got so extremely tight we quite buying it.  If we come into a few extra bucks, that is one thing I would like to get again.

Sounds like it worked for you.  I'm not sure I am brave enough to try it.  Wonder what it would do for a sore throat?  Maybe gargle with it?

Sure, why not???   Sounds like a great idea.  Also shoot some up your nose and in your ears while you're at it!

I can just imagine that stuff bubbling in my ears

Yeah, it makes a weird noise, but it doesn't hurt or anything.  Keep your head tilted for a couple minutes.  Drain onto a tissue or towel.  Then if you want, use a Q-tip to dry it out.   Then tip your head the other way, and repeat.  Just takes a few minutes and can help knock out a cold.


Hey...I can think of many way worse things than a couple of minutes of bubbling sounds in your ears...lol!  Especially if it will help you get over being sick faster.

LOL!  You win!  I will try it next time I start to take a cold!

YAY for you.  YOur'e a brave woman!

{#basic-frown.gif} {#basic-laugh.gif} {#basic-ohsnap.gif} {#basic-tongue-out.gif}

Turn on the heating pad, Kat, my answer for all-things-medical!  I'll pull out mine, too, because your story made ME hurt...

I am feeling much less sore today.  Still a little achey, but at least I can move without excruciating pain. 

Your comment came in after I'd gone to bed last night.  Crawled in about 11, slept til nearly 8 am.  I did at one point think about the heating pad, but don't know where I would have put it...lol  They don't make full body-length heating pads that I'm aware of.  Sorry I made you hurt, too...{#basic-ohsnap.gif}

Hopefully I'll be back to normal in another day or two.  Weather is supposed to be really nice again by about mid week, so want to get a bunch of stuff started in pots...but at least that's not physically strenuous.

I knew something was wrong with u yesterday! Dang it girl, I am glad you were feeling well enough to do but upset that u did!  Oh I know how u feel, I have done that before knowing full well the price I would pay:(

Do what u need to do and get better and don't forget to eat! {#friend.gif}

Yeah, Thursday I was outside most of the afternoon, and by the time I got back in the house, I was sooooooo tired, even though I was here and reading, didn't have the energy to comment hardly at all.  Yesterday was awful...on top of everything else, I was about half sick to my stomach all day.  But feeling better today.  Not nearly as sore.  So hopefully by the time the weather warms back up mid-week, I'll at least be able to get out and get a bunch of seeds started--not strenuous work at all--for transplanting in early March. 

I did eat some yesterday, but probably not enough.  I'm heading to the kitchen now to get something for breakfast.  I'm actually feeling fairly hungry{#basic-smile.gif}

I hope your feeling better today and less sore. I do hope you ate a little more today. I ask myself now "is it really worth spending a week in bed, if I do this"? I try not to do things I know will kick my butt!

Not hardly sore at all today, but still pretty whipped.  I did manage to walk out to check the garden this afternoon.  Even though it rained a lot the night after I planted it, the dirt was a little dry, so walked back to the house and got a bucket of water to pour on it.  (The hose has a major leak from driving over it too many times)  That pretty well did me in. 

Ate apple pie for breakfast, tuna sandwich for lunch, have a big roast in the oven now, for dinner.  Son picked up a bunch of yellow squash and tomatoes at a roadside stand today, so gonna feast on all that good stuff, along with some mashed potatoes and gravy.

Oh yum! sounds delicious. Your eating healiter also! Good for u.

Can u use some duct tape for water hose leak? You shouldn't be carrying water, as nice if she will carry it for u.

I think we've got a hose repair kit around here somewhere...just a matter of getting someone to fix it.  Definitely going to need to fix it soon. 

Niece or hubby would have, but they were in the house, so I just did it.  It was only a little over half a bucket, so not too much for me to lift. ..but it sure wore me out quickly.  I think I'm still a couple days out on having my strength back to what little it was.

The roast is smelling pretty good, but has a ways to go.  Son picked it up on his way home from visiting a friend...it's nearly 3 lbs, and I didn't get it in til a little after 5:30...it's about 10 til 7 now, so it'll still be awhile.

wow since u 8 so late, u probaly won't be hungry this morning. Have a good day Kat and eat if u can:)

Oddly enough, I tend to be more hungry the next morning if I eat kind of late.  Did real well last night, the roast was delicious, I ate three big slices, some potatoes and gravy a big pile of yellow squash and zucchini, a thick slice of tomato. 

Riding in with son this morning, as hubby needs the car today, and I need to pick up a few things at the store.  I'll probably splurge on something calorific while I'm in town.

LOL I love your food escapades! Eat something sweet and fattin for me {#basic-laugh.gif}.

Your dinner is making me hungry!

I went to McDonalds when I was done shopping and ate a McDouble on the way home...390 calories! Altho I will admit, I couldn't force down the last couple bites, so the mama dog got them when I got home.

Think I'm going to do one of my favorites tonight, fried pork chops, maybe some home made macaroni and cheese or else some kind of potatoes. 

I'm having fried pork chops! LOL But will have baked potato with butter and a salad:)

I love their Big Macs! Only eat about one a year with my cholesterol:(

Big Mac's are probably my favorite, but I can rarely eat more than about half, so it ends up being a waste of money for me.  Joe told me you can order any sandwich there with Big Mac sauce, but I never think to do that when I'm buying one.

That's funny you're doing pork chops tonight, too!!!!  Winn-Dixie had them on sale today, buy one/get one.

I can eat the whole thing! lolI didn't know u could oder the sauce on anything! Thanks for the info.

:( Mine were not get one. Enjoy yours!

Mamakat, you have certainly overdone it, so relax this weekend I hope you feel better soon. James news

Thanks Jamesnews.  I'm still pretty sore today, but much less so than yesterday.  Hopefully I'll be all over it in another day or two.  Can't wait to get started this week starting a bunch of seeds for tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, squash, herbs, and much more, in pots to transplant into the garden first part of March. 

I hope you will feel better soon. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Thank you, Johnny.  I am not nearly as sore today...hopefully another day or two I'll be back to normal.  

Pace yourself !   Pace yourself ! 

I know.  I know.  I really knew better than to push myself so hard in my current condition.  But when it comes to the garden...which I love doing ...once I get out there, I don't have enough sense to quit.  (housework is another matter entirely...lol)  I am feeling better today...still sore, but much less so.  By mid-week the weather is supposed to be warm again.  I want to get a bunch of seeds started in pots for transplanting early March.  At least that project doesn't require much physical exertion or muscle power.

So sorry that you're feeling so bum!

My MIL with the RA does the same thing....gets to feeling good and does way too much.

Her son argues with her all the time about that!


Thanks, AJay.  I am feeling better today, the soreness has eased up quite a bit...another day or two I should be back to normal. 

I do that to myself every once in awhile.  I feel so crappy most of the time, then I get a halfway decent day and push myself beyond my limits, especially when it's something I love to do, like working in the garden.

Hubby is out building some shelves in a closet upstairs so his Mom doesn't have to go downstairs for food...(she has a "grocery store" in her basement). Last fall she finally got a freezer in the garage so that helps too.

He's trying to keep her from using that bum knee that needs replacing.

She was raised a Mormon and lived through WWII in Germany.

Now that woman is prepared!

With all the things I predict will happen in the future, it is not at all a bad idea to be very prepared.  That's part of my reason for doing the garden.  If things get really bad, at least we'll hopefully have something to eat.

{#thumbs_up.gif} Florida's soil has a lot of fungi apparently. The use of fungicides is not a great thing. (The importing of OJ and oranges from Brazil is one example). If I lived in Fla and could have a well-ventilated greenhouse with raised planting beds I'd try that. You said you have been using peroxide to help, right? Have you ever contacted your local Dept of Agriculture to find out what the best methods are in your particular area? Just curious.

We do have a local Extension Office here in town, sponsored through USF...hadn't really thought about calling them on this issue.  But I have researched it on the internet a lot.  I really don't want to use fungicides.   There used to be a soil fumigant product you could buy that would kill off a lot of bad soil bugs, nematodes and viruses, fungi's etc....but it was so highly toxic they took it off the market several years ago. 

I've done lots of research on the peroxide thing, and I'm hoping that by adding peroxide to the planting hole, and spraying the plants periodically with peroxide, it will  eliminate a lot of the problems I had last year with my plants.  Peroxide will kill most fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.  Some time in the next few days, I plan to get a bunch of seeds started.  They will all be initially watered with a mild peroxide solution.

Thank you! That's the word I was looking for extension office...yes. They might be of help especially on local conditions. Usually they have a lot of paper handouts that will give you some ideas.

Let me know how the peroxide works.

A little less than a year ago when we were first starting to think about doing a garden, son and I went to a seminar on basics of vegetable gardening there.  It was interesting and we learned some stuff.  Among the things we learned was that mid March was way tooooo late to start a garden for many things in this area.   That's why I'm getting my cool season stuff in now, and getting ready to do seeds for a lot of other things this week.  I'm taking son to work tomorrow so we can go vote.  Maybe I'll stop by there after I drop him off and inquire about that kind of stuff.

If it makes your job easier, terrific!!!

I surely hope so.

Sorry for your aches and pains, I hope you're on the mend and feeling better soon!

You will have a nice garden, with some luck, to show for your efforts if that's any comfort...but in the meanwhile, put your feet up, veg out and relax! And eat!

Sending healing vibes your way...

Thanks dp.  I am feeling a little better today, not nearly as sore.  Hopefully another day or two, and I'll be back to normal.  Yup, planning to still take it easy today and probably tomorrow, too.  

Thanks for the healing vibes!

Sorry about your aches and pains. What you should do is try doing a little at the time. That's the way I do my work, is work until I'm tired and go rest a while and then get going again. That doesn't mean I don't get sore, but it helps. The only thing wrong with resting is......it is harder to get started again. lol. Since hubby has been sick I have a little more to do, but he is getting better, so I'm not going to complain. Try to rest your pains out today.:)

Allie, I'm fully aware of what I SHOULD do...lol!  But I feel so crappy most of the time, when I do get a decent day and try to do something, I just get carried away.  The other day I did take a break about midway...came in here and scanned through emails and blogster...about 15-20 minutes, then right back out there.  ALtho I was exhausted, I didn't really start feeling the pain til later that night.

Since I've always been a low energy person, I learned years ago, I'm ahead to keep pushing til it's done, or I've done all I can make myself do.  If I take much of a break in between, it's too hard to get up and make myself go again.

Oh, I sooooo understand getting carried away and ending up hurting. I have had to learn the hard way with fibromyalgia, but I did learn to take it slowly. Hope you feel better, MK, very soon. Little goals and steps and patience will get you where you want to be. Take best care!

Thank you, martne!

I know I should take it easier when I do actually DO stuff.  But I feel so bad most of the time I don't do much of anything.  So when I actually get a halfway decent day and am motivated to do something, I really overdo.  Because if I just do a little bit, I'm afraid the next day I won't feel like doing anything again, and won't have accomplished much on the day I felt halfway decent. 

Yesterday was real tough.  Today was better.  Altho I had this fantasy about just taking a walk out to the garden to see how it looked after all the rain night before last.  But couldn't come up with the energy to walk past the freezer on my back porch.  So I'm probably still a day or two out from being able to get out there.  My stomach is still not back to par, but better than yesterday.  I'm still kind of achy, but not in severe pain like I was...but still totally, physically whipped.  Have spaghetti cooking now.  Hope to hit the bed fairly early tonight, and maybe I'll feel a little better yet tomorrow.

Believe things will get better and you can be where you want to be and will feel better — be positive and patient. Sending very best healing hopeful wishes to you!

Thank You!  {#basic-smile.gif} {#basic-smile.gif} {#basic-smile.gif}

Eat some more.  As those muscles rebuild, they want food.

I'm tryin'!  Didn't do too well with eating yesterday, but some better today. 

I hit the bed at 11 pm tonight...couldn't hold my head up.  Woke up at 11:45, wide awake...after flipping and flopping til 12:30, finally got back up, took some melatonin, hopefully will fade back out soon.

Mama - You mention melatonin.  Do you ever eat turkey at night?  That's supposed to contain something to promote sleep, possibly melatonin.

I eat turkey on Thanksgiving and Christmas and for a couple days afterwards.  That's it.  I never order or make a turkey sandwich at any other time of year.  Don't really like it all that much, except on the holiday when I make it.  Yes, as I understand, melatonin is the ingredient that makes one sleepy.  Supposedly warm milk will have the same effect, but can't get into drinking it usually, either.

I have melatonin pills which I took just a couple minutes ago...so will hopefully start getting sleepy pretty soon.  It's just now 10pm here.  I've used it off and on over the years, with so-so results for the most part.  But I'm soooo tired of being tired, I'm trying it again, hoping to get some decent sleep at night.

If you can take it try benedryl. It makes me sleepy.

I've used benedryl as a sleep aid for many years.  Perhaps over-used it, because it doesn''t work that well any more.  Altho I've come to the conclusion most of the generic and store brand versions are NOT what they should be any more. For years, I used Dollar General brand and they worked pretty well, even though many other store brands didn't...seems in the past couple of years they don't work so hot either--the appearance has changed, so I think they're getting it from a different manufacturer.   I may break down this week and buy some real benedryl and see if that works better for me. 

Oh dear... that gardening bug can sure bite!  Hope you are feeling a bit better by now!

Yes, I am feeling some better at this point, thank you for asking.

The gardening bug definitely is a vicious biter...she nearly did me in for this weekend...lol

But I got the garden started.  In the next couple days it's supposed to get warm again, so plan to get outside and get a bunch of seeds started...tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, herbs, etc. ...so they will be ready to go into the garden the first part of March.  I sure hope I have better luck this year!

I have to admire your persistance!  And you know what they say about persistance... that it does eventually pay!  Good luck!

Lol oh no!! How are you feeling now???

Better!  Today I went out and got a bunch of seeds started in pots.  Fortunately, that's not terribly strenuous...lol  Did 7-8 kinds of maters, three kinds of peppers, two kinds of eggplant, four kinds of summer squash.  Probably a total of nearly 100 plants, assuming most of them germinate.

wow!! you've been busy!

I haven't even done half of all the kinds of seeds I've got.  Son and I got a little carried away buying seeds at the stores and on the internet.  I've actually got seeds for a few things I don't even know what they are...lol  But we're gonna try some anyway!  Once I'm sure of no more freezes,  snow peas, green beans, pole beans, pinto beans, black beans, corn, 3 kinds of winter squash, a bunch of different herbs, and I'm sure a dozen other things I can't think of at the moment. 

Probably getting a little carried away...hope I can keep feeling well enough all summer to keep up with it.  It'll be nearly a full-time job.

Lol wow!! Well you have fun with that!! I've never been one to garden lol I have no patiences for it all lol. *HUGS!*

I really didn't either. 

My dad has a degree in vocational agriculture and taught it in high school the first few years of my life.  Then he got called into ministry.  All of my childhood and teen years, my dad made a big garden, the folks canned and froze the produce.  I never had much interest, and had allergies, so even when they pressed me in to service to help, I usually had problems, so didn't have to help much. 

At 17, I got pregos, got married and moved away.  Never had any interest for many, many years in gardening or plants of any kind...and became very well known as a house-plant killer among my friends. 

After a divorce, a couple of fairly long-term relationships, I remarried 25 years ago.  Shortly after, my FIL passed away and we inherited his property.  For a couple years we tried to do a garden without much luck.  Then a lot of life got in the way and no attempt for many years.

I've had the bug a couple of years, but not really any good place to do it here in the deep woods.  Last summer, son was unemployed and we tried, but the spot we picked was bad, and we didn't get much out of it.  Then we found and were able to clear another spot.   That's where this one is.   Lots of issues to deal with in Florida....lousy sand we jokingly refer to as dirt...all kinds of fungi, viruses, nematodes and more in the soil, even though we have a climate that's good for growing a lot of stuff almost year around.   It's been a real challenge.  Hopefully, by planting a lot of stuff, we'll actually end up getting some produce out of it...lol

Wow! you've been on a journey! Sounds like I should ship you some nice Idaho soil and dirt!!

That sounds like a great idea!  I'm from Iowa, which has some of the best growing soil in the country...soon as I win the lotto I'll send away for a couple semi-loads of that...LOL!

LOL Just let me know! :D

I am sorry to hear about your bad marriage, but it has been gone and your life will be better in future. My legs and arms ache a lot after I finish playing the badminton every time. But I am still very happy although I am very tired. So what I want to say is that any pain will disappear as times fly. Good luck to you, my friends!

Most of the pain was gone in a few days.  Middle of last week I got a lot of seeds started in pots...tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, squashes.   Will transplant them to the garden in a little over a month.  Today I planted another section with 4kinds of lettuce and kohlrabi.  So, just doing it in baby steps, so hopefully won't get so sore again. 

wow, good job. So you can eat the tomatoes that are planted by yourself. I think they must be very delicious.

I hope they are delicious.  I started several seeds of about 7-8 different kinds of tomatoes.  Also 3 kinds of peppers, 2 kinds of eggplants, 3 kinds of summer squash. We can eat a lot here, my household is 4 adults and a teenager.  Also hope to can or freeze our extra produce for use during the winter....altho I am in Florida which is a mild climate and we can grow a lot of things almost year around.

Next plan to plant a couple kinds of winter squash, two kind of sweet corn, several different herbs, plus some other things, some of which I don't know for sure what they are....lol  

I'm probably getting carried away...last summer son and I got carried away buying seeds at the stores and ordering them on line.

I hope I feel well enough all summer to take care of all these beautiful vegetables in the garden.

it sounds good. The vegetables that you planted by yourself tastes very good. In my hometown, my mother also plant vegetables. That's a good job and it can spend you some times.




Thanks, Gin.  My problem with my weight is that I don't have any appetite.  I'm actually a good cook and feed my family pretty well.  I just don't have much desire to eat, and have to usually force down what little I do eat. 

I have been trying to push myself, and am doing some better energy-wise, altho haven't really seen any weight gain yet. 

I know I way overdid myself that day.  Since then, I've tried to do much less strenuous stuff.  One afternoon I got a lot of seeds started in pots for transplanting later.  A couple days ago, I got another bed planted with lettuce, green onions and some kohlrabi.  I got hubby out there to help with loosening up the ground, so that wasn't so hard on me. 

A lot of time at night I eat chocolate ice cream with melted peanut butter on it to give me a bunch of calories before bedtime.


I wish I could take a good high potency mult-vitamin.  It sure would make my life easier, to say nothing of being easier on the pocketbook.  Unfortunately, they all contain ascorbic acid as vitamin C and I'm horribly allergic to it.  Most of them also contain iron, which I also cannot take. 

So I have to take a handful of vitamins, and even then...I know I'm not getting all the nutrients I should.



GOD BLESS{#basic-smile.gif}

Yes, I do take a B-Complex.  Also D, potassium, magnesium, a cal-mag-zinc and some assorted others, as well as Fish Oil.  I can take Esther-C or Reacta-C, but both are very expensive for our pocketbook, and I am out right now. 

 ignore most aches and pains as know from arthriits and ft shot but still walk if long i take a cane if short no.and hands tinglining all time finger tips said from neuropathy di{#basic-smile.gif}abetes

OUCH OUCH AND OUCH!  Try and pace yourself next time.  I know that when you want to get things done, you want to get things done but you pay for it for sure.  I have paid for my aches and pains from other things that I overdid.  I hope you feel better realy soon. {#friend.gif}

That one nearly killed me, but I'm long since over it...   Spent a couple afternoon since then, working on the garden, but without so much serious physical stuff..so things are coming along.  Thanks for coming by and commenting.

We have an interesting community here, which is much enhanced with people getting around and sharing with each other.

I do like this site for the reason that people do read a lot of blogs and comment and we can share a lot.  Some sites are harder to get around on.


When things are really slow here, and I'm not feeling well enough to get up and do some stuff around the house, I've dabbled at some other sites...but have yet to find one that I enjoy like this one. 

Hey Mamakat, how's everything going? I've missed you and hope everything is going swell for you :)

Hi Bri!!   I've missed you, too.  Things are going okay, about the usual.  I've been busy and not around here too much the last few days.  Hubby and I had to get out and take care of some things, and were gone the better part of Saturday and yesterday.  I saw your recent posts, and did read them...just couldn't come up with the mental energy to make many comments the past few days. 

Finally getting a little bit back 'with it' today.

Hope all is well with you.

I have to figure it out again, 4-5 times a year...lol!  You'd think I'd eventually learn my lesson.  But it's like when I get one of those decent days, and I'm doing something I really enjoy, I don't want to take it easy, I try to get as much done as possible, for fear that I won't feel up for working on it more the next day.

You'll be writing your version of this post by tomorrow...lol

Glad you're having a good morning, and hope you can maintain it throughout the day, and get a few things done. 

Just discovered I have to head out, take son to work so we can use his car today, I wasn't even dressed yet.....   will get back to you later.

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