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It Seems My Computer Has a Bug

Added: Sunday, July 8th 2012 at 8:14am by mamakat
Related Tags: computer viruses

AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!   I'm afraid it might be that DNS-Changer malware that is a big problem right now.  I hope not.  There is no easy fix for it at this time, and has to be dealt with by professionals.

My ATT home page and email are working fine.  My alternative mail, at gmail seems to be okay.  Blogster is working semi-okay.  I can get on the site, the 'Explore' page is fine.  When I click to read a post sometimes it opens like it should, other times it will open for a few seconds, then goes to "Oops page not found."  If I hit the back button it will bring it back up, then most of the time it stays up...although not always. 

I have been spending a fair amount of time on facebook.  It will load up for about five seconds, then "Oops, page not found."  Doesn't matter if I try to get on directly from the browser, a link in an email notification, or seach and click the link on the search page. 

If I try to open a new tab to search for something, it will sometimes do so.  Other times it opens right up to "Oops, page not found."  If it does open okay, then whatever I'm searching the search engine results come up....but usually after a few seconds the search page also reverts to "Oops, page not found."  

I couldn't get on allrecipes through google, but did through yahoo search.

Cannot get on to craigslist from google, yahoo or bing. Not facebook either.

ATTENTION:   Rica and blogmom--you guys may have to pick up some of the slack with the spam killers for awhile.

I'm going to shut it down and run malwarebytes, and see if it finds anything.  Hopefully it will, and it's not that DNS bug. 

In the meantime, if anybody has any suggestions as to what else it might be, please post it here in comments.

HOPEFULLY....I'll be able to get back on here in a little while.  If I'm not back by later this afternoon, and anybody has any suggestions for me...well hopefully I'll be able to get back on.  Even if I have to use hubby's computer. 

 Hopefully, I'll see ya'll a little later today!


Update!  Joe changed out the cable that connects the router to my computer, vac'd and blew out the machine.  Tinkered with a couple of things.  Opened up with Internet Explorer (I always use Firefox)  We tried the sites I had been having trouble with...and all appeared to be working fine.  Switched back to firefox, altho facebook was working better, the rest I had been trying with still wouldn't open up. 

I uninstalled, then reinstalled Firefox.  Still no improvement.  So I went on the Firefox support site.  Searched my problem.  There was an answer there, "sounds like a conflict with AVG.  Try uninstalling that."   I did so, then reinstalled, everything seems to be working correctly now.   YAY!    I didn't have a virus after all!   Well, except when I ran spybot earlier today, it found 80 entries from a malware trojan called something like 'fraud.facebook.messenger,' and one adware.  But removing them didn't make any difference for the problem I was having.



User Comments

Oh no!  Here's the link to see if you have the DNS.  If the page is green, you're good.  If it is red......uh oh!  There is a fix onsite and they say it is pretty easy to fix.  I checked all of our computers and got the green page.


Thanks arkmom.  We had already checked that last night and it was green.  Rechecked at a couple other sites this morning, and they said I was okay.  However, they also say that it can sometimes miss them. 

Joe changed out the cable that runs from the router to my computer.  It was really full of dirt and dust, so he vac'ed and blew it out good.  Facebook is working fine now. Blogster is still giving me problems.  Still cannot get on craigslist or allrecipes.   So I don't know WHAT the problem is.

Well, it took nearly the whole day, but we got it figured out finally.  See update at the bottom of the post.

I've had my 'puters checked out several times the past few weeks @ the sites ArkMa noted but I read that even then it can miss the bug. Guess we'll all find out tomorrow ( Monday) if the Govt is gonna shut down our computers. Good luck, MKat.

Hopefully we'll all be okay.  Apparently this wasn't a virus, see update above.

I have had that same "ooppps" message several times today....maybe sunspots???{#basic-cool.gif}

LLF, read my update at the bottom of my post.  If you are running firefox and AVG, that could be your problem.  I've used the two together for years without any problems, so maybe one or the other of them did a routine update, and somehow made them clash.

Yes....I am running on foxfire. IE would not let me post or comment on the blogs here.

Thanks for the info.

I like firefox better all the way around, than IE.  If you have AVG for security, uninstall it and either reinstall or try another service.  Blogmom said she prefers Avast over AVG, altho I've never tried it.

I think I have another one.....off the top of my head I am not sure, but I don't think it is AVG

Go to your systems tray, lower right corner, to the left of the clock.  Expand it (click on the < icon)  Mouse over each of the icons and it will tell you what each one is.  That will show whether you have AVG. 



Okay...now you know!

Are you still having problems and getting those messages?

{#basic-laugh.gif} Thanks.

I got one yesterday....none so far today. SO hopefully it was just a server thingy.

Yup, hopefully!

:( Sure hope it's nothing serious, good luck Kat. I am no techie, so I am worthless.

Thanks okie!  It's fixed now, thank God it wasn't a virus.   See my update at the bottom on my post.

{#apploud.gif}I have heard this before :)  So glad it fixed your problem! Have a great Monday and eat:)

Thanks, okie!  All seems to be working A-Okay now.  Yes....I'll eat...lol!  Or try, anyway!

The fast and sure cure to most PC problems,  is to make use of the 'RESTORE' tool which is available on all 3 of my computers. That is my first move,  if a problem arises - and Hey Presto! All is fixed and soon forgotten.

That was the very first thing I did.  It didn't help at all.

See my update at the bottom of the post.  All is well now, and apparently it wasn't a virus, thankfully!

I find that the best free antivirus program is Microsoft Security Essentials. It  never conflicts with any other program. It is the only antivirus I use. Over the years I must have tried the lot. I especially HATE NORTON. I bought my most recent computer only on the condition that Norton was completely removed before purchase.  By the way, I have found a  very easy way to completely remove Norton very quickly.

It's just weird.  I've used firefox and AVG together for years and never had this kind of problem.  Joe was telling me to use the microsoft essentials, but when he went into it that program was already running, and had been all along. We bought it used, so it was already set up with it, I guess.   I'm a complete techno-idiot...lol

Therein often lies the hidden problem. Never  have more than one antivirus program on the computer - according to the experts.

In actual fact sometimes one willl get away with more than one antivirus program,  but not always. No two computers are the same.

That's why I only suggest a possible solution.

thanks for that info AT!

I use essentials.  My tecky guy recommended it and said that when 2 antiviruses are running at the same time, they conflict and slow everything down to a crawl. 

Thanks WW!  We discovered I had essentials running on this machine yesterday.  (Son bought it for me used a couple of years ago, so it was already all set up, we added the AVG)   I uninstalled it and reinstalled it yesterday, but it didn't reboot at the time.  I forgot to shut the computer off last night when I went to bed, so it never did reboot.  It keeps asking if I want it to reboot and install, and I click 'postpone'...the more I'm reading, I think I'm going to uninstall it again.

I just had to have my harddrive wiped out 3 times.  The tecky said it was the worse he had ever seen.  He had to do a deep deep cleaning to get rid of it.  The computer terrorists are out there all over the place trying to outdo each other, he said.  I think my next computer will be a MAC.

All's well that ends well. Goes to prove, 'Patience is a virtue'


Thank you writeaway.  I'm glad, too....it was basically a nearly all day project before we got it figured out.  But I did get a little work done around here for a change...lol

I'm sorry you are having so many issues. I just got on my laptop just a little bit ago (about 9pm). I will try to get some of it taken care of for you this evening. Got a busy day tomorrow, but I will try to come in and get to some it also.

By the way, I still think Avast is the best free one.{#basic-wink.gif}

Anyways, hope everything stays in tip-top shape and you have no more issues.

Thanks, Yvonne.  I think everything is working okay now.  It just took the whole flippin' day to figure it out, but it was a simple fix once we did.  I mostly got a little panicky because of all the publicity about that DNSChanger virus that was due to hit today. 

Didn't hear about that one {#basic-ohsnap.gif}

Sometimes it does take all day to find one simple pest on the computer, but once it's figured out, you end up learning something new. That's why I know the basics on finding a problem when I have one. Haven't had one in a long time because I have mutiple things protecting the crap out of my computer. lol!


We're all going to be computer "experts" before we die! LOL

First year I had my laptop I crashed it 3 times...had my son help the first time. Now I take care of problems that arise myself.


LOL!  I'm gradually getting there myself.

the first time my computer crashed back in like 2001(it was a compaq), I decided that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. lol! Now days, I just google the problems (if I ever have any...this is a new laptop), If I don't know for sure if  that is the problem, I have a could people that I know either have gone to school for this type of stuff, ir does it for a living. But for the most part, I can fix the small to the medium issues that could occur.

We will all be savvy in no time flat. lol!


Yes, I find my solutions online too.

"I decided that if it isn't broke, don't fix it."

Messing with a computer just aggravates it... better to not piss it off! LOL

I used to ask my son to help...but he "changed stuff" that I didn't even want changed. Even as a kid he couldn't help but mess with other people's stuff, and usually broke it. He's smart, but I never could break him from that problem.

This is why when someone's computer is a bit messed up and they want me to help them with it, I will ask them if it is ok to do this or that.

believe me, i will try to never piss off another computer again. lol!



(In fact, I think the darned things are almost becoming sentient, tho I haven't named mine yet).

Keep in mind, that sometimes it's not a virus or whatever that's affectin' yer PC if ya can't open a page. Other times it's th' site's server that's down or jus' not workin' correctly. But ya might wanna scan yer PC fer anythin' nasty.

Yup, I did.  Malwarebytes didn't find anything.  Spybot Search and Destroy found like 80 entries for a trojan called fraud.facebook.messenger, plus one adware.  But after eliminating those, it still didn't correct the problem I was having.

It turned out to be a conflict between my firefox and AVG, even though I'd used both together for years.   Apparently one or the other had updated and they weren't compatible any more.   All is working just fine now!

Just been real busy today.  Trying to do some cleaning up around this place.

Ok good tuh hear Kathi! {#basic-laugh.gif}

How's yer weekend goin'?

It's goin okay.  Nothing to write home about.  Just another day around here, as usual.  Had boneless beef short ribs baked in BBQ sauce and potato latkes for dinner tonight.  Making roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner tomorrow.

Been kind of distracted all week...have an interested buyer on the place so have been looking around at new places.  Also...trying to hack away at getting some of the mess dealt with to try to get a head start on things.

Ooo...what a yummy meal! Sounds like it'll put me right tuh sleep, LOL!

Oh, I hope that buyer is more interested....would be nice tuh see a good thing like that tuh happen! Ya deserve it!

These are actually the people that back in February we thought were gonna buy.  Then nobody heard back from them.  They came out the other day...I think hubby had laid down for awhile, and I was in my room on the computer...they left a note on the windshield of the truck.  We called her...they are still very interested.   Have been working on selling a property and liquidating some assets...so are close to ready and are very much still interested in our property.  They have figured out what they want to do here, how to make it like they want it.  Sooooo, praying, hoping it will work out this time!  Please send your positive thoughts this directions. 

Wow, that's a good turn of events! I can't share yer experience or help ya in any physical way, but I can share yer discomfort an' fustration with ya if it'll make a difference! If ya do get rid of th' place, will y'all jus' rent a place?

My positivity will make it's way on yer porch in th' mornin'. It's gotta travel all night tuh Florida, ya know!

We've got some good equity in the place.  We're upside down in terms of  having a hard time making the mortgage payment, but not in terms of what it's worth compared to what we can sell it for.

We should be able to come out with enouogh money to buy another place with maybe 2.5 or so acres and a much larger house, and still have some money left over.

I'll be standing out on the porch by 6am, waiting to catch your good and positive thoughts heading our direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didja get it? I shipped it first class via windstream. LOL!

I sure did!  Thanks!

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Yeah, yeah...it was good. Enjoyed it...hope ya did, too!

As soon as I saw AVG come up in my browser, I immediately deleted it from my PCs as I was not asked to add it.  I know it is powered by Google but I don't care.  Anytime software alters my PC, I get rid of it.

If you want to know if you have the DNS Changer virus, then go to this link and it will let you know if you have it or not.


If you want more information on the virus, then check out these links.


More DNS problem info


Thanks Brian.  Thankfully, I got it all straightened out.  It wasn't the DNS bug, it was just a conflict between AVG and firefox.  I've used them together for years, without a problem.  Once I uninstalled the AVG, I haven't had any problems since.

Nooo that's not good!!! mines always getting them but i'ts probably because i'm always downloading something :O

I used to download all kinds of crap, but I seldom do anymore.  Thankfully, at least I finally got it straightened out, altho it took me most of the day...aarrgghh!!!!

I'm glad it sounds like it worked out for you...that DNS changing malware can be an awful thing to deal with!

That's what I understand.  I'm soooo thankful I hadn't caught that nasty critter, and that it basically turned out to be just a minor tech problem....even though it took me all day to figure it out.

Glad you were able to get the bugs out!   I run a malware and spybot scan fairly often and my virus protection scans automatically every day, but still have an occasional problem.  My son says it meeds to be cleaned up to keep functioning properly.  I need to back up my photos before he does anything.  I got rid of AVG a year ago because it wasn't working all that well for us.

I don't run scans as often as I should.  I really ought to do one or the other about once a week or so, since I'm online every day, oftentimes off and on all day, and go to lots of places around the net.

My son set mine to automatically scan once a week while I am sleeping.  That works for me!  

I guess that's what I need to do, too!

I need all the help I can get!  I can't remember to do all that stuff.  lol

Heck, I don't remember to eat half the time, much less keep track of doing stuff like that...lol

I have an old HP Elitebook running Windows XP. I found that I had to re-install XP and selectively update and install the HP software before all the glitches went away. I run Avast and Spybot and find that they dont cause any problems. I gave away IE some time ago when MS decided to 'conform to standards' and I thought 'whose standards?'. I now run Firefox and rarely have any problems except that the previous version gave the blue screen of death with some Yahoo Mail posts. I use a USB hard drive to hold all my important information and so I dont have any worries about the computer crashing.

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