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Work... and What's Next

Added: Tuesday, June 30th 2020 at 8:54am by maggiesnextphase

I have been driving the town loop bus every Monday for the past month or so.   The medical rides simply weren't there.  Thankfully, it's been picking up.  Yesterday several vans were out.  This is a good sign. 

Have I mentioned lately that driving a bus HURTS?  Yep.  The brand new bus with the fully adjustable seat somehow manages to feel like a torture device by mid day.   By the last round, I'm aching from head to toe.   Not fun.  Also not necessary.

Hubby and I have plans to increase our Financial independence.  It'll take some 'UMPH', but will be worth it in the end.  I realized yesterday that bus driving sucks the UMPH right out of me.

From now on, I'm only going to do med rides.   If there's work, great.   If not, I'm just going to work on our own projects.  

Sooner or later I feel certain that my job is going to require mandatory cv testing and/or vax.  I refuse to participate.  Time to be gearing up for the next 'nextphase'.

User Comments

Your bus seat sounds like the desk chair I sit in all day.

Can you get a new desk chair?

Well if the early retirement request is okayed, I won't be sitting in it 40+ hours a week, so it will be ok.

I have a question Maggie....you say that sooner or later mandatory testing may be required at your place of business and you'll refuse to participate...can you be fired for that?  I don't know and I never gave it a thought to what happens if someone refuses to be tested.  I know its your right to refuse, but I wonder if there are consequences for refusal.

I think you technically have the right to control your own body, but they most likely have the right to set the rules of employment.   Particularly as my particular job serves some of the most vulnerable people in our community.   They will believe that it's all for the greater good.   However, too many stories are popping up about people actually being MORE  vulnerable when they get tested, or get the shots.  Someone said that of those who have died of cv, 100% had gotten a standard flu shot.  I REALLY don't trust what they put in those things, and since I have other options that allow me to retain my free will and still have an income, I plan on making use of them.  Pity the people who don't have alternatives. 

If that's true about the flu shot, OMG

Shocking... huh!  Don't know how to verify that, but I'm keeping it in mind for further confirmation.   

I had a test thing sent to me a few weeks back and you just pricked your finger and put drop of blood onto a stick that looked like one of those pregnancy sticks added two drops of a buffer and waited 15minutes. A line appeared which meant I was negative. Two would have meant I was positive. I think they just sent a few out to see if we could do the rest at home - as I had to answer questions online and send pic of result. I myself think everyone should be sent one so you are not queuing outside and can post or email results back. Plus if test is positive you would know to stay home. 

I wouldn't mind that kind of test.  From what I've heard, some of the tests were long swabs stuck way back in your throat or in your nostrils.  I wonder if you could request a specific kind of test?  And I wonder if they'll test some people differently than others... on purpose.   I hope yours was negative!

Yes it was negative. We are fairly isolated down here in Cornwall. Although the map said there was 400 cases in Cornwall there was only one case in our town, but as usual about eleven in a care home somewhere outside of us.

I'm glad!

I don't know Maggie, if you know it or not, there is a seat cushion that is made for your kind of problem, and some of the drivers that I have known in the past have had them. I am wondering if you start to not take what is given, sooner or later you will not have any rides or job. Ask around some of the other drivers might have those kind of cushions that are great for the back. Bro. Doc

I've talked to other drivers, and they're all struggling to find a cushion that will do the job.   The whole point of Creating independent income is to not be in a position where I have no choices.

Yvonne's mother drove a bus at one point in her life and said the same thing.

Financial independence sounds good Maggie. Best of luck!

Thank you!  We're practically there.  Just need to go the rest of the way. 

The flu shot is not a vaccine for the CV though "not that I ever have the flu shot" {#basic-undecided.gif} and I hope all works out soon for the Independence.

I realize that the flu shot wasn't for cv.  I think what yhey were alluding to is that there is a connection between the flu shot and how severe the reaction to cv.  I've heard previous to this whole ordeal that they may roll out a pandemic that comes it two parts, part A and part B.  And when part B is introduced to the anibodies of part A, it causes a reaction of more severity to part B... but cannot be easily pinpointed as the cause.

I know... it sounds so sinister.  But that's what these level 4 labs were all about, creating deadly combinations. 

That's why I hate long car trips. A couple of hours with my butt glued to a car seat and I'm ready to cry "uncle," no matter how comfortable it was designed to be. LOL

True!  I have that problem with certain cars, but I have learned to be kinda picky in my old age, so the car we have now isn't so bad. 

remember all that food you put it had the same goal for the same Overall basic reason These Times...... back the in Sovereignty's Girl

The old car was so uncomfortable that after two hours I would have to stop and get out and walk about. I would also have to take my wallett out. I am so glad Tess totaled it and I don't have to drive it anymore. The RAV4 is very comfortable to drive. Well, for a while. At my age nothing is comfortable for long.

It isn't so much that my butt is fat, aKuna. Fat or thin makes no difference. My butt didn't like long car trips even when I weighed 109 lbs. Gravity and inactivity tends to push down on one's joints and tendons, splaying them out and making them tired. Being old and inflexible doesn't help either.

I agree, Ken. Old age does have its effect on us.

Amala I was replying to Maggies regarding her tons of food prepping... not to you or others... but Im well aware how age effects sitting in one possiton for to long.

Yep.  Multi-pronged approach to self sufficiency. 

You got that right!  Good to know about the Rav4.  But yeah... those long drives are harder on the old bod.

CV testing is just the next phase of totalitarianism.

What do you suppose they'll do with us if we test positive? Mark our sleeves with a star and give the military and the police an order to shoot us on sight if we're caught out of our house? That's how crazy this thing is getting.

I agree.

No supposing Amala it is already been stated the will chip people it's done in China already just like the do pets with ID chips.....

oh and shooting no they just won't allow you to trade (by or sell) unless your chipped thus the idea of all funds being computerized in central banking via facial ID  and  NO Cash anymore... read my next post is states it clearly ........it's all that conspircy stuff I've been posting that comes from the UN  information  that each nation member has had to agree to that is actually publicly posted knowledge..

It's amazing how 'out there' they are with their plans.  As if all this is perfectly fine!  It isn't fine.  We all need to wake up and get out of the UN... among other things. 


I agree... very powerful speech!  Whenever I listen to him, I am encouraged.  I can totally believe that he was chosen for this!  But when you listen to his words filtered through the slime of mainstream  media, it's no wonder that people think the way they do.   I have to constantly remind myself to be patient with those who have been lied to, and to feel compassion for them.  

yes Maggie and ego always gives us battle cause none of us want to be insulted publicly and called wrong or admit to mistaken judgement...It take alot to finally recogninze they are the ones we must have compassion for as it was said with another in oddly a much like possiton with government    "forgive them for they know not what they do"... do you know there were 27 attemps on Trumps life btn his election and when he took office.. They truly fear the spiritual power of this man and his ability to keep this country from  the grips of socialistic communist totalitarianism

Being held prisoner by the government is one thing. Being chipped is another. In any case, unless you live off the grid, you're already as good as chipped. 

If we could be certain that the chip didn't have "gain of function"... maybe some could live with it.   But we can't.   Especially with former fema planners coming forward with information about what is in it.  

I know you don't believe in "conspiracy theories", (which, btw, is a term invented by the CIA to dismiss people who dared to ask the hard questions about the Kennedy assassination).   Do you believe that no one conspires... ever?  Well, I think they do.  And I believe people who come forward with warnings about their plans.  If they're wrong... I stand unvaccinated for nothing.   If they're right, I have a chance to maintain my autonomy to my grave.   "Give me liberty or give me death" is just as important a decision today as it was then.

Yep.  They must have a lot to lose by the vehemence in which they are trying to get rid of him. 

Also, Amala, even getting chipped is no protection.  It's designed to be able to turn it off, and starve you out at any time.  

 even off the grid the electromagnetics are surrounding the world in that Space Fence that has been established which I wrote about after reading the book on it ages ago... there is no getting away from the distortions it creates in us naturaly, but the chip is an antenna without it you can a  minor amount of privacy but be deprived of norman life of travel, buying and selling as you'll have no access to funds when there is no cash and that is coming..if they have anything to do with it... Glad you finally recognized this as a truth and stoped calling it and me conspiracy theory.

Well, whatever it is, wherever it is, I can't spend what's left of my life worrying about it. And neither should you.

fortunatelly knowledge is only that something to be aware of and inform others of!!!!!!!  that doesn't mean we live it...but rather the opposite we take postive measures to counteract the neg we are aware of.

I don't worry about starving. Whatever happens I know I can always find SOMETHING to sustain me. I'd even steal if I had to to survive. In any case, why do you think chips would be used to starve people? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of and, anyway, what would be the point? That's what I hate about all of these conspriacy theories. They don't make any sense. 

They make sense it you believe what is carved on the Georgia Guidestones, which states openly and clearly  what these behind the scenes people have in mind for us.  Namely... to reduce the population by something like 2/3.  Don't believe me?  Look it up.   Or listen to Bill Gates own words, where he states something similar, through the use of birth control and vaccines.  Or listen to Celeste Solum, who used to work for Fema.  Or watch the video that zenofken just put out.  There are evil people in the world who want things that to us make no sense, because WE would never want that.  It's irrelevant.   THEY want it, and have been planning for years.   We are only waking up to it now... those of us who care to know.

Nobody knows who wrote the Guidestones you mentioned. Probably a cult or a mentally deranged crank who had too much money and decided to spend it on something frivolous. Just because somebody took the time to write it in stone doesn't make it anymore valuable than what's written on a bathroom wall. 

I've listened to Bill Gates and he seems pretty sane and reasonable to me. We do need to use birth control and we do need to take vaccines. 

Celeste Solum is a religious nut who worries about medical martial law. Apparently she is afraid of forced quarantines but if your neighbors contracted Ebola, would you want them to continue to live next door to you or would you rather they lived someplace else? A disease that can kill EVERYONE it infects would need to be controlled using some very strict measures e.g. separating them from the rest of the population. So I'm not surprised the government might be considering that for the future. But they aren't forcing all of us into FEMA camps are they? No, because the virus is bad but not that bad. 

As for decreasing the population, governments have been trying to do that for years because there are just too many of us. But they've been doing it by educating people about birth control and by allowing abortion to remain legal. 

... and by pushing the legal limit to your due date... and beyond.  By legalizing euthanasia.  By many countries causing it so their public health care won't pay for hospitalizations for people over 65.  This is the direction we are moving.  You don't think they would want to kill you... but...

Third trimester abortions, I absolutely don't agree with. I think it's murder. Of course I think abortion at any stage of gestation is murder, no matter how neatly they put a bow on it. 

Euthanasia IS, however, sometimes the best option for everybody. If somebody is suffering, if there is no chance at all of them ever getting well, or if they're in a lot of pain, I think they should be allowed to take the easy way out. As long as they are willing, that is. If they say, "no," then the answer should be "no." 

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