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Wild Morning!

Added: Tuesday, October 13th 2020 at 9:45am by maggiesnextphase

Well, it started out to be a nice day.  During early morning small-talk a coworker told me he couldn't believe he had a 25 year old kid.  I rold him I couldn't believe I had a 36 year.  He looked at me and said... "I  can't believe it either... I thought you WERE in your 30s!"

OK, so... Yeah... maybe he was just flattering me. If so, it worked.  It was a nice way to start my work day.  And I would need that, cuz it was a crazy mess after that.

I'm talking about RAIN!  Yeah... in CAPITAL LETTERS!  It was coming in sideways!  My windshield wipers couldn't keep up.   Add to that, FOG.  The kind you have to crawl through.   

And while we usually think of fog in terms of stillness, this fog was swirling in gale force winds.  Add to that... pitch black, except for a lot of on-coming  vehicle headlights. 

Mind you, these are windy forested roads, with cliffs, and potential slides.  I saw several small ones along the way.  As well as some fallen branches.  

I was SO THANKFUL that my passengers were going to be awhile, thinking that it might be daylight on the drive home.  Nope.  They got out early, so off we went into the storm.  And the sky did eventually lighten, sufficient to see better.

Wouldn't ya know, the rain stopped right after I dropped my people off at home.  I have one more ride to do and then I'm off.  I'll be glad to be home.

User Comments

That weather sounds nice to be indoors for.

Here it's 80s with 90s later in the week and maybe 100s in places. Winds to start they said also.

Yow!  100's in October!

Oh... I don't envy you the hot winds.  I hope you get some rain instead!  I'd be happy to share...

I know, right?

We've got more winds hot temperatures and low humidity with wind......guess what that means....yep fire danger high and probably power blackouts. I've got to get buckets of water ready for the animals and make sure we have batteries for the lanterns and my chargers and electronics are all charge fully plus gas in the generators for the freezers and gma's oxygen concentrator. I'll be glad when WE get some RAIN

Oh my goodness!  That's a LOT of preparation!  I sure wish I could blow this storm down to you guys!  Ten minutes, and all your fire woes would be over.

Fun times, wheee!  

Basic speed rule, sometimes that means 35 or less yada yada.   

Don't get (too) wet, lol

I went 30 in some places!  Even that was scary!

You need the rest & relaxation just to destress from all that bad weather, yikes!

Right?  Whew!  

Thanks to the Lord for watching over us


I can't blame you for hating to drive in the pouring rain. Fog, too, is bad. You have my sympathy. Drive safe.

Thank you!  It was pretty tense, I'll admit.  I'm so thankful to be done!!

I don't think I have been in fog like that, that swirls Maggie. But I have been in fog here in the Valley, so thick you stick your hand out the window and it is lost. Glad you made it back home safe and sound. And maybe the rest of the day will be better. Bro. Doc

Seems perfectly fine now.  I'm not used to that kind of gog either.  But yeah... I really am glad to be home!

Hopefully your back is doing ok also? Bro. Doc

It is, thank you!

GREAT!! Bro. Doc

Well the good thing is, you are home safe and sound.


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