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FedUpToHere niel84sims sfeastbay

Why am I such a Debbie-Downer?

Added: Monday, November 29th 2021 at 5:40pm by maggiesnextphase

Because every day I see people failing who weren't failing before the jab.

Because our children are innocent, voiceless, and choice-less... yet many will suffer at our hands.  

Because it isn't going to get better!  We're just going to gradually get used to things as they get progressively worse.

All those ladies giving those poor masked up children the jab... are our generations "Brown Shirts"... just "doing my job".

Some injuries will be obviously related to the jab, but it won't be spoken of in those terms because it will trigger all levels of unpleasantness.  People will shake their head sadly as if to say... "too bad... you drew the short straw"... and move on.

Meanwhile, a child is DAMAGED. 

Indeed MANY children will be damaged.   Some will die... and drs will falsely reassure the parents that it was some fluke, so as not to have to have any culpability for all the patients they, themselves have insisted must participate in this grand experiment. 

Ya'll know I used to support Trump.  He rolled this out without proper testing and BRAGS about it!  HE got hydroxychloroquine.  All the other government leaders got it too... or ivermectin, yet sat on their butt cheeks while it was banned for everyone else's use.  

They, their stsff, their families, along with many chinese students or workers are EXEMPT from having to take the jab.  Oh yeah, most of them got 'something' (probably saline) for show.  Except OOPS!  Looks like Newsome might have ticked some people off. 

That's not suspicious. 

You may wonder... why would anyone be so diabolically evil?  Or more likely... what has gotten into Maggie that she THINKS so cynically?

This isn't the first time in history that people have been trafficked, enslaved, and/or sacrificed.  Don't think so?  Read your bible.   Don't like the bible?  Read your history books.

Don't think it could happen again?  Just watch the news!  Not too long ago they legalized POST BIRTH "ABORTIONS" in New York, and a whole crowd of people including dignitaries applauded!!!

I'm going to call it as I see it.  These are wicked, heartless people.  And many of THESE types of people are running our country right now... selling us down the river, and lining their pockets in the process. 

If you're not pushing back... you're complicit. 

End if rant... for now.

User Comments

your not cynical maggie, you are just sying it how you see it cause everyone else is to afraid to....I see greed managing a whole lot of this, the riots are going to start again, hell they went after WI and you cant get any more red neck then that state..well from my view, the rioters that come in are not residents of said states, they are paid rabble rousers and everyone knows it. The only thing good about winter is it gets ass biting cold up there and not one wants to get out into that. That state be my come from place and I dont know that I want to ever go back


I guess when Trump got rid of MS13 gangs they had to hire other thugs to do their bidding.  Thank goodness for snow in the midwest!  Unfortunately, other cities like Portland Oregon are not only warmer, but actually have a whole city blocks as designated housing for these paid rioters... complete with fancy tents and chain link fence!

You are just telling the truth. I worry, about the kids too, Maggie.  they dont have a say so in their own lives. Pitiful that it has come to this.

I know.  It makes me so upset for them.

welcome to the Nazi world of the Biden CCP


None of this happens without state coercion and statists. One half of the clown country has been subverted and the other rendered unto Caesar until Caesar became Godzilla. All brownshirts start out as statists. Historical fact!

I'm not a parent so I can't speak to their situations, but I can speak about the psychological warfare that is used to coerce them into compliance.

Yuri Bezmenov said it better than anyone ever has or ever will. 

How a society unravels – Ritesh Jain | BHARATA BHARATI

Sound like anyone in modern day America to you?

Information alone will not suffice, if that were possible we wouldn't be in this mess. It's all about HOW people process information which is why the gas-lighting and endless propaganda is delivered the way it is. It's designed with specific stimuli to bring about a certain reaction and it works like magic.

Yuri explained the madness we're seeing with such prescience decades ago and already felt the process of demoralization was nearly complete.

Do you know how frightening that is?

All of these decisions that we know normally would not make sense, now make perfect sense within the framework of ideological subversion.


It sure does 

  We see this quote played out all around us.

I agree with you.

Thank you.   I sure wish things were different. 

Genearlly, peeps don't know how to push back...even if they had a mind to do so.


Thankfully our constitution and bill of rights still means something to the judicial branch!  Three big breakthrough cases!  

Y E A ! ! !

I will say this Maggie, Pres. Trump only went by what he was told. And if someone(s) lied too him about the vax, then it is not his fault.

I believe the reason this is the way it is, because they wanted to stick the mess on him, with all that you said.

By the way I finally got the blogster to work to get back in. 

This site sure has some problems. Take care. Bro. Doc

Oh yes it is his fault. You cannot campaign on draining the swamp and then pass the buck when some swamp creature lies to you. Trump accepted the advisers based on recommendations from his inner circle. The buck stops with him. That's what being in charge means, and we all know he loves that.

And worst of all, as Maggie said, he bragged about his accomplishments. What do you wanna bet that won't be part of any 2024 run, or he'll get booed as he did at his own rally.


I'm so glad you got back in!  

I thought Trump was deceived, too.  Now I see that he's still promoting it, despite every reason to put on the brakes.  To me, that means I can't trust him.  

Yes Scott, he should take some responsibility and acknowledge that things are very wrong.   His failure to do that puts him on the same level as all the rest of them. 

I never trusted Trump to begin with or saw him as a man to take responsibility.

Trust me, it's better to know the state than it is to know any figfure head. That's why I was raging against Operation Warpspeed at the time of its inception when most of y'all around here were fawning over something Ben Carson said. Everyone trusted Trump when I kept saying they're raping your liberty.

He was always on their level. He spent his entire admin trying to be liked by them. I honestly think that's what burns him the most, that they didn't want him in their club.


After all that Trump accomplished... We now have even more backstabbing turncoats?


We've all heard of sleeper cells, but we tend to think of them as only the radical muslims. We've had communist sleeper cells for more than 60 years... they're called fellow travelers. Robert Welch warned us about them and their intentions. 

Have you given any thought to the possibility that Trump and his advisers were naive when it came to  knowing/realizing/understanding the extent of the communists embedded in our government, in every single government agency? 

Do you think for one minute that the communist's plans haven't been more thought out than Trump's? Do YOU actually think that YOU are so smart that YOU could have done a better job than Trump did? 

Remember, it was Trump against ALL of the OWG powers... Just imagine the THINK TANKS assembled, with the brightest minds on the planet, that were tasked with coming up with a plan to rid themselves of Trump. It would take a small mind to not see the magnitude of what President Trump was up against. 

Trump was duped by advisers who were duped. 

Ty Maggie. I think if you listen to Pres. Trump and digest what he is really saying you might find something different. 

That is all I will say. Bro. Doc

If that's the case, why isn't Trump calling them out right now?  Have you ever known him to be silent about a perceived enemy?  It's hard to tell if he's dangerously deceived, dangerously ignorant, dangerously arrogant, or dangerously part of the plan.   By now we know the dangers of this vaccine.   I supported almost all the other decisions he made, but this is no small flub-up.  You can call me whatever you like, but I refuse to go along with anyone who goes along with this life and liberty destroying scheme.  If he's not part of the solution then... he's part of the problem. 

I have been listening.   He wants everyone vaxxed. 

Trump is no longer President, thus he's out of power. Why would he say things that would make him any more of a lightning rod than he already is at the moment. I haven't heard much coming from him since he was kicked off all of social media platforms. I can't just ignore all the good that he accomplished for the country in favor of magnifying the things he may have failed at. Sorry, I just can't do that yet.

I guess Maggie, I have not heard him say that. Bro. Doc

It's ok.  It isn't easy for me to have to come to this conclusion.   It's one of those things I want to be wrong about. 

After all that Trump accomplished..

Deregulation/Good Economy which he then shut down, destroying countless lives...
Rebuilt the military who hated him from day 1 and now Biden is selling to the highest bidder.
Hired a bunch of Neoconservatives Never Trumpers (that u supported prior to Trump).
Did some stuff in Israel that isn't AMERICA FIRST.
Signed and then bragged about the "biggest most wonderful spending bill ever", adding more to the debt than any POTUS to that point. Republicans loved Trump that day.
He continued the hideous drone war killing children just as Obama did and supported the genocidal war in Yemen being waged by the Saudis (who he promised to hold accountable). Hey, if such atrocities are not spoken about by Sean Hannity, then God doesn't notice his flock not noticing either, right? Wait, nevermind...
He gave us Operation Warp Speed and IS responsible for ALL that followed. 

My point is that it's POINTLESS to talk about his accomplishments at this point. I'll leave that to the idiots he has running his PR department.

We now have even more backstabbing turncoats?


Says the Republican who supports the Republicans who went turncoat on the Republic for the last 30 years and let you know exactly what they think of you this last year. Shame indeed! That you're triggered at critique of Trump and not raging against your team is shameless, Nate. Don't run from who you proudly boasted to be all these years.

We've all heard of sleeper cells, but we tend to think of them as only the radical muslims.

LOL, no YOU people tend to think that way. You and Fires promoted the idea a sleeper cell was operating on Blogster. I wish I didn't remember, but I do...

We've had communist sleeper cells for more than 60 years... they're called fellow travelers. Robert Welch warned us about them and their intentions. 

Lol dude, I cut my teeth on JBS stuff many years ago. I know this in my sleep. What YOU don't know is that so many Republican Neocons are Trotskyites, or the very fellow travellers spoken of and they just used fear to fool you within your camp. Why are they all on CNN now? 

I'm gonna laugh at sleeper cells until you realize why the GOP went Globalist. I covered what you repeat over and over decades ago. At some point man you just know things and don't need to repeat them. I get it that's your thing, but it's not mine. I move on and apply the information as needed, such as I've been doing with Yuri. 

What you're doing is making excuses for Trump and the state and I just don't care.

Have you given any thought to the possibility that Trump and his advisers were naive when it came to  knowing/realizing/understanding the extent of the communists embedded in our government, in every single government agency? 

Ur killing me...  YES, gave it much thought. Talked about it BEFORE he won in 2016 and almost every day after. There were so many people warning him and HE didn't listen to them. He listened to Jared Kushner and he paid the price. Everyone knows this now, don't they? Jesus, even Bannon is ON POINT saying all I'm saying now, three years later...

Do you think for one minute that the communist's plans haven't been more thought out than Trump's?

Not even a second, but we are not the same. I don't see everything as Communist. What has happened is Globalism. You'll speak of OWG but insist it's all Communist and it is not. It is a perfect mix of Fascism and Communism, but Republicans like yourself currently being betrayed by the same corporations you adored have a hard time swallowing that. They were not supposed to be with the left, but they are because the right has lost the culture war and I saw it coming, unlike most Conservatives. I think I understand just fine what the plans were and how effective they have been. Why the hell do you think I raged against the state? Because I wasn't blinded by the false political paradigm you spend most of your political time speaking about.

Do YOU actually think that YOU are so smart that YOU could have done a better job than Trump did? 

Here's what I think. I think I know who the hell the enemy is better than he does, at least prior to him getting rekt. Don Jr has already admitted that they WAY underestimated how evil the swamp really was and it blindsided them from day 1, but as each of these people and institutions showed their true colors, I was never the least bit surprised as he so clearly was. So, it depends what the hell you're talking about? Better job at what? Knowing who to hire or being able to see through someone who is so clearly full of shit? Yes, I do think I could have done better than him. He did not keep his word about lobbyists and former advisers that he spoke about on the campaign trail. He let the wolves in so many times.... so, at some point that's on him. 

Remember, it was Trump against ALL of the OWG powers... Just imagine the THINK TANKS assembled, with the brightest minds on the planet, that were tasked with coming up with a plan to rid themselves of Trump. It would take a small mind to not see the magnitude of what President Trump was up against. 

Well, you can challenge this mind anytime you want, Nate. I have nothing to worry about. I understand OWG just fine and that Trump was up against it. It was the only reason I voted for him, but I also said right here on Blogster the day he won that he would get his head handed to him on that and he did. How could I have possibly known that? Must have been a good guess.. I react at the speed of the game, not when it's all meaningless.

Trump was duped by advisers who were duped. 

That last line is hilarious. Some serious No Spin Zone Spin Bill O Reilly style lol...  So, in other words he wasn't prepared for the job? You're trying to put distance between those in Trump's inner circle and those who they served over Trump. Wow! If you think Kushner was duped, you're drinking the koolaid.

Trump could have tapped into patriots at any time he wanted, but he didn't do it until the final hour. 

To go any further with this, names will need to be named for me to care. You're always too vague in order to avoid acknowledging your own support for that which destroys us. You like to have it both ways...   sort of "Vote Red" and "Stop the OWG" is massive cognitive dissonance.


By the mere length of your comment, I'd say you are triggered by my comment above. Why did your start a new and separate thread with it? ...rhetorical

"You're always too vague" ...oh boy, would you like to be more specific with your accusations? As always, you accuse me, like you do anyone else who questions you, of things that I've never said or done. That shit got old years ago. 

Ya know, much of your rantings here pretty much mirror the ranting of the left. Your Jew hating never ends. You are much closer to the ideology of the left than you are to Conservatism. 

Yuri... funny thing, you never mentioned him before I mentioned him in a blog with his videos.... yeah yeah yeah, you knew about him decades before everyone else. YAWN.

I fully expect you to be lining up your list of libertarians to run who will fall flat on election day. Mega YAWNS. 

Rant on..................................................................................

You wish. It's just I know to say all needs to be said because I've been on this rollercoaster a few times with you.I started a new thread because your previous comment messed up the last one. It's a blogster glitch, not you or I. 

Sure, I'll be more specific. A month before my getting banned from Blogster we spoke on your post about FBI Director Wray and ur big take was that u were still not sure if he was on the up and up? Remember? Probably not, but you did. So, that's how clear you have presented your thoughts. Not very clear at all. 

Here's something you don't understand, Nate. You don't question me, you accuse me of things "turncoat", "small mind" etc and then you cry about how I see fit to express my views that happen to offend you. That's why that shit got old years ago. When you met me you met someone who would not put up with the bullshit you occasionally represent. 

Lol and there is it. The Boomercon tell...  Not one antisemitic word was said, but you draw what you want from it. That is what a small mind does. Nobody is buying that pathetic virtue signal from the dying sellout remnants of the right, Nate. It's over! 

In 10 years here there isn't one thing I learned from you, especially Yuri. That vid with G.Edward Griffin was on a vhs tape released in 1992 that you could order through Ron Paul's Texas Newsletter. I saw it then, but as I said here because I'm honest, I didn't believe it at the time. The reason I share NOW is because he is trending and it explains the psychology. It makes people stop scratching their heads about why zombies act like zombies. It's relevant. It has nothing to do with you.

You represent the old outta touch social conservative right that brought people like me into existence in the form of revolt.

The strongest movements going for Conservatives right now consists of disaffected right leaning people, libertarians, center right center left and even many MAGA types etc etc. Are you not paying attention? You can't see the logic in Dan Bongino, Crowder, Dave Smith, Tim Pool, Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Michael Malice, Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, Steve Bannon, Glenn Greewold, Jimmy Dore and so many others all finding common ground? That's libertarian af, bro. And let's face it, if it were up to people like you, the tent would not be that big because you cannot coexist with people you disagree with. That kind of hubris in America needs to die a quick death.

 The same battle taking place culturally in America is taking place on a smaller, but no less meaningful scale within the LP. The National Party is a joke and worse than ever but that's because much like the GOP, it's been taken over by leftists. However, we're seeing in the LP something we don't see in the GOP and that's rightwing people fighting back. In 2022 the Mises Caucus will take over the LP. It's inevitable, so then the LP's messaging changes to instantly find common ground with MAGA. This is what's happening. You can either be a part of the effort, or just shit all over liberty loving people who know where to find their spine. 

And guess what else? Remember how all the traitors at Fox News blocked out Ron Paul in 08 and 12 and lied about his views? Of course you do... well, that won't happen this time with this liberty movement because all of the best reps are already on Tucker, and Tim Pool and Rogan - the biggest shows on the planet. Nobody needs to be given 2 token minutes by Hannity. The movement is no longer dependant on corporate media and this is changing everything. 

Just look at Tim Pool... one completely based center left libertarian who voted for Trump, gives a platform to Conservative voices and an audience of millions every week. Who out there is doing more to spread Conservative voices than this millennial skateboarding punk rock journalist? Yeah, nobody!! that's where we're at Nate. 

Join the winning team, I'm not your enemy. 

MAGA alone won't get anything done.

Scott (always happy to rant truth)

Because I expressed that I was "still not sure if he was on the up and up" makes me guilty of all of your other accusations against me? Why, because I don't jump to conclusions as fast as you? Wow.

Do you think I'm some kind of Hannity fan? If so, you're mistaken. I think he's a broken record and somewhat of a milk toast.

"I'm not your enemy" that's good, because I'm not yours either Scott, though you treat everyone on blogster (with the exception of 2) as if they are. Why can't you simply state your facts and leave out all of the insults?

There's plenty we can and do agree on, and on occasion, I've defended your positions to friends in private conversations. That hasn't won me any points, but I wasn't looking to score any either.

 I can see your qualities and strong points, and can appreciate them. I can also see your shortcomings as I can also see mine. Can you do that?

Trump isn't perfect by any means, but can you name any person who could, or would have, accomplished what he did? Let's not be so quick to throw him under the bus. 

You came to that conclusion after he said Antifa didn't exist to the FBI. And after he didn't turn over requested documents to Jim Jordan. That should do it. 

Lol you just started your engagement with insults, Nate. I won't do this blogster dance where I get insulted, respond in kind (to everyone who does that lol), and then pretend Scott bad. If things go to insults here, per usual, it's not normally me throwing the first stone. My opinions alone have caused great emotional distress. I have a good memory.

Yes, I know my shortcomings. You do not. But you are welcome to take something I actually say in its proper context and then tell me where I come up short? Until then, what you see in me does not matter to me. It never has. Blogsters are always outta their lane thinking that's their place. It's not. I would never tell someone I see their shortcomings without an explanation. Just pointing out that you have them yourself does not make us equal or the same. Our actions determine that. 

You can point out any Trump accomplishment and I will tell you what I think about it? I have an entire list of Trump pros and cons. Which would imply that I know his imperfections, accomplishments, and nothing I've said is throwing him under the bus. I just explained to you how I see MAGA and where I fit in. Where I agree and appreciate his efforts, he still has my support. But he needs us more than we need him. I have little interest in heaping praise on Trump at this point and whether my appreciation for him meets your expectation ranks nowhere on my list of give a F. Sorry. 

To answer the question of is there anyone who could have done what Trump did, we'd need to talk about what he did? So much easier to address honestly that way. For instance, you'll say peace deals in the Middle East and Embassy relocation... and I'll say yeah.... true, that's good but then there's that support for Saudi genocide and drones killing kids which gets completely ignored and is evil AF. And then me and u just go in circles because you don't wanna be based in truth. You don't lie, you just omit. I won't do that, Nate. I get off on being based, no matter how much it annoys people lol. We have nothing to gain from ignoring reality or cheering for whoever.


Could you refresh my memory as to the main topic or the title of that blog you're referring to? I really don't know how far back I need to go to find it. I'd like to see the context in which I said these things. 

I have no idea. All I know it was right prior to me being banned. 

Not worth spending much time on. We've had many such exchanges before. Take any Government figure or institution and you generally see them less corrupt than I. That was the case that day....  you weren't defending him, you just didn't see his actions as bad as I did, for whatever reason. And the only reason I brought it up is because I think now a year later we should all be able to see what Jordan, Gaetz and Nunes saw then...  that the FBI was withholding evidence and obstructing but nothing ever happens and I move on. We were speaking about clarity, and I was pointing out I think mine was pretty clear on that. I think Wray is 100% corrupt but he's not my focus now. 


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