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Added: Sunday, February 10th 2019 at 8:01pm by maggiesnextphase

As expected, the cookie decorating was a hit!  We now have aprons for messy projects like this, but they didn't stop the colorful gel from getting on sleaves.  Oh well.  I'm pretty sure it's washable. 

I washed little fingers and mouths, singing the Little Baby Bum bath song.  I don't know if any of the kids watches LBB, but LM used to love it!  I would sometimes be the one to give him a bath, and when I would sing this song he very happily cooperated. 

And so did the children... once I started singing it.  The first little boy didn't want his face and hands washed  so I moved on to the next little boy who was also resistant until I began singing this song.

At that, the boy very willingly extended his little hands to be washed.  I could see the first boy's expression change, so I again offered to wash his hands and face, and this time he let me. 

There was another little boy who is relatively new, who came in late.  Apparently he had fallen asleep, so his mama just let him be.  When he woke up he said emphatically... "I WANT TO GO TO NURSERY!"  Music to my ears!

The funny thing is... on his first day, which was only a few weeks ago, he kept saying he wanted to go home!  I just love it when we can turn that around!

Anyway, it was a good day, and I had extra cookies that I could give to my daughter... and others if I want.  Maybe tomorrow.   Right now I have a cat who needs a warm lap, lol.

User Comments

I think this nursery on Sundays is just so wonderful for the little people, I mean the things you come up with for them to do is just great, I mean a lot of the parents wouldn't have the time, or probably not think to make cakes and have the little ones decorate them, I think it's just wonderful, and I think, well I know you are wonderful as well.  They are very lucky little people.

It's been a huge blessing to me to be able to interact with these little ones... both here and in California.  Again, I have to give credit to my former partner for a lot of the ideas.  And for my grandchildren for helping my mind to tune in to their world.  It's a welcome respite from my grown-up life, lol.

That I can understand, give me animals and kids over grown-ups any day...lol

I know, right!

OH yer. Animals and children just give.

How sweet. I would have loved to decorate those cookies with the kids. I'm a big kid at heart.

Me too!  There are some things I hope I never grow out of. 



My mother doesn't like cookies. But I do. 

That's a first for me... to hear of anyone who doesn't!  I guess that means you could eat her share, lol.

Cookies are ok depending on that kind they are.

I never understood as a kid going to the bakery with my mother why they sold 'fancy' cookies. I used to think who would buy them with all those yummy looking cakes in the display case. The case my face would be pressed up against.....LOL


I am mostly a cookie person.  Cakes look good, but I have an aversion to most of the frosting they put on it. 

I love some good warm cookies, with a cold glass of chocolate milk. Yummy

Sounds great!

The Evil Amongst Us don't like cookies. Only the evil.



I love frosting thick on the cookies!! Or just give me frosting alone. But just one more thing I can no longer enjoy. Bleh!! Those little ones are so blessed to have you.

Seeing the pride on their faces as they show their creations to their parents, and knowing that they will be the envy of their siblings is so rewarding to me!  Also, having a child change from NOT wanting to come... to WANTING to come is priceless!

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