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When did I get to be so fragile?

Added: Friday, May 13th 2022 at 8:33pm by maggiesnextphase

Had more back spasms yesterday after washing dishes.  Knocked myself out as best I could in Hope's of being rid of them today.   Problem is... I had things I wanted to do today... but was afraid to do them.  

So I went to the habitat store where I saw multiple things I thought we could use.  I thought I'd better just stick to the lightweight stuff like pillow cases and such.  I picked up a pretty Ralph Lauren print pillow case and you know what?  I felt a 'twinge'!  Even holding my phone is 'risky'.

I did not expect to spend my vacation having to be so careful.   That's not who I am.  Errr...  at least that's not how I want to see myself.   

I'm the girl who heaves garage door panels by the dozen onto minivan roof racks.  I'm the girl who goes to the dump and picks up windows, doors, 2x8s, and plywood.   I'm the girl who used to rearrange the furniture all by myself, including moving the piano... PREGNANT!

Who IS this old woman whose body I seem to occupy anyway.   I don't know her.  I don't want to BEher.  



User Comments

Me too

It's the pits!  😒

I can relate.

 I used to be sooooooo active.  Now just toting my mom to the grocery store once a week leaves me exhausted for two days.

It sucks, doesn't it!  Or should I say... it's very "humbling", lol.  Not funny, really...

it sucks being old

Yeah!!  No fair!  Now that I have a little time and money... I ain't got the body.  😒

I know what you mean about the back. I can move heavy things around and no back issues.

But lean forward to take something off a refrigerator shelf, and the back spasms.

You get to a certain age and each day you wonder what part of the body will be an issue that day.

It totally sucks!

Aging is rough sometimes. 

It sure is.  I'm not ready!

Backs can cause big problems.  Try not to agravate it.  Things change as you get older.  Be careful.

You got that right!  I'm trying. 

I think Maggie, as we get older and in our jobs we do not do as much physicial work as we use to, and we try to do like we did when we were younger, we end up with problems.

What I think needs to be done, is walking more or maybe riding a bike, or doing exercises that will help our muscles like the back, arms etc.

At least that is what I have done, and it helps to keep one fit.

Sitting and doing my work from the computer for the most part causes limbs to get weak.

And I think what causes your back to be as is, if the sit on your van is not one you can keep from moving you will have trouble with the back.

Also we are getting younger and that causes our problems.lol. Bro. Doc

You're probably right. 

I wish that was not the case. Bro. Doc

Guess its time to go 'multi-person' = schizoid   ...like me.


Somebody once told me "Aging beats the alternative". I absolutely agree with that. I think that not all people become decrepit with old age. I certainly don't intend to!

I'm sure I could do more towards prevention.   Just hard to care until you're hurting. 

Do you suppose that supplements made of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate truly provide benefits to the cartilage?

Mags, I did this search, verbatim: "study" AND "glucosamine sulfate" AND "chondroitin sulfate" AND ".edu"

I wasn't fond of the results I got. Anyhoo. "Prevention" my luv :-)

It only works if the damage to cartilage is relatively minor.   I used to take it in the early stages of hip problems, and it helped initially, but in the end I still had to get a new hip.  I wish I could have gotten that done years earlier... however, if I did, I might have gotten the old model, which doesn't last as long.   Anyway, if you've got joints that are giving you problems you might want to see if you're a candidate for joint replacement.   It's changed my life!

One more thing: I can't help but associate the word 'fragile' with archaic notions of what it means to be Female. You are not bloody fragile, Maggie!


Awww... thank you!  😊

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