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What's for Dinner?

Added: Monday, December 9th 2019 at 4:00am by maggiesnextphase

While on our road trip we did what people usually do when away from home.   We ate fast food.  I'd already been eating a lot more fast food than I should since I started working, but this was pretty much for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   

On two out of three occasions we went to restaurants, the food wasn't very different from fast food fare.  By the time we got home I was feeling bloated.  I was also feeling cold/flu-ey, and my skin was starting to have issues. 

At a truck stop I picked up a book called "Let Food be your Medicine".   I have always believed food to be the most major factor in good health, but I haven't always known exactly how to 'apply' it.

This book presented an 'adjusted food pyramid' that  has been like an AH-HAH moment!   It's SO SIMPLE, I Don't know Why I Haven't Come Across It Before.

 Basically, fruits, (water) veggies, nuts, seeds, and legumes are at the bottom.  Then starchy veggies,  rice, fermented or sprouted breads.  Then cheese and yogurt.  Olive oil and coconut oil are next, followed by fish, poultry, with red meats at the very top.

In a nutshell... EAT MORE VEGETABLES!

What I like most is that it doesn't 'vilify' food.  It simply rearranges it in order of priority and proportions.  I felt like this could be a method of eating  that I can live with... long term.  So I have been cooking up a storm, trying to have a variety of healthy meals I can bring to work.

For starters, I made a butternut squash soup, with curry and coconut cream.   Oh. My. Goodness!  It was SO DELICIOUS!  Better than hot cocoa for warming comfort.   (Speaking of hot cocoa, every time we tried to order some, they were either out, or the machine was broken.  WEIRD!  We Had To Laugh about It).

Next was roasted yams and apples, served on romaine lettuce boats, topped with raisins and pecans.

We Have a vegetable spiralizer for making "zoodles" Izuccini noodles), which I intend to use when zucchini is back in season.  I bought some other alternatives for chowmein, and for my turkey tetrazini... Which Was Chock Full of Collard Greens and Mushrooms.

I grated fresh cauliflower to add to wild rice.  You can actually use instead of rice, but my intention is only to tweak the proportions of vegetables and starches, not eliminate them.   Anyway, I topped it with stir fried mushrooms, broccoli, and chicken. 

I don't have to go to work till 11 today, so my intention is to make chicken enchiladas... with as many mushrooms, onions, and kale as I can get away with without ruining them. 

 I thought about making them with squash or spinach Tortillas, but I already have corn Tortillas I need to use.  So maybe next time. 

Anyway, my Skin is thanking me right now.   And so are my joints!   It's only been a few days, but I can tell the difference!  

Hubby wants me to read this other book on diet and inflamation, but I have heard enough about it to be horrified by it's restrictions.  I don't even want to open it up.  If this works well for us, maybe I won't have to. 

User Comments

Look into Celery Juice by Anthony William he has a FB site and web site this is super info on curing and healing all kinds of ills.. celery juiced has things no other veggies have..

Interesting!  I'll have to check it out. 

Looks like you guys are on the road to better eating habits and nutrition. Good luck and may your health be as wonderful as can be!

Thank you!  I hope so. 

Sometime Maggie, if your local Seventh Day Adventist Church is having healthy cooking classes, it would be idea for everyone to attend. They show how to eat healthy and your body will thank you in the end. Bro. Doc

I think they have them at our local Adventist hospital.   My problem is that my schedule is so eratic.  Maybe some day. 

Might be one day you can make it. I went and learned a lot at the SDA Church when they did the classes. Sure helped my eating habits. Bro. Doc

I'm really glad it helped you!

The way they do it, helps all whom follow the plan of healthy eating Maggie. Bro. Doc

It’s so easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon away from home. I’ve found prepping is the best way to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle.

I think you are spot on.   And I find that if you have plenty of yummy, healthy foods that you make, you won't even crave the other stuff. 

Stick with McDonald's, Ronald knows what food is good for you. He's a clown after all.....LOL

When you start reading up on food, you will always be amazed at what is and isn't good for you even if it is fruits and veggies.

I know, right!  I hate hearing about foods that are traditionally healthy being suddenly slapped with a 'bad' label. 

Healthy eating shows on your skin, hair and the way you feel.  l know when l eat more healthy l have more energy and look a lot better.  Loving the sound of that butternut squash soup with curry and coconut cream.

It was SO GOOD!  You should totally try it!

Have u got the recipe for it.  l would love to try it.

I was kind of winging it, but... here's the aproximate recipe, lol.

One large butternut squash, cut in half and roasted. 

One small onion sauteed in olive oil 

2 cloves garlic, minced

Chicken broth 2-3 cups

Curry (to taste)

Cayenne pepper (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

One 16oz can of coconut cream 


I sauteed my onions, then added the garlic and cooked for a bit.  I then added the squash and broth.  Next I Mashed It With A Potato Masher, Or You Can Blend With An Emersion Blender.  I Then Stirred In The Coconut Cream, Adding The Other Seasonings Until It Was To My Liking . 



Thank you so much Maggie.  l will certainly make this.  Sounds very tasty.

What do you do with the Calulifower to make it like rice? I'm thinking it might work for me because my husband doesn't like rice and I do. 

I just grate it, like you would cheese.  Then I microwave it for a few minutes covered, and let it steam till it's just tender.   that's it!

Thanks Maggie for the advice

You're welcome!  I know it's helping me... so hopefully it will help others as well. 

Getting away from pre packaged foods is the best. LOL. Yesterday I made some Wild Soup. Dehydrated wild mushrooms, corn, beans, wild rice, and even beef that I raised. I do love home cooking.

That sounds delicious!  I envy you the wild mushrooms.   We see mushrooms all the time on our walks, but aren't confident in identifying them,  so we leave them alone. 

I've done 'kit' mushrooms with great luck and in the end dehydrated them and overall saved some money too. However, the morels are the delicacy we adore here and they are only in the woods for about 4 weeks in the spring!

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