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What to do... what to do...

Added: Thursday, December 6th 2018 at 12:56pm by maggiesnextphase

I got up early so that I could sew several more strips onto my quilt this morning... before our walk.  Well, one thing led to another, and next thing I know, instead of walking... I'm making quiche!  And while the quiche was baking, I decided to try out my new nut cracker, which I'd forgotten to mention as one my thrift store finds yesterday.

When I first saw it, I wasn't sure what it was.  It's not like any nut cracker I've ever seen before.  It seemed solid enough, and I liked the spring action, so I bought it.  Boy... am I glad I did!  It's the best nutcracker I've ever used!  

Pretty much all the nuts come out WHOLE.  I hated to have to split them to get the center membrane out.  Not that it matters that much, because I end up chopping them when I use them anyway, but still.  

I remember having a huge walnut tree in our backyard as a kid.  Our parents didn't mind us watching TV so long as we were doing something with our hands.  Cracking nuts bought me a lot of tv time, lol.  Back then, we used a hammer.  It was messy, and sometimes you'd have to spend a lot of time separating out the bits and pieces.  SO primitive... especially compared to this nifty tool!

I got done before the quiche came out...

Life is GOOD!

User Comments

That quiche looks tasty!! I would never have figured out that was a nutcracker. How did you know?

I didn't know... but I suspected.  The lady at the checkout counter seemed to agree... so that was enough for me.

I have a relative who's neighbor has a walnut tree that hung over the fence so some fell on his side. I'll have to ask if they still do as I can't recall him mentioning having walnuts in a long time.

At somewere around $6.99 a pound, it's really nice to have some fall into your yard!

I was buying some at the grocery store earlier this year and they were just under $4 a pound.

I hope you bought a LOT!

Nifty little gadget!  Wouldn't it make a good hand exerciser also?

I suppose it would!  LOL

I have never eaten quiche but boy, it looks good!  We always used those old time nutcrackers, but this one here looks pretty darn interesting!

I'm so glad I happened upon it!  Makes quick work of nutcracking.

Now... why is it that you've never eaten quiche?

No one I know ever made one, I've never even seen one in person and I guess I would have to google a recipe to taste one, lol.

It's really easy to make.  If you can make a pie, or scrambled eggs, you can make quiche.

I will find a recipe and maybe try my hand af it.

WOW! good for you , now if that quiche was gluten free.......

I've made them with other things for crust, and even without crust.  I suppose you don't call it quiche then, but it still tastes good!

Yum, that looks good and also healthy, and I love the nut cracker, I've never seen one like that, even if I did, I'm sure i wouldn't know what it was...lol

I know, right!  At first I thought it was some sort of scoop... or fancy egg separator.  It was the spring that gave it away.


I love quiche, hubby doesn't...sigh. We have a hickory tree here and I collected the nuts but man getting the 'fruit' out was such hard work! Of course I used a hammer and a wooden block...

I gave up!

Now that's a nut I've never tried... probably because they're impossible to shell, lol.

Very tasty.  Love the walnuts too.

YES!  They're so yummy!

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