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Wardrobe inventory

Added: Saturday, March 25th 2023 at 8:18pm by maggiesnextphase

I had a bit of alone time today, which seldom happens anymore.  Hubby was out picking up some salvaged materials for a future greenhouse.  Little Man, who usually spends weekends with us, was spending time with his other grandpa. 

With the house to myself I decided it would be a good time to go through my wardrobe and pack away that which no longer fits.  

I pretty much tried on everything I own, including a bathing suit that I bought a few months (and 20 pounds) ago.  I remember the cashier looking at me, and then at the suit, making sure I knew that I could "return it if it doesn't work out".

That was the first thing I tried on.  Why, I'm  not sure.  I was prepared for a horror show, cuz this 63 year old body is not exactly shrinking in a way that is pleasing. 

Looking at my legs was really jarring.  Definitely senior citizen-esque.  Oh well.  However, the way the suit fit was surprisingly satisfying.  I like it!  I can't remember the last time I felt good in a swim suit!

Next I tried on all my favorite Sunday outfits.   It's bittersweet, cuz many are no longer useable.  I have loved these clothes.  They made me feel pretty regardless of my weight.  I packed them away, possibly to give away, hopefully to never fit into again... 

My everyday clothes are all stretchy and I'm still wearing most of them even it they're baggy.  I've replaced a couple of pairs of pants, but the tops will still do for awhile longer.  I'll replace them a little at a time.

Now, dare I mention bras?  I had to buy new ones recently, but I'm not sure I got the size right.  I'm still trying to figure where I am on that front.  They're fine for now.

I don't want a whole new wardrobe yet.  I want to lose a lot more weight.   And this little clothing review was good motivation. 



User Comments

I've been telling Yvonne it's time to depart with at least 50% of her shoes or I'm gonna start giving them to our new puppy. :)


😂  Ruh-Roh!

l love having a good clear out of my clothes.  l am inclined to hang unto clothes that l really know l will never wear again.  Every so often l pack them all away and bring them to the charity shops.  Looks like you are making room for all your new outfits that will fit your new slimmmer figure.  Well done to you for doing so well with the weight loss.

Thanks!  I am really looking forward to that new wardrobe!  

It is nice Maggie, when you melt, you can get new clothes and start over. Glad you can do that. Bro. Doc

I still want to lose more weight.   I'm just figuring out what to wear in the interim.   But I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying clothes shopping again!

I guess I thought you had reduced all you were goingtoo. But if you want  to reduce more. Power to you Maggie. Bro. Doc

Yep.  My goals are like steps.  You reach one, and then on to the next.

It is like a Religious Book I read years ago. 3 Steps Forward, and 1 step backwards. But lets hope you do not go one step backwards Maggie. Bro. Doc


Better to need new clothes in smaller sizes than the other way around. {#basic-laugh.gif}


I'm am so happy for you. I just gave away many bags of clothes in all different sizes. I should have sent the ones in your size to you.

I'm sure someone will appreciate them.  I don't plan on staying this size.   Just passing through, lol

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