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Walking... Walking...

Added: Saturday, August 1st 2020 at 4:27am by maggiesnextphase

We visited Silver Falls State Park yesterday.   It was gorgeous!  I wish I could have walked the entire 7.8 miles to see ALL of the waterfalls, but alas, I'm not up for that yet.

We got almost half way around, and decided that was probably enough.  The problem was... that once you're on this trail, you don't have many options to get off it.  We ended up backtracking a bit, then hiking up to a closes campground near the road.  Once there, hubby went to get the car from the other lot.

The thing is... the hike to the campground was up-hill all the way.  At first I had to stop and rest after every switchback.   By the end of it I had to take a breather every 20 feet!  I can't tell you how glad I was to see flat ground!

Anyway... here are a few pictures...











The waterfalls were great, but so was the drive to and from!



It was NICE to get out of town and see something we haven't seen. 

Anyway... that's it for now.   Ya'll have a great day!

User Comments

I'm so out of shape they'd have to carry me out of there on a stretcher. LOL

It was definitely a challenge!  You probably would have done what I did... push on.

Yes, I probably would have but I wouldn't have been happy about it. 

Right!  It was HARD WORK getting up that hill, but hubby and son were so patient with me, I thought it would be ungracious of me to complain too much. 

Nice pics Maggie. Love those steps... very cool. Amazing waterfall. You guys seem to visit places that look very similar to those Yvonne and I enjoy. If I were up there, I'd be checking everything out too :)

I hope you get to come out here one day.   Oregon has so many 'jewels'!

Oh I've been there. It's a long while tho. I thought the pacific northwest was very beautiful. As much as anywhere in the country and I've been to all lower 48 :)


Thanks!  We thought so too!


Thank you, thank you!

Seems like a quiet peaceful place to hang out.

It was absolutely lovely. 



Been there.  Love it.  Thanks!

{#high_five.gif}  yep!

Your pictures always bring me so much calm, Maggie.  It truly takes the mind off the current woes globally.  These pics remind me alot of the hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains, beautiful...

I'm glad they bring you calm.  I hope to visit the Smokey Mountains someday.   Until then, I just want to enjoy what is around me.

Silver Falls is as pretty as it always ways. I have not been there for a long time. Have to go one of these days. Bro. Doc

It's timeless, isn't it. 

It is a beautiful. I think by reading that was your first time there or am I wrong? Bro. Doc

I went there almost 30 years ago... with a 2year old in tow.  We saw one waterfall.  That was it.  About 10 years ago I brought my kids, who hiked around a bit, but I could do anything because I could barely walk.

I am glad that your able to walk now and see the sights of this place. It is a great place to see. Bro. Doc

I'm with Amala and the stretcher, but the pics look beautiful.

I believe that if I had had to go much farther up hill... I would have needed one too!

LOL, yes our hill is really really steep as well.

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