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LouieLouie elmo194855

Untruths, Half Truths, Twisted Truth, and Outright Lies

Added: Saturday, February 9th 2019 at 12:24pm by maggiesnextphase

I'm sure can't be the only one who is weary of having to be so wary.  Gosh, everything you read, everything you hear... all has to be sifted through the filter of discernment... and even then, it's hard to be sure you've got it right. 

 You listen to news media's interpretation of Trump's words and often wonder... did they hear the same speech I heard?  One person said there were 35 lies told.  I didn't go back and count the points he made, but I'm not sure he even MADE 35 statements altogether that could have been lied about. 

Sadly, it doesn't matter what comes out of his mouth.  It WILL be twisted.  I don't know how he can stand it.  Love Him Or Hate Him, Nobody Deserves to Have This Much Smear Poured Out Upon Him.

And then, this week, I happened upon two more instances of lies told about our church, on top of many more I've encountered recently.  This one having to do with baptisms for the dead.  It's in the kjv, but  has been taken out of many of the other versions of the bible. 

What I found was someone was trying to explain it away using a reference from the work of Homer to Justify their point.  I looked up the reference, just out of curiosity. Not only was there nothing there to prove their point, but it was not even remotely similar to what they were saying that it said! 

Sadly, I'm pretty sure most People Would Take this persons word for it rather than Learn For Themselves?  

The other instance had to do with our supposed version of the creation story.  Talk about a BLATANT FABRICATION!  It was SO outrageous, I couldn't believe he was even saying it.  But again, the others listening, who have no other knowledge, are likely to believe it. 

FYI, if you Want to Know what The Church Of Jesus Chist Of Latter Day Saints REALLY Believes, Don't Ask A Baptist Or A Lutheran... or anyone else who 'thinks' they know.  Just Go To Their Website... Lds.Org, And Type in Any Topic.  Don't worry, No one Will Be Knocking Your Door just Because you Went to This site.

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Getting Really Sick of Lies... And Liars. 


User Comments

I can relate to this post. So many can be led by a ring in its nose. They don't research. I know a woman who will hear something and run with it. She doesn't care if it is true, she does it to keep the drama going. On a few occasions, I questioned her and called her out(which she doesn't like) but I do it anyway. I have asked her and", how do you know this or where did you hear this?" She says, someone told me, so I come back and" You believe something because someone told it to you? That does not make it true."

It's good that you call her on it.  This is how untruths spread... because people are so happy to believe whatever they hear... and often are just as happy to spread it. 

Thank you maggie. I always feel when she starts in one of these pre fabricated stories that she is like a kid trying to see how far she can push my buttons. I feel as though she thinks she is superior intelligence and wants to see how stupid I am to believe her. lol

I had someone in my life like that.  I finally got fed up and backed away from the relationship.  I still care about her, but don't wish to be around that kind of head trip.  

I have done the same thing maggie. She was bringing me down by her drama, always playing the victim but yet she would boast that she was an 11 time cancer survivor. She fails to tell that not all of those cancers were dangerous to her. 

Sounds like drama alright!  Congratulations on deciding you didnt need that!

Thank you. 

If inerrant belief is the basic requirement, everyone is going to Hell ... 

... or so say some...

There are some here on Blogster who seem to believe the lies that even they are spouting!

I know!  With so much information available, there is no excuse for believing everything you hear.   Yet I have to admit, sometimes it's hard to find a reliable source for information that is correct.  I do at least try to take the time, though, because it's important NOT be misled, no matter who is talking.

Good blog post

Thank you!  :)

Life has become one big childs game. You know the one, we used to play it in grade school on rainy days when we couldn't go outside for recess.

You sit in a circle and one person whipsers something in the ear of the kid next to them and they in turn whisper what they heard in the next kids ear and so on around the circle until it comes back to you and it's not even close to what you said.

People will believe what they want and repeat what 'they' want to hear.


 So true!

In regards to your blog title, I think many people are comfortable living with those. It simply depends if something closer to the truth is less appealing. It's a sad way to live, but some people do.

These days I don't particularly need to know if I've got something "right", because being in the right neighborhood without blinders on is plenty good enough in the age of idiocracy.

I don't even care. Most have chosen comfort to universal truths so now everyone has their own version and this is our reality. New day, new truth, one big mess...

One big mess alright.  I don't see things in black or white, and don't expect absolute truth... as I don't think that's even possible.  However I despise intentional lies. 

However I despise intentional lies.

If it were any other site than Blogster, I'd test that Maggie. lol

I have an entire list of intentional lies going back decades from Government and am always curious what people think about those? And the list grows daily...

Oh, I believe that!  I think that's what has made me so wary... realizing how much we've been deceived.   It's heartbreaking, actually. 

It really is Maggie.

"Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" is what I was taught!

That's a good one!

Nixon modeled it for us, then this & that polit, then more presidents (especially Clinton & Obummer), and, what do you have?  Generations that think lying is OK.

The lies usually start at the top and very much affect the peeps under them...

I'm afraid it's becoming a part of our culture.  Very sad.

Oh, yeah...it's pretty well anchored in our culture.  Soooo sad!

You have to remember what Trump is up against... the Deep State, Internationalists, OWG promoters, and the communists. Is there really any wonder why religions would be taking a hit too? Along with the OWG comes the OWR (one world "religion")

#27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

Boy, you can sure see that happening!

End times Maggie, END TIMES.

I know.  I cringe at what is yet to come. 

Our weapon... prayer

LDS missionaries, and members, can come knocking at my door any old time, maggie.


They really do bring a special spirit with them, don't they!  How is Simon doing?

They do, I cannot deny this and see no reason why I should.

Simon is feeling much better but still hasn't got his plumbing working properly.  If there's no change in that situation today they are going to do exploratory surgery on him tomorrow.  If we let them, that is.  We're both super nervous about the fact that they still gave him a dose of Plavix yesterday (a bloodthinner he's on for another issue) and from what we can learn, that should be discontinued for about a week before any sort of surgery is planned.  They are witholding it today, but still....one day?  As opposed to a week?

We hope the surgery won't be necessary, but if it is, it's going to be up to him to decide how much trust he wants to place in the hands of a surgeon he hasn't even met yet, or when, or under what circumstances.


Never mind!  The Lord hath seen fit to gift Simon with the required act to secure his release, he just called with the news.

I told him the ticker tape parade will be arriving any moment now...hahah.

Prayers sent for him!  I understand having a hard time entrusting your life and body to anyone.  Sometimes, though, we have few other options and just have to take a leap of faith.  I hope it isn't necessary.

Yay!  That's great news!  WHEW!

Yeah babeeee!  ME DOIN' THE HAPPY DANCE!!!

Now...if we can just get him released in time for me to get him home before dark.  Snow's in the forecast and it's bitter cold.  I'm no good at dark driving anymore, though it was preferred in younger years, especially when trucking for a living.

If not, there's always morning!  Neither of us really care at the moment, we're fine with either, but today is always better than any other day, as we don't even have them yet, right?

Sure is good to read that Simon's plumbing is working this morning, hoo-rah! 

(However, do check your digs for stray socks and such that may be laying about - wouldn't want a recurrence of this.stopping-up stuff now.... ;)

I've been told you and the maggster are pretty handy at thawing frozen pipes...{#basic-laugh.gif}


She sawed out a twisted section with popped pipe and stuck in a new one.

Heck yeah!  I performed 'surgery' lol.  Patient had a full recovery!

And where are you when I need you?  Thousands of miles away, enjoying your nature walks.  Pffft.


Ah well, I haven't exactly sprung for airfare yet, have I!  It's gonna be a while, my friend.  Barring any other little emergencies which eat away ate change jars.

I wish we were a little more solvent.  Maybe something will shake loose. 

Lottery ticket, perhaps?

We're splurging on Arby's tonight, but with a good coupon!  Five bucks gets ya a signature sammie of choice (we chose smokehouse brisket) with fries and a drink.  The ten dollars did not come out of the change jar, lol, but I suppose if we had eaten spaghetti-o's on toast we could have saved that tenner!

Too pooped to cook though, both of us are. 

:) Waiting for his return as I type, and boy am I hungry!

I think the occasion Warrants a celebration!  And if you can do it for ten bucks... go for it!

It was delicious, and gone too soon, too soon!  (I could have mowed down two of those sammies, but...diet, yanno.)

Glad you got to enjoy a meal out!  We all need that once in a while. 

It's a funny thing maggie, but the older I get, the more I realise is how people hear what they want to hear, not what is actually said, and it's the same with reading things, I don't really know how "maybe thinking something different when reading," and a totally different meaning is interpreted on what has been written. People these days all seem to have thoughts on everything, and think what they think is right, and really just don't listen to what is being said or written.

Sorry this hasn't come out the right way, so I hope you get what I mean...lol

I think I do.  And I think you're right!

{#basic-smile.gif} , Good.

Just wanted you to know, Sandra, that your comment inspired me to write a post titled "Whoring for Reading Comprehension."

It's one I'd been considering for a few weeks, but didn't want to start a big fight writing...so far I seem to have succeeded.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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