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JaddieBlue MisterCox


Added: Sunday, June 28th 2020 at 3:52pm by maggiesnextphase

We were tired after a long day of having both grandkids.  We were driving home from a hike that we took.   Oldest son had taken my grand daughter to the other grandma's house so that we could have a little peace when we got home.

We were just pulling into our neighborhood,  taking a route we Seldom take, when we happen to witness a man being hit by a car.   Actually, hubby saw more of it than I did.   He saw what led up to it.  I only saw from  seconds before the point of impact.

The victim was on a bicycle, coming from a sidewalk to the driver's right.  He was riding on the wrong side of the road.  She had stopped at the intersection, and then proceeded to turn right while apparently looking left.

The bicyclist entered the intersection at the same moment the driver began moving forward.   It was so bizarre.  It almost seemed like it was happening in slow motion.

The man got up... looking rather discombobulated, but still ambulatory.  The woman got out of her car and apologized profusely.   We were at a stop sign across the street, watching, waiting to see if we were needed.

They exchanged numbers, and the woman was about to leave.   That's when another car pulled up who had been at the bank next to where we were.  He said he saw the whole thing.  That's when Hubby pulled over and got out of the car as well.   

By this time it had entered his thought processes that the 'victim' may actually be a scam artist.  I didn't hear the other testimony, but I'm under the impression that the other guy had come to the same conclusion. 

The victim didn't like either of them getting involved, and immediately decided my husband was a racist for coming forward, even though he hadn't actually said anything yet.  All that did was raise more suspicion.   

The police were called.  A report was made.   It's in someone else's hands now.  Naturally, it was disturbing, and haunted hubby the rest of the day.   It's not like you ever WANT to 'blame the victim'.  The thing is, the more we went over it, the more 'intentional' it seemed.   Or at the very least... reckless. 

Anyway, it left us with a very bad taste in our mouth.   

User Comments

People will anything it seems not to have to work for a living. You could be right about this.

I'm sure that between all the people present, the truth will come out.

I hope so.

There is so much scamming going on these days, its hard to know what's real or well...a scam!  God knows, traffic "accidents" are perfect for scamming unsuspecting people.  It rarely crosses a person's mind that a scam is taking place.  Had I been in hubby's shoes, I'd feel the same way he's feeling.

Yeah... you just don't expect something like that, so you have to constantly go over it in your mind... 'did I really see what I thought I saw?'

Maggie its getting to the point I'm starting to question everything.  Whoever thought it would come to this pathetic state of affairs, omg!

It seems Maggie, there are lots of people now days that do things to try and make a buck of someone. I saw one of those things a couple of years ago. Person claimed they were injured and I was asked to court by the person whom was said to have injuried the other person. But the person tried to say they were hurt, but I had seen him a day or so before the court hearing doing thing that is they were hurt they wouldn't have been able to do. So good thing your husband was there too. Bro. Doc

It's good that you were there, too!

yes, it was. Bro. Doc

Some of these accident scammers look for a certain 'victim' knowing they will assume since they were in a car that they were at fault and be flustered enough to agree to anything including paying  a settlement when that lawyer letter arrives in the mail and/or get a big pay out from an insurance company.

That's what we thought may be happening. 

Yuck. I hate things like that. We have a couple of scam artists here who do that sort of thing.

I guess it's a fact of life in these times, and something to always be mindful of. 

Not haunted. Mulling it over. The bum on a bike was dark-skinned and was very quick to call me a racsist in an attempt to divert from the obvious evidence that he is at the very best a suicidally incompetent and bicycle pilot. I like bicycles and bicyling as "free" transport. I dislike criminals and idiots on bikes because prople associate idotic and criminal behavior with casual bicycle riding as transport (where people ride in everyday clothes as opposed to racing drag.)


I stand corrected.

I guess this is why so many are investing in dash cams, as soon as the driver says it's all on the dash cam the victims give up.

Ooh... I hadn't thought of that!  But you're right!  We have cameras all over our buses.  I forget they're there, but this is the reason for them. 

I hope hubby isn't dragged into, what sounds like someone looking for a payout.

I think that's what the victim was intending to do to that woman.  Hubby and the driver and passengers of the other car got in the way.  If the 'victim' had plans for such a thing, I'm pretty sure they were well thwarted.

Lets hope so.

I can imagine. You say the "victim" called your husband a 'racist.' Was he black? 

I think he might have been Samoan or hispanic.   Hard to tell.   Just not white. 

People are what they have learned to be...

Like I think & just said over at WendiDawn's:

FACT: SPIRITUALLY:  Unconsciously, Every person works either for God or for Satan... That is, maybe 20/80 or 80/20, maybe 50/50. etc...

Some percentage for God, the rest of their time & energy for Satan...

Just the facts, ma'am.


I find that thought provoking...

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