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Added: Friday, August 16th 2019 at 10:06pm by maggiesnextphase

Some of the stories coming from my passengers are so astoundingly heart breaking.   I often need to decompress after listening.  I don't know if I should even share them here.  

Today's passenger broke her neck a couple of years ago.   She didnt KNOW it was broken.  And apparently the three places she sought medical attention didn't know it either.  They didn't do xrays or anything... just sent her home with muscle relaxants.

Finally, her family drove her to another town where they DID do xrays... upon which they promptly sent her into emergency surgery.  Unfortunately her broken bones had become infected.  The dr told her that if she had even turned her head wrong she could have become a quadriplegic. 

Why were they so disregarding of her medical needs at the first places?  Probably because she was an addict.  

The guy I wrote about who had all his teeth pulled had once been an addict as well.   Seven years clean... but the dr apparently thought it was best not to prescribe any pain pills.   He suffered WAY more than he needed to. 

The passenger I had yesterday had been shot in the head by her then boyfriend. It shattered her scull, and they had to reconstruct one side of her face.  She had to learn how to walk and talk all over again.   

Her mom, who felt she was being abused or neglected at the rehab center, insisted they release her into her care.  She said... "I taught her to walk and talk once.  I can do it again ".

So her mom took her home and did all the physical therapy, as well as teaching her how to talk again.  As soon as she had recovered sufficiently, her mother was diagnosed with cancer... so the caregivers roles were reversed.

Gosh... the things people go through!

User Comments

Yes it really is amazing what some people go through, and we only ever see or hear about a very tiny % of things.

It's true!  I hope I never forget that. 


People can be so self-righteous when they feel superior to other people.

I love hearing stories about family taking care of family.

You are playing an important role in the lives of the people you haul around ... far beyond just hauling them around.  I'm glad you get it, and that you take steps to take care of yourself, too!


I find that listening lets the people know that someone cares, even if its the bus driver

Yes... just being listened to can help you feel less alone in your struggles.  It's something I can do...

All those stories are so sad.  It must be difficult for you hearing some of them.  Can you switch yourself of from them when you get home again ?

Some people really do have a very hard life.  l think we all take a lot for granted and it is not until you hear stories like you hear that you start to appreciate just how lucky some of us are.

I know it definitely makes me appreciate the life I have.  I do think about these people after I get home.  A lot of the time the trauma is actually over, but they're still 'processing' it.  I pray for them, which helps ME process what I've just heard.  There's not much more I can do. 

Knowing they have someone to talk to is a big help :-)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. None of us are going to hell because we are already there. 


There is nothing more comforting to a person that is suffering with a disease or ailment of some sort, than having another person that is willing to listen and empathize with them.  You are that person Maggie and I'm pretty sure those passengers are very grateful to you for that.

I sure hope it helps.  It's about all I can do most of the time. 

When I did homecare there was the same need to listen without getting involved. The problem was when it's a daily or three times a week issue, staying decompressed was so hard it affected my health. It showed in my malignantly high blood pressure because I wanted to help that person and was powerless to do so.

Yeah, it can be stressful just hearing about this stuff.   That's why I've been reluctant to share it.  I think that's why they don't usually have me drive the same person around all the time.  A little detachment is essential. 

It is awful what some people chose to do the ones they claim to love. It is amazing the strength that some shows when they go thru things

For sure!  It's too bad anybody has to go through that.

Wow a lot of tough journeys in those stories. Strong people though to go through things like that & come out the other side. 

I know, right!  SHEESH!

I think it's just fine that you shared them. Reading what you wrote isn't the same as interacting with the clients.

I'm glad you are ok with it. 

some sad cases..you ae good to help  and listen maggie  {#friend.gif}

Thank you:)

One of the women in my mother room at the care facility was shot in the head by her husband. She lost the use of her right arm, it effected her walking and used a power scooter to get around. Her speech was effected and she had trouble forming words and sentences, and was a tad slow in thinking.

She died the same year as my mother from cancer. Survives the getting shot in the head ordeal and cancers takes her life.

This woman was a little bit slow of speech too, but not bad... considering.   I guess we all gotta go sometimes, but being shot by a "loved one" is too tragic for me. 

You can always thank the Almighty your not in their shoes. Bro. Doc


I bet to them you are an angel


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