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The rest of the story...

Added: Sunday, December 8th 2019 at 5:10pm by maggiesnextphase

Hmmm... not sure which story to start with.   How bout the one where our anxieties got the better of us and we fought like cats and dogs enroute.  Yeah... that was fun.   NOT.

Visiting relatives can sometimes dredge up latant issues... or exacerbate current ones.  Seems like every time we would visit his family there would be a price to pay.   After this one, all I wanted to do was go to the nearest airport and fly home. 

I didn't.  He had just lost his mom!  I know that grief comes out in ugly ways sometimes.   We moved past it, but it did alter our plans, which didn't seem to be working anyway. 

Our son who lives there had just left for China!  The afternoon that we'd intended to spend with our grand daughter ... nixed because we didn't have a seat in the back of the van.  We settled on coming around dinner time.  And due to stress about who was watching the cat, decided to make that a day earlier than planned. 

So we didn't get as much time with his sister as we had wanted to, but I think the visit we did have was pleasant. 

We went to the funeral home for a last goodbye to his mom.  We also looked at family photos.  Her husband showed off his gorgeous old Buick, and model T.  We learned things about their family that we didn't know before.   The kind of things you don't put in Christmas letters.

I quit reading those letters a long time ago.   I would have Hubby give me the highlights.   I genuinely love this family, but it was hard to hear about SOOO MANY SUCCESSES while we were in the midst of so much turmoil all the time. 

The drive home was without mishap.  We took a couple little detours, just to see some different scenery.   And to visit some favorite places... among them a special bicycle shop in Eugene. 

I had wanted to see a 'Tiny House Village' that they have there.  We saw two!  They were a challenge to find, but it was worth it.   

We drove home in the dark and arrived to find that our daughter had not only fed and loved on the cat, but had cleaned up the house as well!

I Slept all day Friday, and worked all day Saturday.   I was grateful for the opportunity because this was a very expensive trip!  

Have I mentioned lately how glad I am that I have a JOB?  (Gosh... who says stuff like that?)

Anyway, we're back.  Back to more drama that I may write about... or not.  Hope you all are well. 



User Comments

 I haven't read your previouss blogs but I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby losing his mom.  That's always a hard one.    May she rest in peace, and I know you will be there to help hubby find some comfort and peace of mind.

What a nice surprise it must have been to get home and find those blessings from your daughter.  

I'll keep an eye out for the next installment!

Oh Elmo... I have missed you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.   I know we will get back on even keel soon enough.   I just had to put this somewhere... cuz it's been weighing on me. 

I have missed you, too, Mags, and all my blogster friends!  I love our little neighborhood here, don't you?

And yes, that's what we're here for, so you have a place to put this!


Maggie, I'm sorry for all the turmoil you and hubby have been going through.  My deepest condolences on the loss of your MIL.  Seems sometimes in life for all steps taken, 2 more are taken away.  I hope your life can get back on an even keel again and happier days are ahead.  You both are in my prayers as always. ♥

Thank you for your kind words Dani!  I'm just decompressing.   I'm sure we'll be back to... 'situation normal'... (lol) soon enough!

Oh Maggie I am glad you are home and things are weren’t burned down and the kitty is safe and well. Everything always seems more expensive than we hope. A job makes that fact of life easier to live with.

It sure does!  A lot of things worked together to make this trip do-able... despite the extra expenses.   WHEW!  

Did I tell you about when my own mom died?  House burning down?  I hadn't thought about that, but maybe that was part of what triggered so much anxiety.

I may have known but it wasn’t a conscious reference to that. Funny how that happens when tucked away memories and experiences trigger emotions we lest expect. I’m just glad even with the not so perfect trip that you and hubby found a way to be there and for each other. It’s hard to go through it alone.

It's just so interesting that you mentioned it, cuz yeah... we were totally 'triggered'.  I'm glad too, that we decided to pull ourselves together and do what we set out to do.  It's been one heck of a month!

Road trips can be boring or an adventure, and a mix of both can be interesting.

It didn't go as well as hoped, but we made it through.   I am almost afraid to do another one. 

Sounds like you had some up's and down but it looks like things didn't go too bad. So which Bike Shop did you stop at. I probably know if I knew the name. Glad your back. Your were missed Maggie. Bro. Doc

Thank you Bro. Doc!  I don't remember the name.   I'll ask Hubby and get back to you. 

Thank you  I am sure I know the shop. Bro. Doc


CAT? Not sure I understand. Bro. Doc

Center for Appropriate Transport, aka Eugene Bicycle Works.

It's a bit more than a "bikeshop". They conduct very cool apprenticeship programs

Yes, I know it as Eugene Bike Works, a very good place, and yes they do have cool apprenticeship programs. I guess I didn't know the first name you used. Bro. Doc

Intensive biodynamic gardening and sewing are part of the  bicycle-building apprenticeship program 

Yes, I heard that. Bro. Doc

Families stuff does seem to bring up things that should just be left to settle. I think people should know that by now.

However I'm glad you all made there and back. 

You are home and safe and things seem to be getting back on track!

Yes... thank GOODNESS!

Families, I really don't know if I miss the problems and fights, or the people, me always having the "mouth without brain contact",  I at least know that they know I loved them even with the big mouth,.

Happy you are home again, and doing what you do best give, give, give.

Yep... family is sometimes a challenge!    (Or maybe ALWAYS!)

You hit the nail on the head, though... about loving despite your weaknesses... AND THEIRS.

Yes, True love you just cant seem to shake "I'm happy to say".

I have to tell you maggie, I just turned my put-er on, to check on something, and I received a beautiful Christmas wish with 2 videos from The San Hospital. So after a big cry {I'm not the crying type, I'd rather yell} I commented, and am now sorry I didn't say a lot more, Have you ever heard of this before??.  It is the most lovely thing for an old girl/patient to receive I can tell you, I have saved it to a file, so I will always have it.

I've never had the hospital send me anything for Christmas, but I'm really glad they sent YOU something... if it made you feel like that!

It was really lovely maggie, and we have looked at it several times.

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