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The Question Is...

Added: Friday, February 15th 2019 at 5:35pm by maggiesnextphase

Is it TRUE?  

Is it true that the recent helicopter exercise in downtown LA was a special op... to retrieve a biologically hazardous package?  

As the story goes, the building is owned by the attorney for NXIUM defendants, and was slated to be demolished next month.  (In case you don't know, NXIUM is a sex slave operation currently being prosecuted). 

The  biological agent would presumably be disbursed during the demo... causing widespread sickness and death.  Perhaps other evidence is at risk of being destroyed in the demo as well.  The connection is definitely fishy.

The team of spec ops were supposedly part of Trump's 'space force', which is independent of all other Branches of the military, and which so far answers only to HIM.  The story also goes on to say that only the best of the best were selected for this operation. 

Videos taken by residents in the area clearly show hazmat dressed men carefully retriving two packages and loading them into the helicopter.  The breached Building, known as "The Guatemalan Cultural Center" is shown now boarded up.  

People familiar with high real estate prices in the area say that there is no way a museum or cultural center of that nature could afford to operate on that street.  They say it had to be a cover forsomething else.

so... my question is... is this true?  It supposedly came from someone in the military who had some sort of  inside knowledge.  I Wish I Had a Way Of Vetting This.

I have a lot of close family in the LA area, Including son and DiIL and grand daughter.  I know that if I attempt to tell my liberal Democrat family members of their near miss... it won't go well.  Especially if there aren't any 'official sources' to back the story up. 

So I sit here, astounded at what I think may be legit, but have no way of knowing for sure.  I do know that it was my concern about something like this happening that made it extra hard to see my loved ones move down there.

Go ahead and call me paranoid.  It's what I've heard... and what I'm trying to process. 

User Comments

This is quite interesting Maggie.

I thought so too!  I was hoping others may be able to add to this story.

Hi Maggie, was this on the news ??, I don't blame you for being worried, I would be as well, please keep us updated if you hear any more.

I no longer watch any of the lying, Bilderberg/Sorros owned new stations.   I have a handful of citizen reporters that I go to for information on what is going on in the world.

According to these sources, the top secret mission was announced publicly, and planned for in cooperation with the police, who cordoned off roads, but under the guise of a "training operation".

That same night, there was another operation in Long Beach which was intended for the lamestream media to cover.  I'm sure there were professional cameramen at that one.  In the one I refer to, only respondents were there to witness the event.

A former military person gave several reasons why he believed it was an actual mission rather than an exercise.   Namely... the potential risk to persons and property.  The actual breach of property.   And the fact that there is footage of them spraying down the helicopter afterwards, saying this was 'de ontamination'.

I later heard that they spray down helicopters for other reasons, such as fueling in the air, or possible static due to close proximity to buildings or trees.

If you watch the videos, they are flying down the street BELOW the palm trees, which line the center strip.  It's pretty impressive, actually!

Anyway, all these things give credence to the report, but I'm still not absolutely certain. 

Only RESIDENTS were there... to film the event

I've not heard any of this.

If you only watch mainstream news, you never will.  

Very strange.  

Yep... and SCARY!

Hard tellin' Maggie... but I'm sure whatever the "official story" is when it's all figured out will be BS.


We haven't heard anything about that in these parts. It isn't even on the news. 

As I said to sfeastbay... it will NOT ever be on the mainstream news!  It shows Trump as a hero, and congressman Schiff, whose district this is, as possibly cognizant and/or condoning, if not in colusion.

This is scary

It sure IS!!

Very unusual, for sure.  (Not entirely convinced about the sex-slave thingy, though, most of what I've seen of those investigations suggest consensual sex of a BDSM nature.)


I recently heard that it went beyond that, that they were suppliers of trafficked individuals.  I'm sure it will all come out in the end. 

This is interesting so I did some searching. First, the space force isn't formed yet since it's still in development stage and it will be a part of the Air Force, not the Army. The helicopters involved in the incident are Army copters used by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The "exercise" took place over 2 nights in downtown La and the Silver Lake region. It included explosions, rescues, and training in hazmat substance removal. They blew the front gate off the property before entering which kind of negates the explosive nature of what was removed in a way. Also, the building owned by the lawyer in your post owns the building next door not the cultural center. He said his firm had prior knowledge of the training exercise. He said it was Top Secret and that would be the truth since that's what the 160th exists for. They were formed in 1981. All of their training is Top Secret. The owner of the building involved is not known. 

If the object of the mission was to remove something from the building, the lawyer wouldn't have had prior knowledge of the exercise at all. From the looks of the videos, there was no traffic on Wilshire which would mean the street was blocked off before the start of the whatever it was. That suggests training since blocking of the street ahead of time means something is going down. When something actually goes down, the blocking happens as it goes down. There would still have been cars on the road either stopped in the middle out of fear or racing to get the heck outta Dodge.

The law firm was probably told due to the explosives being used in close proximity to their building. There was, after all, a potential for damage to his building and if there were a real point to the mission like the removal of something, I doubt he would have been informed. That's why I'm thinking it may actually have been nothing more than a training exercise plus the fact that there was more than 1 night of it and more than 1 location. Something not mentioned at all by the independent news sites. It was covered on wktla 7 which is an ABC affiliate. Videos show more than just 1 copter landing and show people being airlifted out of the area. The men and women serving in SOAR are about as elite as you can get in the Army, they're called Night Stalkers. They train at night.

The other thing I know is that the Guatemalan Cultural center moved on Wilshire about 8 blocks to a new building because the prior building wasn't being maintained by whoever owned it. It was condemned which is why it's going to be torn down. 

Excellent research, Sherry.  Thanks!

Very interesting Sherry! 

Yeah, from what I heard, it was planned as an exercise and streets were cordoned off... by policemen.   But what I also heard was that they wouldn't have done such an exercise in that important an area unless they had an actual mission.   And naturally the pilots would have had to have come from another branch of the military, else how else would they have honed their skills.   In the video I saw, there was some pretty impressive flying!  What you said about the lawyer being notified is,  in my humble opinion, the most compelling reason not to believe this story.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

I do find it interesting that the attorney says he was notified, yet of the citizen videos that I watched, who also lived right next door, none seemed to have been given any advanced notice.  

My stepson has a good buddy who left the Army 3 years ago because he couldn't get into the 160th SOAR. This kid is a serious badass and if he couldn't hack it that gives me an idea of just how elite they are. I showed him the video I found on Military.com and he was the one that identified the copters and pointed out the lack of cars on the road. I just kept digging in some pretty strange places online and was surprised at where I found what, but it backed up Scotty's pronouncement of BULLSH*T when I told him what the supposed explanation was. I actually felt better when I found the news coverage of it as well. Sadly, this all calls into question for  me the veracity of independent news online. It's ALL biased and in a way you can't blame them. WE are all biased on some level or other so they're doing nothing more than meeting our needs to make money. You know what though? If anything I found helps ease your mind about the safety of your friends and family, I'm happy. 

Ok, so apparently the attorney owns BOTH Buildings, including the target of the extractions.  It was more than just a gate that was blown out.  Also, the specific types of helicopters used were not what is being reported.  They were helicopters used exclusively by Navy seal teams.  I will continue to post tidbits as I find them. 

Special ops helicopters are the same whether it's Navy Seal or Army SOAR. They both use the stealth choppers built by Sikorsky called Blackhawks although the navy designates theirs GhostHawks and they use Chinooks and a smaller one manufactured by Bell Aviation.

I read that someone searched the records to see who owned the building but he believed it was the law firm even though it wasn't listed anywhere. He also claimed that he spoke to someone at the firm who only said the building was empty and they said they knew of the event ahead of time and that it was top secret. If there was anything damaging to them inside the building, they would have removed it.

When I search for stuff like this I use incognito mode which doesnt save my search so I can't find it now, I looked at too many sites for my mind to remember where it is. I remember the commentor's name was Rick something but not where it is. 

It does get to be pretty mind boggling trying to get to the bottom of stuff like this.  I am glad someone else was interested enough to try.

I looked at the red pill 78 video. First off if there was a biohazard like that in his building, it's illegal as hell and he will be arrested. IF it really is a biohazard as the source claims, there is no amount of money Girardi can grease palms with to stay out of jail, so I'll reserve judgement on that part until he gets arrested. 

Second thing is that he claims the new Space Force was borrowed from except the Space Force isn't trained yet and won't be fully trained until they are trained like the astronauts are to survive in space. That training takes 2 years and is only done by NASA which is where the disagreement on the govt level is happening about this program. The Air Force is the overseeing body and they want 13 billion to pay for the training which the Pentagon is saying is too much money. We don't have a space force and we are no where near having one right now. The best estimates are that we will have one years from now. The claim that special ops were borrowed from something that doesn't exist and that he was told this by a retired military man is hogwash. 

I have not entirely dismissed this yet, but it isn't looking good as the truth. 

Here's another good analysis...

MIL OP?  PRACTICE? In pursuit of truth presents

I have a correction. ABC 7 is not ktla. The link to their site with video that I saw is this. 


I know that alt news is a mixed bag, and that you really have to be careful who you listen to.  However, I went back and re-listened to the guy who put out this story and I find his investigative style and skills to be well above average for this type of work.  If given a choice between him and the mainstream news, whether local or national, who only know how to read what is presented to them, I'll take him any day.  I don't currently have the ability to post a link, but if you look up "confidentiL tip on LA MIL SPEC OPS" by red pill 78, you can discern for yourself.   Incidentally, the video starts off with some interesting investigative work having to do with RBG.  The LA op story is right after it.

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