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That day when...

Added: Friday, November 15th 2019 at 10:17am by maggiesnextphase

That day when your fabric hoarding makes sense! 


Note:  this is a work in Progress.   I recovered the sofa in three Goodwill tablecloths.  The loveseat is done in a duvet, also from Goodwill.  The curtains are yet to be decided upon.  It's between the velvet brown on the left, and the gold damask bedsheet on the right.

The chair in the foreground is also getting recovered.  Probably In The Leaf Pattern That is Draped On It Now.  It'll be Done With the Glue gun... As That is The Way I Roll.  Keep in Mind, All Of This Furniture Was Shredded.  I Never Glue Perfectly Intact Furniture.

Anyway, This is How I 'Play'.  Some people Like Video Games.  Some Like Sports.  Some people Knit.  This is What I Love to Do.  

After I Was Well Into It, I Got a Text From My Former Tenant Asking If There Was A Possibility that She Could Move Back!  Apparently there Is A Disagreement with Her New Landlady Regarding Heat.  Of Course I Said Yes!

She Is Paying Far More than She Was Here, So  her Expectations To Be Kept reasonably Warm Should  NOT Seem outrageous.  She said She was Going to Try to Work It Out With her Landlord and Would Let Me know By Friday (Today).

Her Tastes Are More Modern, So Once again I Will Throw My Canvas Dropcloth Over the Sofa And Loveseat.  The Rest of The The Stuff Can go Back Downstairs.

If She DOES End Up Resolving the Heat Situation, I Have Another Potential Tenant In The Wings.  And If That Doesn't Pan Out, I May Wish to Leave It Be Until I Find A Good Fit.

 have the day off so I'm Working on The Kitchen Right now.  I'll Post Pictures Later.  Have a Great Day!


User Comments

What you have done in this room is lovely, Maggie.  It looks so good and roomy! The Christmas tree really enhances the look even more.  I love the wood floor you have also.  The recover looks great!

I hope your tenant returns but if not well at least you have a potential waiting in the wings, so to speak.

Thank you!  I must admit... I just want to keep going and have it for myself...

I don't blame you one bit. I'd be tempted to keep it for myself too!  I hope it can continue looking nice and homey as it does here if/when tenant(s) arrive.

Me too!

I’m going to text you. I need your advice🥰


Glue guns are like duct tape, a million uses.

Hahaha!  Yep.

Nice work you've done there,  everything looks good. Wish I had that talent.


Thank you!  It's such fun to finally get to do this, even if I end up having to cover it up. 

I like the gold color for curtains

I like it too!  The only thing with that is, I have to sew it into curtains, while the brown velvet is already made.   We'll see...

It all looks nice Maggie. I think if it was me doing the renting I would have some kind of furniture that you could wipe off, or scott guard the material so it will look nice for a long time too come. But, your doing a wonderful job Maggie. Bro. Doc

I'm just working with what I've got. 

I see. Bro. Doc

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