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Smorgasbord of stress

Added: Thursday, July 11th 2019 at 6:56pm by maggiesnextphase

Some of it's mine, but not all.   Stressing about whether I will be needed at work from day to day.   Driving a different bus/van almost every time, and having to figure out all the little quirks.

I drove a bus last friday that broke down!  Fortunately it was in a good place.  As in... not on the road or in heavy traffic.  They sent a smaller bus to take me and my passengers to our destination, but we barely fit.

Later I drove a different bus for a different route.   That bus had a tilted seat!  Only slightly, but enough to feel and be annoyed by it.   After a long day of that my back was hurting. 

And I don't know what it is, but every rig I've been in this week has had a service light go on.  Sometimes intermittently.  Today my brakes started to groan.  It was a newer Transit van.  I had to wonder... is none of this happening to anyone else?

Anyway, enough of my stresses.  My passengers were especially stressed out today.  Stress is sort of inherently integrated into the position they are in.  Not being able to drive themselves.  Having to depend on a number of unknowns.  

'What driver am I going to get?'

'Will they be on time?'

'Will I have to share the ride with anyone else?'

'Will I have to be dropped off hours early, and have to wait?'

'Will there be a bathroom if I need one?'

Will anyone be sensitive to my needs?'


As you can see, there is a lot to worry about when you are at the mercy of a public transportation company to get you to your very important appointments.

So... today, right off the bat someone was stressed out because I arrived in the "big van".  It's designed to carry more than one wheelchair, not for the comfort of ambulatory folks.  The seats are too small, and don't have armrests. 

She knew from experience that it was going to be a difficult ride.  And on this day... she really needed a gentler carriage, because the whole reason she had to see a special dentist that was two hours away was because she was in a lot of pain!

Next passenger... not ready.  Said I was an hour early.   I just go by what my tablet tells me to do.   Apparently this was a post-op appointment, and the fact that I was way early stressed them out so much that they cancelled.   

On to passenger number THREE.  She uses a scooter due to a bad leg.  The purpose of the appointment was to see if she would have to get it amputated.   

She was pretty chipper throughout the drive, telling me all about the 8... yes EIGHT times she had broken the same leg, and all the surgeries performed in an effort to put her back together each time. 

Meanwhile, I had to keep an eagle eye out for a bathroom for passenger #1.  When we got to one, she was sleeping peacefully, and told me to keep going.  I was just pleased that she could sleep, despite the chatter... the windy road, and the awful seats.

Turns out anxiety meds helped.  That's good because even though her appointment was earlier than the other lady's, the other one was to be dropped off first because it was on the way.

We pulled in with plenty of time to get to the second appointment, but the one I was dropping off was really mad that she had to be two hours early... and boy was she ready to call and complain about it!

I have to interrupt here to wonder if people ever 'do the math'.  If I pick them up at 7, and they know it's about an hour and a half drive... and they KNOW  that their appointment is at 11... what did they think would happen in that four hour span?

I apologized for about 20th time that morning, and went on my way to the next appointment.   Traffic made that a slow process, but it turned out for my benefit because I couldn't get the sound to work on my navigator.   I had the map, and had to steal glances at it while creeping along at 10-15 mph.

We got there... in time to nab a parking place!  But it wasn't one intended for a giant van.  After my passenger went inside I scoped the place out for something more suitable,  but there was nothing.   thankfully the guy next to me pulled out, so I took his spot.  At least I knew I could get out of that one... should someone decide to park in the parallel spot behind me.

Ok... so I guess this is getting quite long, so I'll wrap it up with this.   The gentlest ride I could muster... Picking a third person up...an amputee from a prosthetic clinic.  And wishing everyone well as I dropped them off at their various destinations. 

If ever I think my life is hard...

User Comments

One of the mechanics left a bus repair printout in one of the rigs, titled "101 uses for duct tape /self reliance.com" Have you seen it? They need it back, asap.


When I used to use the Paratransit bus with my mother it could be annoying to have to go out of your way before you got to where you needed to be since they needed to follow the exact route the computer set up for them.

You need to write all this stuff down so one day you can write a book about it all. Could even make a good sitcom, who would you want to play you? {#gruebel.gif}

Hmmmm... I don't even know any current actresses these days... lol.

Just do what Hollywood does. Whomever is on the cover of People this week just hired them ever if they aren't right for the part....LOL

Ok... Melania it is!

In reading this Maggie, it appears that they do not do maint. each and every day on the vehicles that are driven. I am sure you a work order slip you turn in each day. Here if your driving like you did today you have the same van you had the day before. Because out of town runs use the same vehicles over and over again for the same routes. Glad it was you. Sure you want to drive. I guess you could be a cab driver? Bro. Doc

I don't do the same thing every day, so I won't be driving the same vehicle.   But I do report it every time I find a problem. 

I know you reported the problems, but I think they are slow at fixing them. Like I said here there are certain buses that run the same routes everyday. So in what your doing during the day you might have the same bus more than once that day. But, I am sure the same bus does the same routing each day. So I would think you see the same bus lots during the week. Bro. Doc

You are so kind and compassionate. Someone I would have wanted my mom to get to ride with when she was still here and had to take a service like you work at to get to her appointments and shopping. Thank you for providing these moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends and loved ones with kindness, patience and Iā€™m very positive...with many prayers. There will be special rewards in heaven for you.

Awww... thank you!  šŸ˜Š

It really is rewarding to know... or at least FEEL like I smoothed out at least some of the bumps in someone's day.

OMGoodness me, I was chuckling {yes I know  I am a very sick lady}, but all jokes aside, you are the driver I would pay a lot to have every single time I needed a driver, you really are worth a lot more money.

I probably am, lol.

But seriously, my job is very satisfying in other ways... despite the frustrations.

Yes it shows that you really like your job.

Having worked in logistics a few times I can attest to the fact that no, most people don't get it, they don't get it at all.

And...having worked in logistics a few times I can attest to the fact that no, I am not looking forward to ever having to avail myself of local 'dial-a-ride' services since they are entirely based on need as opposed to regularly scheduled runs.

Yep... logistically Speaking... you really can't accommodate everyone's particular needs, schedules, preferences, or peculiarities.  All you can do is put yourself out there every chance you get and give it what you've got.  Sometimes that is enough.   Sometimes it isn't.  But always... there are moments where you know you made a small difference for the better.  It's enough for me.

I'm glad I don't have your job. 


I only like to drive on back roads!  I could never do your job.  It would stress ME out too much.

I'm really glad I've done as much driving as I have throughout my life.  It has prepared me well for the situations I'm finding myself in.

Most businesses hire a "parts changer" and not a mechanic. There is a big difference between the two. Stay calm

Good point!  I will try!

Goodness, sounds like a lot of stress to deal with. People who are stressed out always stress me out.

Now that I have a good idea of how Anxiety and stress makes people act, I feel like I don't have to take it personally... and that helps ME feel less stressed. 

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