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Slow and steady...

Added: Saturday, January 12th 2019 at 3:30pm by maggiesnextphase

So... on the house project... I usually only work about 3 or 4 hrs in the mornings.  I'm a 'morning person'. This is just about right for the small section I'm working on. 

There is a lot of stuff to work around, so the goal is to complete this corner and then move the furniture so i can start on the next area.  The next section should go fas cuz there is less to fix.

In case you haven't been around for some of my previous projects, walls take time.  It's all about the joint compound.  You put on a layer... Let it dry over night... sand... and repeat.  I'm sure i must bore people to death when I talk about it. 

I just finished my second layer of mud on my door-hiding wall.  It's already starting to look 'normal'! I'm taking tomorrow off.  It needs time to dry all the way.  I had to sand around the wet parts today.  

I found this nifty new drywall sander that makes quick work of it!  Its a pumice stone, made for walls.  I couldn't believe how much easier it was to use!  I'm glad i bought it!

Anyway, hubby and the boyfriend joined in today!  Hubby washed the kitchen ceiling.  BIG IMPROVEMENT!  The boyfriend is installing a cat door. 

I Hate to Quit when The Momentum is Picking up... But... It Was A Good Amount of Progress For One day.

User Comments

Sounds like you and the helpers had a good day.  I hope it continues to move along smoothly.

Me too!  It was nice to be part of a team!

I hate doing anything to ceilings, don't like all that looking up business....LOL

Same here!  I'm really glad my husband is doing that part!

It's the boyfriend helped "and hubby of course {#basic-wink.gif} ", I think it's good for everyone to join in if possible.

Yes!  "Many hands make quick work"... or however the saying goes.  And my friend feels so very loved.

Well that is just great, she is a very lucky neighbour.

I had to read the boyfriend twice before I realized the neighbors boyfriend. I was thinking daughters boyfriend. I'm sure the neighbor feels the blessing of you and hubby in her life.

She's been SO appreciative!  Makes you want to keep going!

Hrrm, I was thinking to myself "maggie never told me she was having an affair" lololol!

Lol, I should have worded that differently!  And must remember to proofread!

I definitely need to review my posts before I hit that button!  Lol


You and your team are cruising right along!  That's so cool.

Yeah!  GIT 'R DONE!


Sounds like real progress is being made.  Don't do too much all at once.  Little bits at a time :-)

Yes!  If I have too much going on at once my eyeballs start spinning,  lol.



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