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Added: Monday, October 26th 2020 at 1:34pm by maggiesnextphase

So... about a week ago my upstairs tenant said that her hot water handle on the kitchen faucet was stripped out.   I told her I would replace it if they have that kind in stock.  It's a wall mount, so I wasn't sure it they would.

Thankfully, the hardware store had one.  And thankfully when I designed that kitchen I made it easy to gain access, thereby also making it easy to replace.  So that afternoon, she had a brand new faucet, and I was feeling pretty good about myself.

A little TOO good, perhaps.  It made me want to tackle the long delayed task of replacing our own broken tap.  (Incidentally, after fiddling with the one I'd just replaced upstairs, I realized that it didn't actually need replacing.  A screw just needed tightening).

Anyway, long story short... parts had to be chiseled off.  New fixture that I LIKED got lost in the melee that is our house.  Found another one, but decided I didn't like it enough to install it.  Ordered a new one... and proceeded to wait a week. 

Fast forward... hose was too short.  New one wouldn't screw on.  But first... on the way home... car broke down and had to be towed.  Hubby walked to the hardware store to get a transitional part. 

By this time there was no way I was going to NOT have running water!  Hubby did all the parts you need long arms for.  I did the final connections.  We have water!  

AND... we have a major car expense...  but it's always like that, isn't it?  You save money by not hiring a plumber... so you can have it go somewhere else you didn't want it to go.  All when other annual expenses come due.  Add to that... water and garbage Bill's going up...

'Sinking' is how I feel sometimes. 

User Comments

take deep breaths then scream real loud

Hahaha!  Just thinking about doing that is enough, lol.

That's how it goes. It seems that without fail whenever Yvonne and I cut an expense or save by doing some DIY, something else happens to wipe out any gains.

Stay afloat Maggie

Thank you Scott!  ❤

I have two relatives with wall mount kitchen faucets still and one that still has a bathroom sink with two faucets. Want warm water have to plug the sink and turn on both faucets. 

There are some people who don't even know what that is since they aren't old enough to remember.....LOL

mine is nearly like that in the bathroom but it has a countertop that it sits in.  and a little different handles for the faucets, but they are one on each side. The one your showing is a 1960 style. Because where I used to live the unit I lived in had one just like this and it was put in brand new when the duplex was built in 1960. They work great. Bro. Doc

I like those units for some reason. We didn't have them at home but friends and relatives did. 

This is the kind our house used to have in the bathroom.   Looks adorable, but I'm so glad I switched it.  So much better to be able to control the temperature. 

I sure remember.  This is identical to the one that wS in the house when we bought it.

You save money for a rainy day, then something comes up that needs fixing. You not only have to spend that rainy day money, but more money on top of that. The story of my life, lol.

Right?  Mine too.  😒

This is why for major things that need repair on a car I belong to Protect My Car. It will help to keep the bill down and get the job fixed. And there are something they pay for and you don't like 3 times a year oil changes, and tire roating. Even have roadside help if you need it, and even something that helps if you have to stay somewhere overnight. But the kind of car I got a Dodge Intrepid 2004 may never need it. My Dad had one and it never really need any work until it had over 168 thousand. So this car will be around a while with 104 500 miles. Bro. Doc

Wow, that's amazing!  I have never heard of Protecting My Car.  Hmmm...

Maggie, here is there website  you can see about them. www.ProtectMyCar.com .

Maybe it is something for you? Bro. Doc

Yep Maggie, there is ALWAYS something, we have to put our hand in our pocket for. {#basic-frown.gif}

Yep... so true.  

You sure have had your share of bad luck. Reminds me of an old jingle on Hee Haw -- "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Gloom. Despaire and agony on me." LOL  Hope things get better. {#friend.gif}

I guess I should be grateful that I've got these kinds of problems.  Could be worse!

Same thing here Maggie. Get some money ahead and wham something breaks.

I can't even say that I had money ahead.  I've been sending it all to my daughter for a downpayment.   I barely left enough to pay my anticipated bills.  Oh well, lol.  That's the way the money goes!  😏

I always say, we cant take it with us. lol

Oh, thank you !  I needed to be reminded!

You are able to walk to work and the stores and you're fit enough to do that so that's at least a win!! I just spent most of my savings on more parts for my 58 pickup but once it's finished there's not much that can break down. I'm so grateful to have the money saved up to get it back on the road and to have a son whose passion is restoring classic vehicles so I didn't have to pay a cent for labor only parts!! But I've been trying to figure out some sort of second income that I can do with these knees the way they are. I don't like having no money in reserve. It makes me anxious!

What are the chances of getting knee surgery?  For me, none of this would be possible if I hadn't had my hip replacement.   

That's so cool about your truck!  And having a son who shares your passion and is happy to work on it!

I doubt I will have knee surgery....they don't hurt they are just stiff and I walk very slowly and shuffle a lot with the stiffness. Maybe I'll work on rv tire covers again or something along those lines that I can do out in the upholstery shop.... I can no longer do the big jobs like car upholstery or jeep tops and sofas but I can do small things that don't take a lot of hand strength.

I think that sounds like a great idea.   It's good that you have such an amazing skill.  Have you thought of teaching it to others?

No I never really thought of that....I just kind of learned from doing and helping my ex mil and her sister and then winging it so I'm not even sure the things I do are the accepted proper way but I do know nothing ever came apart that I upholstered. I was one who would triple seam things and it had to be perfect looking or in the trash it went. Not so much anymore now I'm a "good enougher".

Lol.  I've always been a "good enougher" 😉

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