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Added: Tuesday, May 21st 2019 at 10:36pm by maggiesnextphase

The cat was in the kitchen, and the dog and tenant overhead.  So why was I hearing a rattling movement in the new appliance cupboard?  I knew why.  A rat had discovered an old entrance.  UGH.

I went to the store and got some rat pellets and spray foam.   I then dismantled the bottom shelf so I could get to the problem area.   It was a hole that a previous workman had drilled into the floor, leaving enough space for a small oportunist to gain entry.

It's not our first encounter with the little pests.  I put the pellets into the hole, then smooshed the steel wool into it.  I then sprayed the expanding foam all around.  Let's hope that discourages him for awhile.  And if he dies, I'm ok with that too. 

I have learned to be merciless when it comes to rodents.  This is MY home and I have to defend it!  In the past, I tried every humane method of dealing with them.  Let me tell you, it doesn't work. 

 I don't know if these pellets will work, but the usual poison that I buy now comes in useless plastic bait containers.  Note the word USELESS.  We are not dealing with mini-mouse here.  

I'm Sure There is More That I Should Be Doing  But It Will Have to Wait Till Tomorrow.  And Before Anybody Cautions Me About Putting Poison or pellets Where Pets Might Get To It... Don't Worry.  I'm Careful.

I Also Know About Irish Spring As A Deterrent.  In This Instance I Felt I Needed More Than a Deterrent.  I Really Hope I Don't Have to Deal With This Again.


User Comments

LOL sorry Maggie, but I just love the way you wrote this, and I hope "Mini mouse's cousin" doesn't come back...lol

Fingers crossed!  

Yep, they are crossed.

Be merciless and relentless!! They multiply like... well... rats!!

I know!  Been there... done that.   And that is why I didn't waste a minute in Addressing the situation!

You could always have 1nder sit in a darkened kitchen with a .22, waiting for a little target practice, lol.  Don't worry about the bullet holes, either, a .22 doesn't even make a hole big enough for a field mouse!


Lol!  I can only imagine what our tenant would think. 

Not fun. We generally have a 'mouse' invasion for a short time in the fall but haven't had many rats...except out in the shed when feed was left out in a long while. 

Traps, poison...yes we all know the cautions. Sounds like you did a good job!

Thank you 

I have learned to be merciless when it comes to rodents.  This is MY home and I have to defend it!  In the past, I tried every humane method of dealing with them.  Let me tell you, it doesn't work.

I just had a war with Voles, Maggie... I'm with you on this. Destroy them!! lol

Hope you won your war!

A battle at least ;)

I'm afraid to use poison since the cats might get into it but I do use the glue traps that are, so far, capable of trapping them. Then I smash them in the head with something to make sure they're dead before dumping them in the trash. Plus sealing up the holes they use along the water pipes to gain entrance. So far I'm winning the war.

I'm glad you're winning.  I tried the glue traps, but it didn't work for me.   My biggest edge was to put metal barriers over all known openings.  This is like yours, with a pipe that runs through, which is harder to wrap in metal.  Hopefully the steel wool will suffice

  We shall see. 

Good Morning Maggie, a delightful way to write this. Are those pellets for the mices a bluish/green color. The only reason I ask because here in this area you can't find rat pellets. I tried a couple of years ago when I was living at the other place and couldn't get any. They work the best. I wonder why when people drill holes for something they don't patch them up when done. But what you did should do the trick well. Bro. Doc

The bluish green ones are what I wanted, but couldn't get.  These look like pellet stove Pellets.  I have tried to Patching that hole a few times but there is  a pipe running through it and they chew around the edges and make a their way through. 

I don't think they are available here in Oregon any more. Can you maybe use some concert or plaster to patch the whole? Bro. Doc

Maggie I hope you catch your rodent...the rat finks!! {#angry.gif}

Lol!  I just don't want him in my house!

I've dealt with my share of rats in my home, so I know what you mean.  I had one die in my closet no more than about a month ago.  He must of been in the walls because I never found his carcass, but man what a stench!!!  I was beside myself because there was no way I could remove that smell, I figured it would have to rot then the smell would go away?  Anyhow, the next day, the smell was completely gone.  I have NO CLUE how THAT happened, but I thanked my lucky stars!!  Those things are toxic, ugh!!

Oh yeah, that smell is the WORST!  We had to live with it for MONTHS one year. I think it has to do with the humidity.

Irish Spring?

So the rats can take a bath with it?


Hahaha!  I heard they hate the smell 


I use mouse traps. Put a little bacon on the bait tray then tie it on with string. It gets them every time. Just make sure you wash and dry the traps thoroughly between each use. The scent of death will make them avoid the traps.

We caught a few... from a previous ingestion, but if you don't stop up the entrance you'll just have to keep trapping them

My mother had a hole in her floor once and closed it up by nailing a tin can lid over the hole. The rat couldn't chew through it so it worked like a charm. Of course any piece of tin you could buy at a building supply store would work. 

That's why I stuck steel wool in the hole, cuz they can't chee through metal.  I doubt I could make any other form of metal to fit around the pipe, whose hole was the culprit.

Oh, I guess I didn't understand the problem. It's a pipe hole that's causing all the grief. Yes, steel wool sounds like a solution but how to you keep the rat from pushing it out? Seems like you'd need some duct tape or other to hold it.

That's what the spray foam is for.   It holds the steel wool in place, and blocks any light that might get through.  They then have a harder time finding the cracks.

Okay. Just trying to help. {#basic-laugh.gif}

Something tells me to beware of stir-fry...


We had a rat the size of a small dog. We called exterminator s they set up traps, but the rat kept getting out of them. We would keep hearing traps go off in the basement and nothing. Finally, the exterminator cornered it and beat it to death with his flashlight.

Be merciless. I hate rats. We never thought to try to handle the problem ourselves.

"MegaRat"   vs.   "TheExterminator".  (Ultimate fights channel?) 

Oh my goodness!  Yeah, they are smart!  I have always been the one to try to deal with them.   One year it got really bad, because I was trying to be 'humane'.  I don't know how many there were, but it sounded like a whole family.  Poison worked.  Traps and other methods didn't. 

Too late. No one recorded it.

Just the mere thought of a rat sends shivers down my spine.  l think l would die if l actually saw a live one.

They are horrid!  I hope you never have to see or deal with one.

l honestly know l couldn't ever deal with a rat.  l think you are very brave.

Well, I didn't have to actually SEE it.  I only heard it.  The rest was about plugging the hole... so I wouldn't HAVE to see it!

Fingers crossed you don't ever see it and that it disappears asap.

Thanks!  So far, she good!

Hope you get it all sorted. When we had work done on our house they guys kept our doors open while they worked and let it in mice. UGH! never had an issue before that. Managed to solve it pretty quickly but it was no fun to deal with. 

That's how they get in a lot of the time.   Give 'em an inch, they'll take over your house!  I'm glad you were able to solve it quickly. 

That's for sure. My uncle had them and he got a snake. He left the snake cause it would get the mice-now he has 3 snakes-that he seen. Um...ugh...I don't find that to be the solution. But he's cool with it. No thanks! 

He sounds like my husband!

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