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Added: Friday, January 11th 2019 at 6:40pm by maggiesnextphase

So... i figured out how to post pictures from my phone, but not how to re-size them.  I only seem to be able to post the ones I've zoomed in on.  At least you'll be able to see the details and get an idea of the condition of the house. 

Missing part of cupboard.

Very uneven floor!

Paneling warped and hung crooked in the kitchen.

Ceiling very dirty.

Patchwork walls.

Missing wall covering.

This is just a fraction of the materials i sorted through.  Behind these boards is a door that is no longer in use.  Yesterday I made it flush with the rest of the wall, and nailed miscellaneous panels over it... wrong side out.

I decided to use backwards paneling instead of drywall for two reasons.  One, it was already there.   And two, since it's only about 1/8 inch i can use mud  on the seams and also to blend it into the rest of the wall without having to redo the Part That Doesn't Really Need It.

I asked her if she mind if I do it that way.  I Assured Her that This is The Way AlMost All The Walls In My house Are Done... As They are All Plywood over wood slats.

she agreed.  after all, all we really want is to get rid of the uglies, and to have walls that look reasonably normal.   Mine do... and hers will to when I get done with them.  I've Already Got the First Coat of Mud Up.  Looks better already!

User Comments

You never cease to amaze me Maggie, I thought you were just going to splash a bit of paint around...Looking forward to seeing the finished walls.

Probably anything would be better than this, huh.  Yeah, it's a lot more than a splash of paint, but I have the time, and I know what to do.  At least on most of it.  Been doing this for every house I've ever lived in. 

Well I think it's just wonderful of you.

Thank you!  It really is a pleasure!

You are a very handy friend and neighbor to have!! I'm so excited for your neighbor I can just imagine how she feels for someone to go out of their way for her like you are doing. You are an angel my Maggie!!

And so are YOU!  And so is SHE!  We 'angels' gotta be about doing our 'angel' business... right?  

True {#angelgirl.gif}

You're such a wonderful friend to so many Maggie.  I know you must be appreciated by so many for your helpfulness.

I use this site to resize my pictures.  Its an excellent resizer and very user friendly.


Thank you!  And thanks for the site suggestion!  But really... I don't help that often.  It's just that now I can.

Wow!  You've got your work cut out for you, right?

I know too well how disheartening it must be for your neighbor to have lived with those kinds of house issues. It's going to do so much for her morale to have a pretty home to live in and enjoy!

You're such a good kid, Mags!

Now, what are ya doing here on Blogster?  Get back to work!  {#basic-cool.gif} 

Lol... already put in my time for the day!  I have to wait till Monday for the latest round of mud to dry.

good luck with your handy work..wish i could come round and help..thats a busy weekend ...a lot to measure up...too take care xx love 

Thanks!  Other people are starting to join in!  And even though it's not quick project, Progress is being made every day. 



I never would have thought to do it your way. 

I wouldn't have either if I hadn't lived in house like this one.  

Need to start calling you the DIY Queen.

Lol... there are a lot of things I CAN'T do, so I don't think I deserve that title. 

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