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Phishing backfires

Added: Thursday, September 16th 2021 at 3:35am by maggiesnextphase



On a different note...

User Comments

You are a fanatic, and a dangerous one at that.  Ignorant, selfish clog.

The height of fanaticism, selfishness and ignorance is your emotionally unstable reaction to Maggie for sharing true and publicly available information. Did you even bother to read the words of other people? Does their truth and pain matter, or just your comfort zone? Speaking of ignorant selfish clogs.....  


if you gotta bitch about the truth SHOW YOUR FACE you are disgustingly ignorant not just distanced and masked by brown nosing  the evil doings behind virus & vaccines

Thanks Scott!  Well said.

Sadly, trying to get anyone who's made up their mind to listen to or read anything new is next to impossible.   If I didn't have to fear that these brainwashed minions might soon be rounding up people like me, or anyone else who values truth, I might be willing to live and let live.  Reading this is all the more reason to keep trying to inform. 


If I didn't have to fear that these brainwashed minions might soon be rounding up people like me, or anyone else who values truth, I might be willing to live and let live.

Understand 110%. That's a red pill take.

This kind of crap has been with us for a while, but it was more subtle.. I mean, look at my history right here on Blogster. 5 different people made threats to report me to DHS and FBI for absolutely no reason other than their hurt butts and one was actually dumb enough to call Yvonne at work - which resulted in them getting in trouble with the FBI lol. I put absolutely nothing out of the realm of possibility when we're dealing with such trash. I'm willing to die on this hill. The state and cohorts are not turning me against anyone.

It takes real courage right now to keep pressing for truth. Stay strong!



So SAD.... it only they would stop trusting the government as their savior and hear what the Truths are warning them about.....this is evidence of Evil doers plan.

Sure is... clear as day!

thank you maggie for sharing 

You're so welcome!

This just proves why people do not want the shot Maggie. And I do understand why you don't.

But some powers too be as you know Maggie, are trying to force people to have it or else. 

Thank you for posting this. Bro. Doc

They sure are.  And they do not value truth, right, or individual autonomy.   You have to wonder why...

I think I know why. And this may be the why.

Biden want numbers to make his ratings look good.

States do it for the same reason or to push some program, or because they are getting money to do it.

But to force all this either by National Gov. or State Gov, is a form of Socialism.

And then they decide to not tell the truth.

If you hear the local every day reports at least here  on KPNW 1120 am they do not say anymore what age group, what conditions etc. All they say is so many of each County has come down with COVID and so many died. Nothing else.

If Biden could have his way he was make a law that all had to have the shot or else.

Now, I will say this Maggie, if I had not had to do my duty as a Preacher and be somewhere that I couldn't go unless I had at least one shot, I would still not have it.

And to say if you don't you will have no job come such a date is wrong.

By middle of next month lots more people will not be working and people we need, like doctors and nurses, teachers, bus drivers etc. And even people in your line of work.

Because I think one day you all will be forced to either have it and and if you don't no job. Bro. Doc

I know that day is coming.  It's why I'm so vocal on this subject.  The more people are informed, the less support these illegitimate measures will have. 

It is to bad you can't get a religious note saying it is against your religion to take it. Bro. Doc

Actually, a lawyer in NY was able to get an injunction on behalf of 17 plaintiffs who  due to their spiritual beliefs refuse to be vaxxed on the grounds that they used fetal tissue in the development and/or manufacture of all the vaccines.  It was a major triumph... and precedent!

This is the first I heard of fetual tissue in the vaccine Maggie. Wow!! Bro. Doc

Yep.  J&J is the only one that is supposedly free of it from what I heard, but ALL have used it in research and development. 

They are not doing J&J at this time Maggie that I know of. Bro.Doc

I should point out that in order for the religious exemption to be air tight, it should not be based on the ingredients of development of the vax.  You have the right to have your "deeply held beliefs" respected and accommodated.  There is a website that helps you invoke these rights.  thehealthyamerican.org

The Satan-controlled commie dems are winning...

Let's not pin this all on the dems.  Hospital administrators, doctors, judges... they can't all be dem, can they?  

I'm going to pin this first on the evil plotters, then the greedy profiteers, then the cowardly people who KNOW but do nothing, and finally... the ignorant followers who are too lazy to listen to information even when it's practically gift wrapped. 

 why do your emojis always have to SCREAM? resize

I agree. If u can't resize your icons at least use the ones from this site. It hurts the eyes.

He trashes posts with that crap.

whats the matter with him is he blind

The fundamental start of it all is the commie-dem leadership dem.

u should

I did but you people can be so ANNOYING. 

U have such low class character. Calling Maggie a dummy and attempting to shame her puts it on full display, again.

You're EXACTLY the kind of person each and every American with any decency who values people, freedom and truth should be wary of. You're on the wrong side of history as you often are and your pathetic servile nature is the very opposite of her righteous fight. You're embarrassing yourself.



If you want to keep your head in the sand... that is your choice, and I would defend your right to it.  Nobody is making you read this... (though I kind of doubt that you actually DID read it).  What part of "39,000 responses" did you not understand?  I no longer read anything YOU write because your opinions are so contrary to the conclusions I have made after diligent study.  If you are so highly offended by my truth speaking, you should probably steer clear of me and my posts, because at this point I feel like I'm fighting not so much for the purpose of sparing a life or preventing suffering as used to be my motivation.   I now realize that my very livelihood, and possibly even all my other rights and privileges as a citizen of this country may be at stake.  If you read the fine print of Bidens EO, it means to deprive the unvaxxed of social security, unemployment, health insurance, among other things.  And EVERYTHING this vax is about is based on lies and censorship!  I will do what I have to do and say what needs to be said so long as I am alive to say it.

Talk about somebody "sticking their head in the sand!" LOL  {#artist.gif} You're so buried I'm surprised anybody can see your feet.  

I am going to be as nice and direct as I can.   I want you to leave me alone.   Do not visit this page.  Do not add your two cents to my posts.  Do not mock me in yours.  Failure to respect this request will result in a complaint filed.  Fair warning. 

Thanks for this post, Maggie.

You're welcome!  It needs to get out there.

Wow. Lots here.


We can say that a bunch of anecdotes does not make a study, or it's not "science."

I'll tell you, that science does indicate that if someone has natural immunity, then taking a "vaccine" provides no benefit. All you would be doing is risking whatever side effects there are.


Good post, Maggie. I'll come back later and see some more of it.


I know much of this is anecdotal.   However, I'd say there are sufficient cases to warrant serious study.  Other vaccines were halted on the grounds of far fewer deaths and/or adverse effects. 

Agreed. Now how many trees (anecdotes) do we need to make the forest?

A problem is that all this data is not being recorded properly, I suspect, because of politics.

Oh yeah... there was at one time a push to make VAERS more effective and useable, since they had learned that only about 1% of actual adverse events were actually reported.   Well THAT was squashed.   Hmmm... 🤔  I wonder why?

This morning's news...people now getting kicked out of their rented homes for refusing vaccination.

What is our world coming to?

I'm all about freedom.  I was free to make my decision and got vaccinated, so if the science is correct the unvaccinated pose no danger to me.  This fact alone proves, (in my mind, at least) that all this hullabaloo is about power and control and division as opposed to health.

The numbers indicate that over 50% of American adults are now vaccinated.  If you add those who have actually had the disease itself and thus have natural immunity, certainly we've reached herd immunity (70%) by now?  And for the last 18 months we've been told repeatedly that kids rarely show any symptoms at all, at most it's like a mild cold for them, so why the rush now to vaccinate school aged kids?

Amala can piss off, maggie.  She's afraid of everything, even a cashier wearing a hijab.  Let her wear her double masks, rubber gloves, and stay home instead of parroting the liberty stealing leftists who demand conformity uber alles.

Amen, sister!

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