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Peek-a-Boo, Bunny, Lilac sugar

Added: Thursday, May 25th 2023 at 8:02pm by maggiesnextphase

Hubby and I went to our favorite walking spot this morning, assuming that Little Man's daddy would be fishing, as that was what he said he was going to do the night before.  We'd just arrived at the end of the trail when he texted saying "We're here"... as in... at our front door...


It just so happens that there is a shortcut to a little neighborhood, so we told him we'd meet him there.  And that is how we ended up with this little guy on our morning walk.

The Peek-a-Boo portion of this title)

Little Man said "I wish I could ride my bike here..."

Well, as luck would have it,, we still had his bicycle in the back of our van, so Hubby walked all the way back to get it and bring it to us.

On the trail we happened to spot a little bunny.  He ran into a thicket, but apparently didn't have anywhere to go from there, so he just stood still with his back toward us.  He was there long enough for me to get this picture...

Letting LM ride his bike all along the trails meant a lot more walking than we had planned.   I'm used to doing between one and three miles at a stretch.  Today we were just under five.  I'm grateful that I am up for it.

Later in the day, when LM's dad came to pick him up, we had a little visit.   He mentioned that he was making lilac sugar so that he could make a special dessert for his cousin's baby shower.  (I know... how sweet is that!)

It got me thinking...

I've got two lilac trees in full bloom.  I could make lilac sugar too!  And so... I went out and gathered a bouquet of white and purple clusters.  Hubby helped me pick the flowers off.  (You don't want any green stuff).  

It's pretty easy.  You just layer sugar and lilac flowers alternately in a jar. Shake well.  Put in a dark place, and shake them every day.  I've heard it takes two days to a week or more.  We shall see.  I've never done it before. 

That about covers it.  Hope you all had a great day!

User Comments

Glad you had fun with the grandson. Never head of this kind of sugar before, and what is it used for? Bro. Doc

Our intention was to use it for Sugar cookies, ice cream, whatever else strikes our fancy.

I never heard of this before that is interesting. Bro. Doc

Some actually use it as a facial scrub.  🙅‍♀️

That would make sense. Bro. Doc

A very special day for you, hubby an lm.

It certainly was.  I'm so glad I have one weekday off a week!

Peter Cottontail.

Lilac sugar, I'd forgotten that exists. So, I presume you bake cakes.

Not currently baking anything... but I promised hubby a pie for Father's Day.   😋

Way-duh-minit! Full stop. Hold the presses!

I seem to remember your having baked an amazing pie. Or was it a crumble?

Lol.  It was a pie.  Hubby's favorite.   And baking them was my great joy.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately), at this point in our lives I am having to learn to use that talent sparingly.  Instead of baking for him, we go on walks together.  We've both lost excess poundage and are getting healthier.  Sometimes it's hard to let go of the old ways of being and make room for something new, but that's what we're doing. 

Part of the issue with that is there is this vague and insidiously perpetuated idea (and in the unconscious it IS vague) that change must always be "hard." Hard, that's the specific word peeps use.

I think that now that you & hubby have something new (and good!) surely there are new things that are directly and indirectly connected with that new goodness. Including things that have yet to materialize and which therefore are unknown.

Like, maybe, when family/neighbors/friends from time to time offer you and hubby things that are sugary montruous goodness. In the way of Murphy's Law, *someone* might bust out a pan of gooey brownies.

When such an event happens, if it's really good, we do partake... with gratitude.  It's just not part of our regular life anymore. 

I counted five rabbits hopping around my sister's house. They are lovely creatures. 

I'm glad you had a great day. The extra walking must have been nice.

How sweet!  I have always loved rabbits.  It was definitely good to be out walking... and pushing myself just a little bit. 




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